Wandering Eye

Don’t call me unfaithful to running but there may be something new that’s caught my eye.

It’s just that it’s shiny, it’s new, it’s exciting, and it makes me feel amazing.



Since “the day which will never be spoken about, ever” occurred I’ve had to get a bit… creative with my workouts.

Week 1 was a lot of sulking, pity partying, crutching, and a little half-assed stationary biking.

Week 2 brought more stationary biking, a few swims, and some abs. (Okay, one session of abs. For 5 minutes.)

Then Week 3 happened. Week 3 meant the end of the boot. And the intro to “The Week of Running Shoes”. I added Pilates back into my life, some extremely unsatisfying Arc Trainer-ing, more upright biking… and a walk at an intense incline for a mile. The last day of Week 3 brought the introduction of my new workout fling.

I joined a spinning studio and proceeded to get my butt whipped. I haven’t worked that hard for 40 minutes… ever. Not an exaggeration, not being dramatic. I’ve literally never exerted so much effort without stopping. This is basically my life during spin class.

Minutes 0-38 went like this:

I internally cursed the instructor (about 11 times). I hated her music. I hated her face. I hated her stupid microphone. I hated everything about her. I hated spin. It wasn’t fun. It was never going to end. I couldn’t breathe. It was too sweaty. Why didn’t I bring WATER?

Minutes 39-41 were more like this:

I. LOVE. YOU. You are perfect. Your music is just right. That microphone is genius – we can all hear you so much better. Spin is glorious. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel alive. I feel strong. I’m STARVING. What should I eat? Endorphins I’ve missed you so.

This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

A relationship I continued leading into Week 4. This is what I’m working with thus far:

Sunday – Spin

Monday – 30 minutes cardio (4 minutes running, 26 minutes ArcTrainer-ing), Pilates

Tuesday – Spin

To add to my spin loving week, this was just announced:


SF is finally getting a SoulCycle! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been reading about this workout, hearing about it from my NYC and LA based friends, and getting more and more jealous of their love affair with this sweaty, ridiculously hard indoor cycling workout.

I want in.

I also want to spin next to the numerous celebrities my friend sees at her NYC studio every single day, but baby steps. Just give me the class.

Does spinning replace running for me? Not a chance. I’ve never wanted to just bundle up, throw on my favorite running tights and zip-up, hit play on my Shuffle, get outside and move more that I do lately. But that will come. In time.

For now I’ll just have to hop on the bike, crank up the resistance, curse out some innocent instructor for 38 minutes, then profess my undying love for their profession 2 minutes later.

Endorphins are endorphins, and as far as I’m concerned… this is the closest I’m getting to a full on runner’s high. And endless running hunger. (Do yourself a favor and make this – I did a gluten-free version last night and wanted to hug every bite.)

Besides, Lululemon just came out with a Spin line. Frankly, it seems like fate.