Good Morning! Thank GOD it’s Thursday.

It’s also torrentially downpouring in San Francisco. Thank goodness I don’t leave enough time in the morning to actually get ready and feel ok with the high-ponytail look because these curls come out with a vengeance in this weather.

Apparently it’s supposedly going to clear up and be beautiful tomorrow and Saturday. I’m willing this to happen because the Blue Angels fly 6 inches apart from each other. And as we saw in the Great Fleet Week Debacle of 2009, they do not fly if they cannot see.

Not to say I won’t enjoy drinking adult beverages on a rooftop deck if the planes don’t fly, but it certainly enhances a Saturday when they do.


This morning I woke up to a little gem in my inbox-

I LOVE Gwyenth Paltrow. (She’s right up there with Aniston).

Not only does the woman always look flawless and perfect-


She killed it on Glee-

She’s best friends with Beyonce-


She’s hysterical – (no I did not make up this quote, yes it came out of her mouth)


So naturally, I subscribe to Goop, her oddly-named website/newsletter/whatever it is. And I get excited when my e-mail gets Goop-ed once a week.

Today’s “Do” was an interview with Dr. Nicholas Perricone who advocates “Beauty from the Inside Out” – meaning what you eat, directly reflects and influences how you look.

Like we needed another reason to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Our skin reflects our diet almost immediately. If we consume fatty, sugary and processed foods, our skin is likely to react by becoming inflamed, puffy and rough in texture. 

  1. Consume enough water. Water is vital to help flush out toxins and keep skin clear and hydrated.
  2. For dry skin, load up on Omega-3’s. These essential fatty acids (EFA’s) are necessary for healthy, supple skin and help to repair the protective barrier that keeps moisture locked in. The most potent plant-based source of Omega-3 is chia seeds, with more Omega-3 than flax seed or wild Alaskan salmon.
  3. For blemish-prone skin, I recommend a diet rich in greens, including watercress, spinach, collard greens and apples. The Vitamin A in these leafy greens helps normalize the production of oil, while the quercetin in green apples helps reduce mast cell activity, which leads to inflammation and breakouts.
  4. Load up on antioxidants to maintain youthful, supple and radiant skin. Acai, blueberries and spices such as turmeric, cinnamon and ginger are all wonderful sources of antioxidants that help maintain healthy skin. These foods fight free-radical damage that leads to fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, sagging and lackluster skin.
For the Full Article you can get your Goop on at (and subscribe because it’s well, well worth it.)
I will obviously do whatever I have to do to have skin that looks like Gwyenth’s (and abs, but that’s an entirely different subject for another time) so bring on the leafy greens, chia seeds and antioxidants! (10 points for my daily blueberry mocha protein smoothies. Making Gwyenth proud over here.)


6 thoughts on “GOOP!

  1. haha i love gwyneth too..i remember when she cut her hair super short (back in the brad pitt days) and i wanted to cut it just like hers!! my mom wouldnt let me hah..not cool mom. then again i was like 13 so yaaa…shes awesome her!

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