After two weeks of hobbling around on crutches, staying stationary on the couch or on the bike, yesterday I got to MOVE.

And I mean really move.

I re-joined my gym (left when I took my job in Silicon Valley – didn’t seem to make sense since they have gym facilities there) for one very large reason – the pool.

After dropping $70 on Amazon the other day, my swim gear finally arrived on Friday evening. And my career to becoming a professional swimming began yesterday.

You don’t have to tell me, I already know that cap makes me look pretty badass.

Boyfriend and I made our way to the gym, I crutched to the pool area, stuck a toe in the water, thought eff it, and dove right in.

I started with a 200 yard warm-up and for the first time in 2 weeks I felt free. I finally had that feeling I get when I’m on a really amazing run and I feel like I’m on top of the world.

I swam competitively for ~10 years so jumping back in the pool felt completely natural. It reminded me of all those summer mornings spent on the pool deck at practice, hitting intervals, and going through all the kicking, pulling and sprint sets.

It. Was. Awesome.

My workout looked like this:

  • 200 yard warm-up freestyle
  • 8 x 100 yard freestyle
  • 50 fly (just to see if I still had it – and while it’s not as pretty as it once was… I still got it!)
  • 200 yard cool-down freestyle

Total yards: 1250

I left feeling friggin’ amazing. The best I’ve felt in weeks. Endorphins I’ve missed you so! (I’m sorry cyclists, but biking does nothing for endorphins when you’re used to a runner’s high.)

I’ve certainly had my share of ups and downs while dealing with this injury. It frustrates me to no end that this recovery is (basically) completely out of my control. I can stay off it, rehab it, eat healthy, and get enough sleep, but for the most part it will heal when it wants to heal.

And for a control-freak like myself this is simply unacceptable. I’m used to being independent and self-sufficient. I like to make other people’s lives easier, not burden them with extra responsibilities and tasks. When I’m faced with a problem, I find a solution. I then apply that solution to make the problem go away.

With a broken heel that just doesn’t happen, and it drives me absolutely crazy. I hate feeling like the simplest of tasks – like taking the trash out this morning (after having several friends over for snacks, drinks and the Giants game last night made for quite a bit of it) is impossible to do on crutches and I constantly have to ask for assistance. I’ve never been so reliant on other people to do things for me, and it’s something that is definitely taking some getting used to.

Boyfriend has been absolutely amazing – driving me to and from places, helping me in every single way possible and being so understanding and supportive and there for me 24/7. I literally can’t thank him enough, but I’ll certainly try.

I’m taking it a day (and a swim) at a time, but I’m hopeful I can ditch these darn crutches soon. They’re seriously cramping my style. (Literally and figuratively.)

Also friggin’ amazing? My alma mater Arizona UPSET USC to take the win, and the Giants beat the Tigers to go up 3-0 in the WORLD SERIES.

Vogelsong for the win.

With that, I’m off to the pool again… 1400 yards is the goal for today! (For Game 4 of the WS!)

Happy Sunday! (And GO GIANTS!)


The 5 Stages of Running Injury Grief

As I type this post, I’m watching Game 2 of the World Series. I’m also watching my eyes get assaulted by a one MR. WILL SCHUSTER (from Glee) singing the National Anthem. 2010 brought us Lady Antebellum. 2012 brings us Mr. Schu. Somehow this doesn’t seem fair. To anyone involved.

Boyfriend and I were lucky enough to go to Game 1 last night – and by lucky I mean we shelled out an obscene amount of money for Bleacher tickets to be there while Pablo Sandoval made history, and Justin Verlander got owned by our entire line-up. IT. WAS. AMAZING.
Not amazing? Crutching. I have BRUISES on my ribs from those contraptions. I took it easy, stayed seated, and didn’t leave my seat once. A Cha Cha Bowl (my first!) was also thoroughly enjoyed – Tyler Florence knows his stuff – those things are amazing.
It was singlehandedly the best game I’ve ever been to (Game 2 of the 2010 World Series comes in at a close second for obvious reasons – Cain domination over the Texas Rangers) and I cannot WAIT for the series to continue.
Giants aside, let’s move on to how Kristine has become the clumsiest, most-accident prone person on the planet.
Never mind that I trained for and completed a full marathon with NOT A SINGLE INJURY, but in the last week the following has happened:
  • Stress fracture in the heel – requiring crutches/boot
  • Slamming my hand in the car door trying to get said crutches/boot in safely
  • Dropping the base of our VITAMIX BLENDER (approximately 10 lbs – no joke) and in an effort to shield my precious broken heel, breaking it’s fall with my thigh. Resulting in a massive bruise
  • Said crutches bruising my ribcage

Yeah, this blender is HUGE.

My life is in shambles and I’m literally, a battered mess.
(Did I mention I’m not dramatic at all either?) 😉
But really, stress-fracture wise, I think I went through the 5 Stages of Running Injury Grief (I just made these up so just go with it…)
1. Denial
  • As I ran the Nike Half (yes I ran all 13.1 miles on a now-stress fractured heel), I thought it was at most, a twisted ankle. I kid you not. I never in a million years thought a bone in my foot was fractured with tiny cracks. Never. I would never have run a half-marathon on a foot that could be broken. I told myself it was probably a minor sprain, maybe from wearing flip-flops on weekends or heels during the week. I told myself it wasn’t serious and it would stop hurting as soon as I stopped running. Nerves, pre-race jitters, you name it, I convinced myself that was it.
2. Anger
  • Setting up my iPhone 5 was the catalyst here. I had just come home from a Spin class, was utterly exhausted from having to crutch around the Marina and our apartment, and was getting beyond frustrated trying to set up (and failing miserably) my iPhone 5 while simultaneously hopping/crutching around the apartment trying to get ready for the day. Enter pity party. Enter boyfriend being a complete saint (as usual) and talking some sense into me. “No Kristine your life has not ended because you logged exactly 0 miles the last 10 days. No you can’t die from lack of mileage. Yes I’m sure you will run again at least once in your life.” 😉 (I’m kidding on the exact context, I swear I’m not that much of a headcase.)
3. Sadness
  • Stemming from the anger, I then got sad. I convinced myself my running days were over, and I would probably never again be able to wear my beautiful Stuart Weitzman heels, much less run in my BRAND NEW Pure Flows. I would never experience NYC, Chicago or the Boston Marathon. I’d never again wake up early, do my pre-race ritual and toe the line at one of my favorite SF half-marathons. So I got depressed. Very depressed. So depressed that I went on Amazon, bought a Speedo bathing suit, swim cap and goggles to start my new career as an Olympic Swimmer. (That did actually happen and it will arrive tomorrow thank you very much 2-day Amazon Prime shipping.)
4. Bargaining
  • This happened on Monday. Well if I don’t run for 2 weeks then I’ll probably still be able to do the Us Half. Then, Okay maybe not the beginning of November, but definitely a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Followed by If I swim every day I won’t lose any fitness or hurt my foot and I can easily run a half in December. And then Worst comes to worse the Superbowl Half I’m signed up for in early February will absolutely happen.
5. Acceptance
  • The end result? I have no idea when my next race will be. I’ve accepted it – it’s reality and it’s happening. I won’t lie – that’s a pretty crappy feeling. I’m taking it day by day, I’m staying positive (when I’m not swearing in my car from slamming my hand in the door or yelling obscenities in my apartment after dropping a Vitamix on my thigh). I’m going to start swimming tomorrow (alternating it with biking and some sets of abs whenever I can) and just pray to the running/foot gods that I’m cleared to run by the New Year. I have a follow up with a specialist next Friday so FINGERS CROSSED EVERYONE. (Please just cross them.)

With that, GO GIANTS! and have a lovely Thursday evening!


First things first –




The Giants are going to the WORLD SERIES! Sorry Cards, I bet that was a rough flight back to St Louis. The boot/crutches and I are currently 2-for-2 with Giants blowout wins.

I guess I’ll keep it on for the World Series. I owe it to the team.

But moving on.

I worked from home yesterday and today in an effort to keep my foot elevated, iced, and overall RICE-d. I’m really, really hoping it’s working. Especially because this was announced this morning:

SF finally got a Rock n Roll Half-Marathon! I’m already signed up for a couple of halves in early 2013 and I’m banking on being able to run those… and this. I’ll even “jog”. (I can learn what that is…)

I’m finding that just staying completely off it is the key – it doesn’t hurt that way, the swelling goes down, and I’m less apt to run into a wall, or slam my hand in the car door (that actually happened yesterday) trying to maneuver with crutches.

My mom being the SAINT that she is, drove to SF this afternoon with bags full of Trader Joes groceries, fresh flowers, homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup, and this little gem:

THE GLUTEN FREE TABLE! I can’t wait to make everything in this cookbook.

And yes, I mean everything. 

It’s by Emeril Lagasse’s daughters who both have Celiac disease and everything looks delicious. Next cooking project? found.

This homemade chicken tortilla soup courtesy of my mom did not disappoint.

She also helped me out with a little cleaning and laundry and I can’t thank her enough. Seriously mom you are the BEST.

While it became clear to me yesterday that Pilates classes probably aren’t going to happen (between moving, putting weight on the foot and not wanting gigantic triceps from both Pilates and the crutches – it’s clear I should just wait until my foot is functioning again), and spin classes are pretty much the exact same as riding a stationary bike since I can’t really stand-up, jump, etc… I’ve decided to focus on swimming and biking.

I decided to hit the gym for some biking this afternoon – I covered about 11.5 miles while I read the latest Fitness/Women’s Health (sidebar – I ‘m not a fan of either of these magazines and yet they keep coming) then did a few sets of abs (on my back, no weight bearing don’t worry Mom). I set it to the Hill Program, Level 7, and aside from the fact that my bottom was completely numb at the end of it – I felt pretty strong. Ab wise – lets just say I’m glad I finished both sets of the 3 exercises.

My next endeavor – finding a pool to swim in.

Also buying more of these juices. Jaime introduced me to Thrive juices – they operate out of Nectar Wine Bar in the Marina during the day, and sell juices and cleanses online. I tried the Green Dream today and it was amaaaazing. (And I swear, at one point, actually green.)

I could be up for another 3-day cleanse.

With that it’s time for dinner… and more RICE-ing my foot. C’mon bone… HEAL!



Stress Fracture Week #1 – The Workouts

And so wraps up Stress Fracture Week #1.

Fitness wise, I feel pretty good – I mean at least I did something right? And forget even remotely working on my triceps – those babies are going to be strong as steel by the time they’re done with these crutches. Also crutching is tiring.

Also tiring?

Being the cutest dog ever.


My friend Jenna sent me this picture of her dog and I just about melted.

Moving forward my plan is to do 2 (modified) Pilates classes, 2-3 stationary bike sessions, and ideally 2 swim workouts a week. I feel like that way my cardio/strength level will stay where it is, and I’ll get the benefit of cross-training different muscles I may not have been using while running/pilates-ing exclusively. Also that will allow for me to continue my assault on the unlimited frozen yogurt machine at work guilt-free.

Sunday (The scene of the crime) –  The straw that broke the camel’s back (heel). The Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Regardless that this race was my downfall and that I was in pain from the first step I took, I loved every single mile. (I also realize how stubborn/potentially stupid it was to run 13 miles in discomfort (mile 1-8)/pain (mile 8-13), but it was the first onset of any discomfort while running so honestly I didn’t know any better.) Looking back the most compelling thing that sticks out in my mind is how much I had in my tank and how fast I wanted to run. I wanted to BLAZE up those hills, and fly through those downhills. I have no doubt a sub-1:45 was in me Sunday morning. My foot just had other plans.


The last time I ran. 8 DAYS AGO. The horror.

Monday – Stationary bike 10 miles

Tuesday – Stationary bike 10 miles

Wednesday – Rest. Throw pity party. Get a haircut and a pedicure.

Thursday – Stationary Bike 6.85 miles, few sets of ab work

Friday – Stationary Bike 7.25 miles

Saturday – Stationary Bike 8 miles

Sunday – 45 minute Spin Class – I was a little apprehensive but since I’d had no pain biking all week long, I decided to go for it. About 30 minutes before class started (you begin to plan way ahead when you don’t have functioning use of half your feet), I strapped on the boot, grabbed my spinning shoes, took the bus 4 blocks, and went for it.

The class went pretty well – I got a few “what the hell is she doing here with a boot and crutches?” looks but overall uneventful. I know I said I went to a spin class, but in reality I just spun the wheels… changed up the resistance a bit, but couldn’t do any of the fun standing, hill climbs, jumps, etc.

To make myself feel better I headed to Plant to pick up omelette specials for boyfriend and I and a couple fresh juices from Thrive.

Then had a minor pity party as I attempted to set up my iPhone 5. After about 10 hours of sulking about the phone, and one conversation with an extremely nice lady from South Carolina at AT&T support, the 5 is up and running and I’m so in love with it I’ll look past our little indiscretion from yesterday.

Also something I’m in love with?


The end. Have a great day. Go Giants!!! Go for a run. (Subtlety is not my strong suit.)

Total: ~52 miles biked. I’ll take it.

Crutch + Boot + Work

I’m sorry I forgot to share with you all the #1 reason having a boot doesn’t suck;


This my friends, is San Francisco parking GOLD.

The two major perks?

  • The Whole Foods Parking Lot in Pacific Heights will no longer cause me road rage
  • METERS (I no longer have to pay for them… ever. OK, for the next 6 mos.)

Silver lining?

Today is my first day attempting this foot contraption combination at work. I’ve worked out in my head the logistics for getting to/from work in Silicon Valley and any incidentals during the day:

  • Begging Muni to drive me 4 blocks from my apartment to where my company’s corporate buses pick up (Today’s scenario went like this Me making a scene with my crutches: “I’m just going 4 blocks.” Bus Driver noticing crutches/boot/scene: “Uh yeah, just get on the bus.”
  • Work bus for an hour
  • Nicely asking co-workers to take my bag up to my desk while I stop off to pick up breakfast downstairs at the cafe
  • Nicely asking yet another co-worker to take my breakfast up to my desk while I wait for the elevator to go one floor upstairs
  • Planning 10 minutes ahead for all bathroom/kitchen/anywhere trips
  • Sucking it up and eating whatever is at the cafe downstairs because riding a beach cruise to another cafe with a boot and a skirt on seems ill-advised
  • Strategically planning how I’m going to get the 25 yards to the gym with my bag/crutches/boot in tow
  • Strategically planning how I’m going to get from the work bus back to my apartment after work if boyfriend isn’t home yet (begging bus driver to just drop me off)

The past couple of days boyfriend worked from home and was able to chauffeur me to/from multiple doctor’s appointments, going back and forth to the freezer to grab ice packs, making sure I’m elevating, Advil-ing, and staying off my foot. I literally can’t thank him enough, so I’m putting it on the internet where it will stay forever and ever. (Thank you so much, you mean the absolute world to me.)

This weekend I have big plans of…. doing nothing. I can’t teach my Sunday Pilates classes because I can’t move, so demonstrate lunging or anything else that involves standing upright seems to be a bit out of the question. (I did however sign up for multiple spin and sculpt sessions at a nearby studio to keep up my fitness in the upcoming weeks… and finding a pool is next on my list.)

I plan to catch up on TV, bike at the gym, bake, clean the apartment (which will probably take 2 hours to do in a 600 square foot apartment because of my lack of movement), and relax.

And just hope I can ditch the crutches by Monday. The doctor said to use them as long as I felt pain when bearing weight on my bum foot. I tested it this morning and let’s just say it didn’t feel like rainbows and sunshine and puppies.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Add It To The List

3 blog posts in 3 days. Guess who’s baaaack?

So where did we last leave off?

Oh that’s right, the two words no runner (or anyone really) ever wants to hear: Stress Fracture.

But it gets even better (worse?) my friends.

My sports medicine doctor called me this morning with my MRI results – it appears I not only have a confirmed Calcaneal Stress Fracture but also a severely bruised heel bone.

From what has told me (and really, Lance Armstrong lie? not a chance), deep heel bruises result from microscopic calcium fibers breaking apart. These fibers are normally interconnected to help form bones, so when a portion of the fibers is damaged, a deep heel bruise, or deep “bone bruise” occurs. Also known as a periosteal bruise, this condition develops when the outermost layer of the heel bone — the cortex — essentially suffers tiny breaks. These breaks occur when the heel is subjected to repetitive and forceful impacts, usually from rigorous sports activities or strength training exercises.
So basically a series of tiny breaks on a fracture.
(Also I hope you understood the sarcasm of the whole Lance Armstong/lying sentence above.)
My doctor referred me to the Head of Podiatry at California Pacific Medical Center- basically my first thought was that you don’t see the head of anything unless it’s bad. Like on Grey’s Anatomy – you don’t see Derek Shepard unless you have a really dire neuro problem. (I also realize I’m probably the only one on the planet that still watches Greys Anatomy. I do, and I will… probably forever.)
I met with the doctor who confirmed what I already knew – stress fracture in my heel, bruised bone. Then I got fitted with this little number:
(Please ignore the eroding toenail poster in the background. And note my NWM Finisher Shirt. The irony of the situation wasn’t lost on me.)
This my friends is my new best friend for the next 2 (godwilling) – 3 weeks.
As soon as he told me how to “inflate” it with air it immediately reminded of the Pumps shoes we had growing up. I never had them but always wanted a pair.
Not really what I had in mind.
In conclusion, the next 2-3 weeks of my life are looking like this:
  • Boot on whenever I bear any weight on my foot
  • Crutches as needed to bear weight
  • NO. RUNNING. Under any circumstance.
  • Biking/swimming/strength training OK (as long as I’m not standing)
  • Ice/Elevate as often as possible
  • Ice/Warm Wrap/Ice 2-3 times a day
  • REST (what does that word even mean??)

So I started off with this:

30 minutes on the bike – hill program – resistance 7 – 6.85 miles total

Took it nice and slow and finished off with a few sets of abs (done on my back – no weight bearing here.)

I got more than a few looks as I crutched into the gym, biked, then crutched over to abs.  I’m contemplating getting a shirt made (by shirt made I mean ironing letters onto a Cool Racerback) with the phrase “I HAVE A STRESS FRACTURE IN MY HEEL AND THE ONLY THING I AM ALLOWED TO DO HERE IS BIKE”.

That should get the message across no?

I’m hoping to break into swimming sometime this weekend or next week – ready to get my Michael Phelps on in the pool. And buy a workout appropriate swimsuit.

Hope you’re enjoying your night! (And cheering for the Giants! Unless you are from St Louis or Detroit in which case I completely understand why you wouldn’t care.)


Stress. Fracture.

So um, this happened today.

Oh yes my friends, welcome to the world of a Calcaneal Stress Fracture.

Basically, it’s a heel stress fracture. It’s a pretty common spot for runners to injure, and typically stress fractures are a result of overuse, and happen over a period of several months. I imagine the dull nagging of last week coupled with running the half on Sunday was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Or heel in my case. (Or at least this is what I’ve been told from the wonders of the internet/the sports medicine doctor.)

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons agrees:

A stress fracture is a small crack in a bone. Stress fractures often develop from overuse, such as from high-impact sports like distance running or basketball.


Most stress fractures occur in the weight-bearing bones of the foot and lower leg. Studies show that athletes

participating in tennis, track and field, gymnastics, dance, and basketball are at high risk for stress fractures. In all of these sports, the repeated stress of the foot striking the ground can cause problems.


Rest is the key element to recovery from a stress fracture.


The bone we’re caring about is on the lower left. You know the large one that helps you run.

The good: It was caught early enough that 10-14 days on crutches should be all I need. A return to running can than happen (albeit slowly.) I’m cleared for biking/swimming/strength training. What that means is that I will probably go out and buy a road bike, all of Lululemon’s biking gear and register for a century ride tomorrow while simultaneously joining a master’s swim team.

(Joking… kind of.)

The bad: Um no running for 10-14 days. That’s like telling Lindsey Lohan she can’t drink for 5 minutes. It’s that long. Goodbye Healdsburg Half Marathon. I hardly even knew you. Or your delicious wine tasting that would have happened at the finish line.

The ugly: The crutches. Need I say more? After 5 hours of these bad boys I’m more than ready for a boot.

The MRI confirmed that there is in fact a fracture. What happens next? The radiologist diagnoses me, sends my scans to my doctor I saw this morning, and he lets me know how bad is bad. Preparing for the worst (6-8 weeks in a boot) but hoping for the best (10-14 days on crutches/in a boot).

After my MRI I naturally did what any normal person would do when throwing themselves a pity party – I spoiled myself rotten. We’re talking pedicure, haircut, the works.

I also came up with a list of benefits to being on crutches. Try not to be jealous.

-Always get a seat at a bar/restaurant/what-have-you

-Convincing MUNI drivers to take me 4 blocks up the street to my bus stop just got easier

-Get really familiar with celebrity gossip magazines on the stationary/spin bike

-Get reacquainted with my swimcap and goggles

-Rekindle my high-school self and wear a pretty sweet backpack at all times

-Have dog owners feel sorry for me and quickly agree to let me pet their dogs on the street without throwing me wary/weird/creeped out looks

-Develop arms of steel

Any other suggestions?

I’ll leave you with some happy thoughts. This is Charlie. He’s almost a year old and he is the cutest, most adorable Golden Retriever since the one I met last week at work.


(Also if you can… go for a run tonight. It’s been 72 hours of no running and I’m already judging people as they run by me on the street. Do me a favor please and go out on a solid run… and enjoy it the entire time no matter what your splits/the weather/whatever is/are 🙂 )