The 4 Minute Run

Oh weird, running news? Remind me what that is like again?

It’s officially been 28 days of ZERO RUNNING. Minus the “practice stride” I took in the garage on Saturday to find out if I still remembered how to run. (Good news – initial reports say yes.)

Today I marched over to the gym at work (in normal shoes – thank the heavens above) determined to show Stella a thing or two about getting your groove back. (See what I did there with the movie title pun?)

The Pure Flows were laced tight (the right one was actually too tight and I lost circulation in my baby toe shortly thereafter but that is neither here nor there), the latest issue of Runner’s World was propped up, I set the speed to 4.8 (yes, really), and I “ran”.


Let’s ignore the fact that some people can walk at a 4.8 pace. I WAS RUNNING (okay, jogging) for 0.25 miles.

Is it possible to get runner’s high after less than 4 minutes of actually running? I SAY YES.

And then I panicked, walked at an incline to round out a mile and moved on to my new frenemy the Arc Trainer for another 25 minutes. Let’s talk about the most unsatisfying workout in the entire world – Arc Trainer. I would rather have been at Mile 24 in a Marathon and forced to consume steamed broccoli mixed with Gu (BARF) while running than spend another minute on the Arc Trainer. (I’m honestly not exaggerating in the slightest either.)

In an ironic twist of fate, the zip-up I got after the NWM Half Marathon (also known as “the day that will not be spoken about ever again”) was the zip-up I had in my bag. So I flipped off fate and destiny, and pulled it on, feeling all the more triumphant for doing so.

(Let’s insert a refreshing dose of honesty here: Am I scared I’ll never get back to my comfortable 8:30/pace? Sure am. Will I put in the work to get there?  Sure will.)

But let’s ignore all that and focus on the important stuff.

Run. 4 Minutes. NO PAIN.

I think I’ll get all crazy tomorrow and go for 6.

What’s up now stress fracture?


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