Almost 1/2 Way There

Hope your week is off to a great start! JT and Jessica Biel’s definitely is. (I don’t care what anyone else says, I love this couple.)

I have a crazy work week this week. . . so all eyes are on the long weekend prize at this point.

3 days of sleep, good food, good wine, good weather (fingers crossed) and relaxation.




I realize I neglected to post last night (something about a work happy hour and then me asleep on the couch at 9:30pm – and that was after 1 (very large) glass of wine people. Hello Marathon Training… thank you for lowering my alcohol tolerance to a point I didn’t know was possible) .

Monday’s workout was cross-training! I’ve come to look forward to giving my legs a break from running. . . and it helps me to look forward to my next run even more. Since I had a work happy hour I went to the gym at lunch yesterday and completed 30 minutes on the upright stationary bike (Hill Level 10), and then 15 minutes on the Elliptical (Resistance 8, Incline 20) while reading all about Jen’s “Baby Joy”.

AKA the same ol’ story we’ve heard with every guy she dates. Look closely, they’re laughing at all of us for being suckers and believing the tabloids.

Today’s workout was a 3-mile run (Hal it’s like we can read each others thoughts- I really didn’t want to run more than that) and a Pilates Reformer class.

I ran on the treadmill at lunch while reading Kara Goucher’s Running For Women and coincidentally read the entire Marathon chapter. . . which got me seriously pumped up. Then I read that she thinks Pilates is a “fantastic compliment to running”.

Which obviously made me excited because as far as runners goes. . . she’s practically A-List.

Between incredibly busy days at work thus far this week, training, and the Giants losing every single game they play lately (this is reverse psychology Giants – so start winning) I’m exhausted and more than ready for bed.

Have a great night!



7 thoughts on “Almost 1/2 Way There

  1. I never know what to expect from my blood alcohol level, I hate that. Some days it takes 4 glasses of wine and other days it is about 3 sips before I feel tipsy. Weird….. Oh Jen… I was looking through magazines while in line at the checkout and stumbled across tons of her… I thought she looked great!!!

  2. I totally snagged Ok! magazine from the grocery store shelf when I saw the “Jen is pregnant!” (or whatever headline it was ). I was ready to be excited for her…but now I’m confused: is she? or isn’t she? Silly tabloids!

    I’m tipsy after just ONE glass of wine. My alcohol tolerance keeps getting lower and lower. In another year I think a drop will make me drunk. ;-p

    Happy hump day! xoxo

  3. Yay for the upcoming weekend and the relaxation that is to come! That picture is so cute too. I like JT and Jessica together too- they just kind of fit together! And I don’t think I’m believing this baby rumor! I think everyone wants her to have one so much that they make it up every time she’s spotted with a guy! And it might just be me, but I don’t find Justin attractive at all?! It’s just not who I see her with! And hate when that happens after one glass, sometimes my tolerance is high and other nights, it only takes one!

  4. Weeeeeeeeee!!! This post made me happy. Not only because you commented that Kara was A-List (so true), but because you brought up the Jen Aniston baby news like she was your bestie. Which she is, obvs. If you are looking for something to blog about… check out my latest post, you’ll see why! 🙂

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