8 Minutes

That is precisely how long I ran for yesterday.

It was an incredibly triumphant and proud moment mixed with a post-run feeling of extreme frustration.

The good:

  • 8 minutes, .6 miles NO PAIN
  • Upped the speed from 4.8 to 5.0 (watch your back Kara Goucher, there’s a new speed demon in town)
The bad:
  • 8 minutes of running, bringing my monthly total to 12 minutes of running
  • My body wanted to RUN, fast… but my mind took over this matter
I’m not trying to sound ungrateful, really I’m not. Just allow me one paragraph of pity-partying.
But when something you love to do (run) gets taken away from you, and then finally, after a month of willing it to happen, you get to do that thing (run sweet run) again, only to have to cut it short at a fraction of the time (1/8th)  you normally would do said activity… well it sucks.
And I’m done.
I’m beyond thrilled to be able to run again. I long for the day that I can set out on an 8, 9, 10 mile run and just cruise with the wind at my back (or in SF, blowing directly into my face as I trudge up hills), but lets go for a positive mental image here.
I’m planning to stick to an every-other-day “running” (the quotes will stay until I get to a pace that most people are not able to walk comfortably at), increasing by a few minutes each time – assuming there is zero discomfort in my foot. I’ll get my speed back in time, for now I’d like to just work on building back up – first time goals, then distance goals.
Then once I’m fully healed… the quest for the 1:45 half-marathon begins. I set my current PR (1:50:03, although my Garmin would say it was 1:49:59 – but really who’s getting technical? Not me this girl) at the Kaiser Half on SuperBowl Sunday and I naturally already registered for it again.
I’ve seen what life is like in a boot and I have no intention of ever going back.
If you are able to run (healthy and pain-free), take a minute to appreciate that first, second, third, sixth, tenth mile on your next run. I was definitely guilty of taking my miles, my speed, my races for granted. Until I couldn’t do that anymore. And then I realized just how big a part running plays a part in my daily life. (And also wallet but that’s another story – goodbye Healdsburg Half, Us Half, CIM bibs – we would have been great friends.)
For runners, running is a way of life. A social outlet. A constant goal to work towards and improve. Therapy. Fun. Something that we do day in and day out.
No matter how far your next run – 4 minutes or 40 miles… do me a favor and take it all in. The miles, the scenery, your pace. All of it.
And kick the ish out of your next race.

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