Stress Fracture Week #1 – The Workouts

And so wraps up Stress Fracture Week #1.

Fitness wise, I feel pretty good – I mean at least I did something right? And forget even remotely working on my triceps – those babies are going to be strong as steel by the time they’re done with these crutches. Also crutching is tiring.

Also tiring?

Being the cutest dog ever.


My friend Jenna sent me this picture of her dog and I just about melted.

Moving forward my plan is to do 2 (modified) Pilates classes, 2-3 stationary bike sessions, and ideally 2 swim workouts a week. I feel like that way my cardio/strength level will stay where it is, and I’ll get the benefit of cross-training different muscles I may not have been using while running/pilates-ing exclusively. Also that will allow for me to continue my assault on the unlimited frozen yogurt machine at work guilt-free.

Sunday (The scene of the crime) –  The straw that broke the camel’s back (heel). The Nike Women’s Half Marathon. Regardless that this race was my downfall and that I was in pain from the first step I took, I loved every single mile. (I also realize how stubborn/potentially stupid it was to run 13 miles in discomfort (mile 1-8)/pain (mile 8-13), but it was the first onset of any discomfort while running so honestly I didn’t know any better.) Looking back the most compelling thing that sticks out in my mind is how much I had in my tank and how fast I wanted to run. I wanted to BLAZE up those hills, and fly through those downhills. I have no doubt a sub-1:45 was in me Sunday morning. My foot just had other plans.


The last time I ran. 8 DAYS AGO. The horror.

Monday – Stationary bike 10 miles

Tuesday – Stationary bike 10 miles

Wednesday – Rest. Throw pity party. Get a haircut and a pedicure.

Thursday – Stationary Bike 6.85 miles, few sets of ab work

Friday – Stationary Bike 7.25 miles

Saturday – Stationary Bike 8 miles

Sunday – 45 minute Spin Class – I was a little apprehensive but since I’d had no pain biking all week long, I decided to go for it. About 30 minutes before class started (you begin to plan way ahead when you don’t have functioning use of half your feet), I strapped on the boot, grabbed my spinning shoes, took the bus 4 blocks, and went for it.

The class went pretty well – I got a few “what the hell is she doing here with a boot and crutches?” looks but overall uneventful. I know I said I went to a spin class, but in reality I just spun the wheels… changed up the resistance a bit, but couldn’t do any of the fun standing, hill climbs, jumps, etc.

To make myself feel better I headed to Plant to pick up omelette specials for boyfriend and I and a couple fresh juices from Thrive.

Then had a minor pity party as I attempted to set up my iPhone 5. After about 10 hours of sulking about the phone, and one conversation with an extremely nice lady from South Carolina at AT&T support, the 5 is up and running and I’m so in love with it I’ll look past our little indiscretion from yesterday.

Also something I’m in love with?


The end. Have a great day. Go Giants!!! Go for a run. (Subtlety is not my strong suit.)

Total: ~52 miles biked. I’ll take it.


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