Go Shorty

Friday was a very special day… to me, my family, my boyfriend, and probably like 10 of you out there.


(For those of you that sent puppies I haven’t received any yet, so I’m extending my birthday through Thanksgiving to account for extra shipping time.)

In honor of this momentous day in my life, I have bit of fun news to share….

Running on Hungry will here on out be known as Vine to Wind.

(So if you’ll please do me a solid and update your Google Reader/bookmarks/etc, I’d greatly appreciate it.)

Why the change?

When I started Running on Hungry about a year and a half ago, it was all running and a little healthy living- I felt like if I went outside of the constraints I had set for myself, and wrote about anything else happening in my life (San Francisco life, wine, travel, other workouts, daily life, humor) I was losing direction of my blog.

The Bay Area is such an incredible place, that I wanted a blog title/direction that would accurately portray all aspects of my life – not just the running part.

So Why Vine to Wind?

Contrary to popular belief, the “Wind” isn’t referring to air blowing in a rapid direction. It refers to the windiest street in the world, Lombard, in San Francisco. And that vine? The vineyards of Wine County about an hour north. (So quite literally encompassing life in the Bay Area – I’m so clever it hurts sometimes.)

With this title, and new direction I hope to share more – still plenty of running, healthy recipes (coughmealideascough), travel, SF life, restaurants, pilates, spinning, and so much more. Nothing will change on the blog aside from the title, URL and the look of it (goodbye free WordPress generic theme that I loathed from Day 1), it just makes me feel like I have more of a creative license to talk about things aside from running.

And it looks so much prettier too.

Also a HUGE THANK YOU to Jenny from PeanutButterJenny Designs for creating the best blog design I could have ever asked for. She literally read my mind. Highly, highly, highly recommend her if you are looking for an amazing web designer.

Hope you continue to follow along… but if not… well there’s really nothing I can do about it. But I’d love it if you did.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.



The 5 Stages of Running Injury Grief

As I type this post, I’m watching Game 2 of the World Series. I’m also watching my eyes get assaulted by a one MR. WILL SCHUSTER (from Glee) singing the National Anthem. 2010 brought us Lady Antebellum. 2012 brings us Mr. Schu. Somehow this doesn’t seem fair. To anyone involved.

Boyfriend and I were lucky enough to go to Game 1 last night – and by lucky I mean we shelled out an obscene amount of money for Bleacher tickets to be there while Pablo Sandoval made history, and Justin Verlander got owned by our entire line-up. IT. WAS. AMAZING.
Not amazing? Crutching. I have BRUISES on my ribs from those contraptions. I took it easy, stayed seated, and didn’t leave my seat once. A Cha Cha Bowl (my first!) was also thoroughly enjoyed – Tyler Florence knows his stuff – those things are amazing.
It was singlehandedly the best game I’ve ever been to (Game 2 of the 2010 World Series comes in at a close second for obvious reasons – Cain domination over the Texas Rangers) and I cannot WAIT for the series to continue.
Giants aside, let’s move on to how Kristine has become the clumsiest, most-accident prone person on the planet.
Never mind that I trained for and completed a full marathon with NOT A SINGLE INJURY, but in the last week the following has happened:
  • Stress fracture in the heel – requiring crutches/boot
  • Slamming my hand in the car door trying to get said crutches/boot in safely
  • Dropping the base of our VITAMIX BLENDER (approximately 10 lbs – no joke) and in an effort to shield my precious broken heel, breaking it’s fall with my thigh. Resulting in a massive bruise
  • Said crutches bruising my ribcage

Yeah, this blender is HUGE.

My life is in shambles and I’m literally, a battered mess.
(Did I mention I’m not dramatic at all either?) 😉
But really, stress-fracture wise, I think I went through the 5 Stages of Running Injury Grief (I just made these up so just go with it…)
1. Denial
  • As I ran the Nike Half (yes I ran all 13.1 miles on a now-stress fractured heel), I thought it was at most, a twisted ankle. I kid you not. I never in a million years thought a bone in my foot was fractured with tiny cracks. Never. I would never have run a half-marathon on a foot that could be broken. I told myself it was probably a minor sprain, maybe from wearing flip-flops on weekends or heels during the week. I told myself it wasn’t serious and it would stop hurting as soon as I stopped running. Nerves, pre-race jitters, you name it, I convinced myself that was it.
2. Anger
  • Setting up my iPhone 5 was the catalyst here. I had just come home from a Spin class, was utterly exhausted from having to crutch around the Marina and our apartment, and was getting beyond frustrated trying to set up (and failing miserably) my iPhone 5 while simultaneously hopping/crutching around the apartment trying to get ready for the day. Enter pity party. Enter boyfriend being a complete saint (as usual) and talking some sense into me. “No Kristine your life has not ended because you logged exactly 0 miles the last 10 days. No you can’t die from lack of mileage. Yes I’m sure you will run again at least once in your life.” 😉 (I’m kidding on the exact context, I swear I’m not that much of a headcase.)
3. Sadness
  • Stemming from the anger, I then got sad. I convinced myself my running days were over, and I would probably never again be able to wear my beautiful Stuart Weitzman heels, much less run in my BRAND NEW Pure Flows. I would never experience NYC, Chicago or the Boston Marathon. I’d never again wake up early, do my pre-race ritual and toe the line at one of my favorite SF half-marathons. So I got depressed. Very depressed. So depressed that I went on Amazon, bought a Speedo bathing suit, swim cap and goggles to start my new career as an Olympic Swimmer. (That did actually happen and it will arrive tomorrow thank you very much 2-day Amazon Prime shipping.)
4. Bargaining
  • This happened on Monday. Well if I don’t run for 2 weeks then I’ll probably still be able to do the Us Half. Then, Okay maybe not the beginning of November, but definitely a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Followed by If I swim every day I won’t lose any fitness or hurt my foot and I can easily run a half in December. And then Worst comes to worse the Superbowl Half I’m signed up for in early February will absolutely happen.
5. Acceptance
  • The end result? I have no idea when my next race will be. I’ve accepted it – it’s reality and it’s happening. I won’t lie – that’s a pretty crappy feeling. I’m taking it day by day, I’m staying positive (when I’m not swearing in my car from slamming my hand in the door or yelling obscenities in my apartment after dropping a Vitamix on my thigh). I’m going to start swimming tomorrow (alternating it with biking and some sets of abs whenever I can) and just pray to the running/foot gods that I’m cleared to run by the New Year. I have a follow up with a specialist next Friday so FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE. (Please just cross them.)

With that, GO GIANTS! and have a lovely Thursday evening!


First things first –




The Giants are going to the WORLD SERIES! Sorry Cards, I bet that was a rough flight back to St Louis. The boot/crutches and I are currently 2-for-2 with Giants blowout wins.

I guess I’ll keep it on for the World Series. I owe it to the team.

But moving on.

I worked from home yesterday and today in an effort to keep my foot elevated, iced, and overall RICE-d. I’m really, really hoping it’s working. Especially because this was announced this morning:

SF finally got a Rock n Roll Half-Marathon! I’m already signed up for a couple of halves in early 2013 and I’m banking on being able to run those… and this. I’ll even “jog”. (I can learn what that is…)

I’m finding that just staying completely off it is the key – it doesn’t hurt that way, the swelling goes down, and I’m less apt to run into a wall, or slam my hand in the car door (that actually happened yesterday) trying to maneuver with crutches.

My mom being the SAINT that she is, drove to SF this afternoon with bags full of Trader Joes groceries, fresh flowers, homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup, and this little gem:

THE GLUTEN FREE TABLE! I can’t wait to make everything in this cookbook.

And yes, I mean everything. 

It’s by Emeril Lagasse’s daughters who both have Celiac disease and everything looks delicious. Next cooking project? found.

This homemade chicken tortilla soup courtesy of my mom did not disappoint.

She also helped me out with a little cleaning and laundry and I can’t thank her enough. Seriously mom you are the BEST.

While it became clear to me yesterday that Pilates classes probably aren’t going to happen (between moving, putting weight on the foot and not wanting gigantic triceps from both Pilates and the crutches – it’s clear I should just wait until my foot is functioning again), and spin classes are pretty much the exact same as riding a stationary bike since I can’t really stand-up, jump, etc… I’ve decided to focus on swimming and biking.

I decided to hit the gym for some biking this afternoon – I covered about 11.5 miles while I read the latest Fitness/Women’s Health (sidebar – I ‘m not a fan of either of these magazines and yet they keep coming) then did a few sets of abs (on my back, no weight bearing don’t worry Mom). I set it to the Hill Program, Level 7, and aside from the fact that my bottom was completely numb at the end of it – I felt pretty strong. Ab wise – lets just say I’m glad I finished both sets of the 3 exercises.

My next endeavor – finding a pool to swim in.

Also buying more of these juices. Jaime introduced me to Thrive juices – they operate out of Nectar Wine Bar in the Marina during the day, and sell juices and cleanses online. I tried the Green Dream today and it was amaaaazing. (And I swear, at one point, actually green.)

I could be up for another 3-day cleanse.

With that it’s time for dinner… and more RICE-ing my foot. C’mon bone… HEAL!



Been A While

Oh hey there.

Been a while huh?

My life in the past 3 months has been exceptionally…. exceptional.

To put it simply, since we last chatted on… August 27 (motherofgod it’s been a while) life has included:

  • weddings
  • bachelorette parties
  • engagement parties
  • birthdays
  • Fleet Week
  • America’s Cup
  • SF Giants playoff games
  • pilates
  • running
  • work, work, work

Understand why I’ve been a little MIA?

But let’s focus on the running thing.

Leading into September I was feeling seriously overwhelmed with CIM training and the big goal that I had set for myself. I know myself well enough to know that if I put my mind to something I will not give up until I achieve said goal. My will power is freakishly strong and once I decide I’m doing something… I do it. No questions asked.

That being said, my days were frequently flirting with the 12-hour number (between commuting, work, commuting) and adding in an hour or so of running was leading me exhausted – physically, mentally and emotionally.

I started to re-think things.

After a lot of back and forth I decided not to run CIM this year. I also decided to run the Nike Women’s Half instead of the full, and to run the Healdsburg and US Half Marathons in October and November respectively.

The way I saw it, a Boston Qualifying time could happen in 2013 – when my job wasn’t so new, when I was more settled into a work schedule, and quite frankly when I could sign up for a race that I haven’t done before. Chicago and/or New York perhaps?

I started to mix in some biking with my running, continued to take pilates, and was hitting solid 8:20/mile paces on all of my runs. I felt fantastic.

Insert cruel irony here.

After an 8 mile trail run with Jaime a couple of weeks ago I noticed a nagging pain in my foot whenever I tried to run. Being a “smart runner” (HA) I listened and took it easy on mileage the 2 weeks leading up to the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. I biked, I ran a total of 9 miles (sloooooow) the week before the half, and rested all day the day before.

I did everything right. So why is it now Tuesday, I’m having serious problems WALKING, my ankle is swollen, and I have an appointment with a sports doctor (is that what we call them?) for x-rays tomorrow to make sure I don’t have a stress fracture?

This is what happy fun running looks like (Giants Half Marathon this past September… that recap is also coming I PROMISE):

That is not how I’m feeling right now. It’s now been 2 days of no running and I’m literally ITCHING for a long run. Like I would pay someone large sums of money to magically fix my foot so I can run. Give away my entire Lululemon wardrobe to be able to run.

Okayyy that was drastic and untrue. I would never do that. Then what would I run in?

To come? Giants Race Recap, Nike Women’s Race Recap, and um… do I have a stress fracture in my foot recap.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I’ve been toying with changing the name of this blog to reflect more of my life aside from running (biking! pilates! wine! SF! food! etc!) and that’s going to happen at some point. (Full disclosure when I figure out how to use the internet in all the tech savvy ways you’re supposed to know about when you have a blog.)

(Also if you’re able to go for a run today do it so I can live vicariously through you. Seriously. I won’t even be jealous. I’ll just be happy that SOMEONE IS RUNNING while I’m sitting on the stationary bike reading Marathon by Hal Higdon and pretending my sobbing tears are just sweat.)

I’m kidding. Kind of.

Happy Tuesday!


**I have Weeks 1-3 CIM training recap ready to post, I just need to post this rant first.**

So this morning started out pretty solid.

I got a ton of sleep this weekend. Relaxed for a solid 48 hours straight. Took an actual rest day on Saturday. Got a ton done around the house with boyfriend. Ate some delicious food and watched some fantastic movies together (Silent House and Friends with Kids), had 2 solid runs (6 miles @ goal pace on Friday, 8 mile long run on Sunday), taught 2 high-energy Pilates classes, and generally enjoyed the crap out of the weekend.

I set my alarm for 5:45 this morning, figuring I’d get my run out of the way early so I could come home and yet again… relax.

I snoozed once, then hopped out of bed to get ready and head out for 5 miles. My training plan called for 3, but quite frankly, running 3 miles does nothing for me. I’ve been running 40 mile weeks for the past few months and I wanted a bit more mileage this morning.

This will be a cruel, sick coincidence later, but I specifically chose my Wunder Under’s that are a size too big on me so I could save my Run Inspire crops for my longer/pace runs this week (when laundry is $5 a load you would prioritize your running clothes too), and set out.

The run started off great. Even after running 8 hilly miles yesterday and teaching two Pilates classes, my legs felt strong. I was maybe .75 miles in (halfway through the second song on my playlist, ironically Florence + The Machine’s “Shake It Off”) when I heard yelling coming from BEHIND ME. A mere split second later a biker who thought he was the second coming of Lance Armstrong whizzed by me so fast, I felt his bike.

At that exact moment, I whipped my head around to see what the hell had just happened (Biker Man YOU came from behind ME, and since I don’t have eyes in the back of my  head, I can’t see you) and at the very moment I did, my shoe caught the ONLY lip in the asphalt and I went flying.

Like literally flying.

My phone flew out of my hand a solid 10 feet, and my right knee, right elbow and left hand broke my fall.

Resulting in them getting the sh!t scraped out of them and looking extremely attractive. Good-bye any and all hopes of wearing the perfectly work appropriate Shoshanna dresses Gilt had just delivered. (I’ve been having quite the Gilt moment ever since reading By Invitation Only and so far it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.)

After initially bursting into tears (it was SCARY), my mind quickly went to my $70 Wunder Unders. Yes, you read right. Once I had established my face was spared the asphalt, I thought about my clothing. And I silently thanked the Lululemon Gods for making me choose the one pair that I cared the very least about. They weren’t ripped, but I’m sure the fabric is a bit thinner at this point. And you’d be nuts to think that I don’t care about the well-being of a pair of work-out pants that cost more than half of our monthly cable bill. There, I said it.

At the time, I didn’t think my phone fared so well, but luckily boyfriend saved the day by… plugging it in after I wailed that it was “done. broken. completely done!”


Being that I was less than a mile into my run at 6am, I told myself there was no way in hell I woke myself up in the 5am hour to run a single mile. So I kept going. And kept up a pretty solid pace if I do say so myself. (And I do because I just typed it.)

Downer being there was no music because I was under the impression my phone was beyond repair. (Brought the phone because my Shuffle hadn’t yet been updated with my new playlist.)

My knee hurt like hell, but it wasn’t unbearable. It looked pretty horrendous, so I applied about half a box of band-aids to my wounds and set off for work.

Where I’ve been limping around all damn day.

I swear it hurts more when I’m sitting down. When I walk around it feels much, much better. My plan is to advil and then to ice the crap out of it tonight…. and then run on it tomorrow.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

The moral of this story is Marina Bikers – this is not the French Alps, you are not Lance Armstrong, and I don’t care how cool you think you look in your matching jersey/bike-shorts/gloves/sunglasses at 6am… you’re still not Lance. So chill the eff out.

(Sidebar- I don’t hate bikers. I really don’t. I bike. I have many friends that bike. Boyfriend bikes. I simply hate the bikers that think Marina Boulevard is their personal training ground for the Olympics and feel the need to ride at extremely unreasonable and unsafe speeds. I won’t even get into the children that are out there on weekends, or the parents with baby strollers.)

End rant.

Anyone else have a similar start (or finish) to their Monday?

Hope it turned around and you had a great day!


So It Begins Again….

Happy Monday friends!

Hope you had a great weekend. Boyfriend and I headed up to Tahoe after work on Friday to celebrate the marriage of our very good friends. We relaxed, slept in, sun bathed on the beach by the lake, ate amazing food (hello pretzel bread and cheese plate!), drank refreshing drinks, danced the night away, gambled (and won!) and had a wonderful weekend with great friends. My only complaint is that it just wasn’t long enough. 🙂

Adirondack chairs on the deck, view from the room, lunch on the lake, sunbathing.

Artisan cheese plate, diver scallop salad, seared ahi salad, PRETZEL BREAD

Pre-wedding cocktails, day at the beach, boyfriend and I, shots for all

Today kicked off something that a few weeks ago I was unsure was actually going to happen – CIM training begins!

Since starting my new job a few weeks ago, I’ve been absolutely exhausted. Chalk it up to transitioning from teaching and getting plenty of rest to waking up at 6am, commuting, working a full day, trying to get a workout in, and then commuting home again. Twice last week I was too tired to eat dinner. Literally. I fell asleep on the couch without my evening meal. That never happens. One of the nights I finally had some cereal around 9pm before moving from the couch to the bed. You can just call me waste-of-space.

My runs were totally suffering too. I spent a couple of weeks seriously huffing and puffing through the easiest of runs (think 3-5 miles). I was sweating profusely. Even a 9:00/mile felt hard. I wanted to give up. I wasn’t used to runs feeling hard. I wasn’t used to not feeling rested. I was used to running fast, and having the fast paces feel comfortable.

I thought about scrapping the marathon altogether this year. I told myself over and over again that no one was forcing me to run 26.2, or train for it, and I could be happy just running for fun. I thought about sticking exclusively to half-marathons, and throwing my training plan away, and just being happy running for fun.

Then I thought about how no one likes a liar, and that’s exactly what I’d be doing.

I love having a training plan. I love pushing myself. I love having something to work towards. I freaking love the marathon and everything that comes along with it. 20 mile runs on a Saturday morning included. (Followed of course by a giant latte and brunch.)

Then last week I (finally) started to find my groove. It had been like 10 days. Don’t you love how dramatic I can be?

I kept the 5:30am wake-ups (for 6am pilates) to twice-a-week, and ran 3 times (5 miles each) for a total of 15 miles last week. My pace gradually started to get back to where it was the past few months. (Moving forward I’m going to stick to Pilates 2-3 times a week, and running 6 times a week as per my plan – the Hal Higdon Advanced 1 Marathon plan). From intermediate to advanced in just on year – I’ve always been a quick study. 😉

Boyfriend and I have been running hills and stairs on Sundays (perfect for the upcoming hill training on my plan) and combined with pilates, and getting more rest (Saturday night’s wedding festivities aside) I feel like I’ve adjusted to my new schedule.

Naturally when my Google Calendar alert popped up signaling the start of CIM Training today…. there was no holding back. My sense of competition got the best of me… as usual.

So naturally I started training off right by forgoing my planned 3-miler to run 5-miles. At an 8:17 pace and felt like I could have run for hours. As much as I’d love to qualify for Boston, it may not happen this year. I have a new job with longer hours, weekends of wedding festivities and bachelorette parties, a full and wonderful life, and now marathon training to boot. I’m sure as hell going to try, but if the cards don’t stack up this year… well there’s always another race. More than anything I’m going to enjoy the hell out of this training cycle and marathon, and give it everything I have. If a BQ happens, fantastic. If not? I can only hope I still left everything I had on the course, and crossed the finish line with a smile on my face. And a PR. By at least 7 minutes. If 3:34:99 can’t happen, then I refuse to finish with anything over a 3:50. Oh no, not competitive with myself at all.

Only I feel like I’m using that as a crutch, because I have this feeling in the back of my mind that I’m going to do it.

Weekly training updates will commence on Sunday, but until then tell me – are you training for anything? Any big goals in general coming up?

Off to relax for the rest of Monday – have a great night!

(Also it appears I was only at 99% of my picture limit, and since I didn’t bother to read the fine print, I’ve been in the dark about that for the better part of a week. Woops.)

Oh, Hi.

Long time of radio silence over here, huh?

Well I have some news my friends.

Last Monday I started a new, challenging, exciting, extremely interesting and fun position as a Sales Manager at an amazing social media marketing company in Silicon Valley.

Between waking up at 5:45am, driving to work, spending long days in training, getting home, fitting in a workout, and continuing to function as a human being… I’ve been pretty darn busy. Hence the no blogging for about… ~10 days? (Or probably more. Math has never been a strong suit.) I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get in my workouts while still having time to relax in the evenings with boyfriend, cook healthy dinners, and get the things done that need to get done. I experimented with the 6am Pilates class this morning – loved it, and how energetic I feel. That is definitely going to happen 3x/week.

All that being said – I am still teaching Pilates – I’ve just scaled back to Sunday classes. I love teaching so darn much that I couldn’t give it up. Yesterday I taught for 4 hours, but normally I just have the 11 and 12 classes. Come in for a class! 🙂

In addition to starting the new job, I headed down to Palm Springs for a bachelorette party last weekend celebrating my lovely friend Lauren, spent a relaxing Friday night at my parents house in the ‘burbs, BBQ-ed in Marin to celebrate Kendall, her siblings, and her husband’s birthday week, taught 4 Pilates classes, ran ~5 miles of the Lyon Street Stairs with boyfriend yesterday afternoon (those babies are no joke – I swear my legs are STILL shaking), and found a couple of new favorite summer libations- La Crema chardonnay and Trader Joe’s Light Lemonade/vodka/fresh mint. Yes please.

Oh also – ice cream cake. Welcome back old friend, welcome back.

There are no pictures in this post because apparently I’ve hit my limit via WordPress so I need to figure that out. Honestly who likes reading blog posts with no pictures? Not I.

Anyway – life is busy, but it’s full and wonderful and I feel very, very lucky for all of the opportunities that have come my way.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Once I figure out this picture uploading fiasco expect a post with some photographs to catch you up on what’s been happening over here!

Happy Monday 🙂