Cleanse Fail.

So about that juice cleanse…

I lasted approximately 6 hours.

And 3 Green Juices.

Then I broke. And had a latte and a Lara Bar.


I was dying without caffeine/solid food!

For some reason my will-power just wasn’t there. Not for any reason, I just simply wasn’t feeling it. So I just decided to “modify” the cleanse a bit… and drink 2 Green Juices a day, and replace 1 meal with the Cashew Milk drink.

Then since I figured I was on the straight and narrow, this happened.


No your eyes aren’t deceiving you – that is PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE, CHOCOLATE CREME BRULEE and TIRAMISU. Also known as heaven.

Sorry I’m not sorry.


2 thoughts on “Cleanse Fail.

  1. Hey sometimes it’s just not the right time! But just think how much extra nutrients you got during that time by having those green drinks! Side note- did you know the Evolution ones from Sbux aren’t gluten free?? Sad truth! And um those desserts look AMAZING! If those are gf you must tell me where they came from!?

    • I’m fairly certain (judging by how I felt later that night) they most certainly were not. But they were worth it! Ps thrive juices ARE GF… Check em out!

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