First things first –




The Giants are going to the WORLD SERIES! Sorry Cards, I bet that was a rough flight back to St Louis. The boot/crutches and I are currently 2-for-2 with Giants blowout wins.

I guess I’ll keep it on for the World Series. I owe it to the team.

But moving on.

I worked from home yesterday and today in an effort to keep my foot elevated, iced, and overall RICE-d. I’m really, really hoping it’s working. Especially because this was announced this morning:

SF finally got a Rock n Roll Half-Marathon! I’m already signed up for a couple of halves in early 2013 and I’m banking on being able to run those… and this. I’ll even “jog”. (I can learn what that is…)

I’m finding that just staying completely off it is the key – it doesn’t hurt that way, the swelling goes down, and I’m less apt to run into a wall, or slam my hand in the car door (that actually happened yesterday) trying to maneuver with crutches.

My mom being the SAINT that she is, drove to SF this afternoon with bags full of Trader Joes groceries, fresh flowers, homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup, and this little gem:

THE GLUTEN FREE TABLE! I can’t wait to make everything in this cookbook.

And yes, I mean everything. 

It’s by Emeril Lagasse’s daughters who both have Celiac disease and everything looks delicious. Next cooking project? found.

This homemade chicken tortilla soup courtesy of my mom did not disappoint.

She also helped me out with a little cleaning and laundry and I can’t thank her enough. Seriously mom you are the BEST.

While it became clear to me yesterday that Pilates classes probably aren’t going to happen (between moving, putting weight on the foot and not wanting gigantic triceps from both Pilates and the crutches – it’s clear I should just wait until my foot is functioning again), and spin classes are pretty much the exact same as riding a stationary bike since I can’t really stand-up, jump, etc… I’ve decided to focus on swimming and biking.

I decided to hit the gym for some biking this afternoon – I covered about 11.5 miles while I read the latest Fitness/Women’s Health (sidebar – I ‘m not a fan of either of these magazines and yet they keep coming) then did a few sets of abs (on my back, no weight bearing don’t worry Mom). I set it to the Hill Program, Level 7, and aside from the fact that my bottom was completely numb at the end of it – I felt pretty strong. Ab wise – lets just say I’m glad I finished both sets of the 3 exercises.

My next endeavor – finding a pool to swim in.

Also buying more of these juices. Jaime introduced me to Thrive juices – they operate out of Nectar Wine Bar in the Marina during the day, and sell juices and cleanses online. I tried the Green Dream today and it was amaaaazing. (And I swear, at one point, actually green.)

I could be up for another 3-day cleanse.

With that it’s time for dinner… and more RICE-ing my foot. C’mon bone… HEAL!




2 thoughts on “A GIANT Win

  1. Yes! So stoked for Game 1 tomorrow! I almost squealed when I saw the email from Rock n Roll and signed up immediately! Your mom is so sweet for bringing you groceries, the cookbook, and helping clean and do laundry with you. The boot will come off before you know it (just as long as the Giants get through the WS with you wearing it!!!)

  2. I feel like all of SF has some serious Giant’s fever right now!! I can’t say I’m that huge of a fan, but I do love an excuse to go out and celebrate something! That was so sweet of your mom to come to your apt and help you out! My mom just told me about that book and I really want it too! Please report back on how you like it! And that tortilla soup looks fab!! How’s the price on that green drink?? I’m always looking for a good one in the city but Plant’s feel a little overpriced/not that great to me.

    Btw so happy to see you back blogging and YES I would love to go out for a GF dinner!! 🙂

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