Bring it on Labor Day

Well kids, we’re just about done with the longest week of. my. life.

I apologize for my absence yesterday… I left the house around 9am and didn’t get home until well after 10pm.

I’m exhausted.



I work in Sales. Inside Sales. Meaning I sit at a desk for upwards of 8 hours a day. I take the bus to/from work. I workout. I fill up my water bottle 293754684 times a day to move around the office.

That’s about the extent of my “on-my-feet-time”.

This week. . . was different.

This week I kept odd (LATE) hours (I’m usually dead asleep on the couch around 10pm on weeknights), was on my feet upwards of 8 hours a day (this is why I did not last long working retail), was out at Happy Hours a few evenings, weaved my way through an excess several thousand people in SF, and still kept up with my marathon training.


At least I got to sleep in a little (5am hour I didn’t miss you even a little bit.)

Oh and still had to hit my quota.

This is what I feel like. Awake, but barely.


Don’t get me wrong – I drank some delicious wine, and watermelon infused beer (favorite ever, thank you 21st Amendment).

I ate belly stuffing flatbreads and tapas at Thirsty Bear.

I didn’t miss a single run (including a 6 mile run yesterday and 3 miles today).

All of that aside, I can’t wait to be able to sleep in for 3 glorious days, not be on my feet all day (I swear even the most comfortable flats are no longer comfortable after 5-6 hours). And eat more delicious food (“fuel”) and drink more delicious wine and beer (heart-healthy my friends, heart-healthy.)

And (hopefully) enjoy some gorgeous pre-fall (aka SF Summer) weather!

Off to end the week on a high note. . . hope yours ends well too! šŸ™‚





9 thoughts on “Bring it on Labor Day

  1. ohmygosh I had 21st’s hell or high this past weekend!! it was delicious… i actually prepped a post about our lunch their for when I’m in vegas this weekend. PLEASE take advantage of the 3-day, you need it for all that hard work you’ve been doing!! congrats with keeping up with your race training that’s remarkable šŸ™‚

  2. Oh my goodness, sounds like you had a crazy week! I’m so impressed that despite everything you had going on, that you were still able to keep up with your training schedule!! Talk about true commitment! And omg that dog is precious! Enjoy a lovely, relaxing weekend!!

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