Go Shorty

Friday was a very special day… to me, my family, my boyfriend, and probably like 10 of you out there.


(For those of you that sent puppies I haven’t received any yet, so I’m extending my birthday through Thanksgiving to account for extra shipping time.)

In honor of this momentous day in my life, I have bit of fun news to share….

Running on Hungry will here on out be known as Vine to Wind.

(So if you’ll please do me a solid and update your Google Reader/bookmarks/etc, I’d greatly appreciate it.)

Why the change?

When I started Running on Hungry about a year and a half ago, it was all running and a little healthy living- I felt like if I went outside of the constraints I had set for myself, and wrote about anything else happening in my life (San Francisco life, wine, travel, other workouts, daily life, humor) I was losing direction of my blog.

The Bay Area is such an incredible place, that I wanted a blog title/direction that would accurately portray all aspects of my life – not just the running part.

So Why Vine to Wind?

Contrary to popular belief, the “Wind” isn’t referring to air blowing in a rapid direction. It refers to the windiest street in the world, Lombard, in San Francisco. And that vine? The vineyards of Wine County about an hour north. (So quite literally encompassing life in the Bay Area – I’m so clever it hurts sometimes.)

With this title, and new direction I hope to share more – still plenty of running, healthy recipes (coughmealideascough), travel, SF life, restaurants, pilates, spinning, and so much more. Nothing will change on the blog aside from the title, URL and the look of it (goodbye free WordPress generic theme that I loathed from Day 1), it just makes me feel like I have more of a creative license to talk about things aside from running.

And it looks so much prettier too.

Also a HUGE THANK YOU to Jenny from PeanutButterJenny Designs for creating the best blog design I could have ever asked for. She literally read my mind. Highly, highly, highly recommend her if you are looking for an amazing web designer.

Hope you continue to follow along… but if not… well there’s really nothing I can do about it. But I’d love it if you did.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.



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