CIM Weeks 1-3


*Sidebar – I promise I will actually get my act together, purchase the storage upgrade and have pictures on tomorrow’s post. Promise, promise, promise.*

Oh hi friends. I promise this post will be no where near as ranty as yesterday’s post. (And in case you were wondering my knee is much better today- I was able to go to Pilates this morning and do almost everything (the twisting of the knee was a no-no), and… wait for it… I ran 13 miles on the treadmill after work in 1:50 while watching The Hunger Games on our iPad. That would be what I call a productive Tuesday.)

So my life in the past 4 weeks? BUSY.

Because I realized I haven’t recapped the first 3 weeks of CIM training yet, I’ll breeze through weeks 1-2, and detail week 3 so we can start fresh on week 4 this Sunday.

Let’s recap shall we?

Week of 8/30 – Work, work work. Run, run, run. Pilates. Relax Friday night. Run 10 miles Saturday morning. Drive to Wine Country. Wedding Saturday. Run 5 miles of hills Sunday.

Week 1 of CIM training? Low mileage. Uneventful. All runs completed.

Week of 8/6 – Work, work work. Run, run, run. Pilates. Spend the weekend in Marin. Wedding festivities Friday. Run 11 miles Saturday morning. Pamper oneself with a mani/pedi and a blow-out. Wedding Saturday. Buy a new TV amidst feeling like I turned 21 all over again Sunday. Skip Sunday’s tempo run due to extreme “dehydration” (to put it loosely.)

Week 2 of CIM training? Fairly uneventful. Skipped a run on Sunday, added it back the next day for a double day because I’m OCD and can’t live with myself if there is a run on my training plan I haven’t completed.

Week of 8/13 – Work, work, work, Run, run, run. Pilates.

Monday – Although this was my first cutback week, I added in Sunday’s missed 30 minute tempo run to the day’s 3 miler. I went to the gym at lunch to do the tempo (from 7.2mph to 7.5mph) and then went back after work for an easy 3 miles (8:20/pace).

Tuesday – 6 miles @ an 8:10-8:20 pace at lunchtime

Wednesday – 6am Pilates, 3 miles after work (8:20/pace)

Thursday – My first every Yasso 800’s! Hal’s plan called for 4×800, and after Googling what the hell that actually meant, I figured I should probably run them at 3:35. Instead I apparently did them completely wrong. I all-out sprinted the first, slowed it down for the next couple, and then picked it back up again for the last one. Hopefully it actually is indicitive of how fast I’m able to run a marathon… we’ll see.

Friday – 6am Pilates, 6 miles after work (8:10-8:20 pace).

Saturday – REST! After 5 weekends of bacheloretting, weddings, drinking my weight in champagne and eating my face off in cupcakes, it was time to sleep in, and wake up with zero alarm. Boyfriend went off on a 3 mile run (I’m secretly hoping to convince him to run a 5K with me this fall) while I hit Starbucks (grande coffee, splash of soy and cinnamon) and strolled along Marina Green until he was finished.

Sunday – 8 miles with my favorite running buddy Jaime! We did our favorite beach/trail route, and then ran up the street to Pilates where I taught two classes.

Overall, the first 3 weeks of CIM training have gone fantastically well. I’m somehow running faster than ever, and 8:20/mile is feeling suspiciously comfortable for all of my runs. I find myself pushing the pace to the high 7:xx’s a mile at the end of my runs, leading me to believe I do have something left in the tank, and that after 3 more mos of this, a crazy 22 minute PR may actually happen.

Or not. But who really knows at this point.

Stay tuned!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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