**I have Weeks 1-3 CIM training recap ready to post, I just need to post this rant first.**

So this morning started out pretty solid.

I got a ton of sleep this weekend. Relaxed for a solid 48 hours straight. Took an actual rest day on Saturday. Got a ton done around the house with boyfriend. Ate some delicious food and watched some fantastic movies together (Silent House and Friends with Kids), had 2 solid runs (6 miles @ goal pace on Friday, 8 mile long run on Sunday), taught 2 high-energy Pilates classes, and generally enjoyed the crap out of the weekend.

I set my alarm for 5:45 this morning, figuring I’d get my run out of the way early so I could come home and yet again… relax.

I snoozed once, then hopped out of bed to get ready and head out for 5 miles. My training plan called for 3, but quite frankly, running 3 miles does nothing for me. I’ve been running 40 mile weeks for the past few months and I wanted a bit more mileage this morning.

This will be a cruel, sick coincidence later, but I specifically chose my Wunder Under’s that are a size too big on me so I could save my Run Inspire crops for my longer/pace runs this week (when laundry is $5 a load you would prioritize your running clothes too), and set out.

The run started off great. Even after running 8 hilly miles yesterday and teaching two Pilates classes, my legs felt strong. I was maybe .75 miles in (halfway through the second song on my playlist, ironically Florence + The Machine’s “Shake It Off”) when I heard yelling coming from BEHIND ME. A mere split second later a biker who thought he was the second coming of Lance Armstrong whizzed by me so fast, I felt his bike.

At that exact moment, I whipped my head around to see what the hell had just happened (Biker Man YOU came from behind ME, and since I don’t have eyes in the back of my  head, I can’t see you) and at the very moment I did, my shoe caught the ONLY lip in the asphalt and I went flying.

Like literally flying.

My phone flew out of my hand a solid 10 feet, and my right knee, right elbow and left hand broke my fall.

Resulting in them getting the sh!t scraped out of them and looking extremely attractive. Good-bye any and all hopes of wearing the perfectly work appropriate Shoshanna dresses Gilt had just delivered. (I’ve been having quite the Gilt moment ever since reading By Invitation Only and so far it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.)

After initially bursting into tears (it was SCARY), my mind quickly went to my $70 Wunder Unders. Yes, you read right. Once I had established my face was spared the asphalt, I thought about my clothing. And I silently thanked the Lululemon Gods for making me choose the one pair that I cared the very least about. They weren’t ripped, but I’m sure the fabric is a bit thinner at this point. And you’d be nuts to think that I don’t care about the well-being of a pair of work-out pants that cost more than half of our monthly cable bill. There, I said it.

At the time, I didn’t think my phone fared so well, but luckily boyfriend saved the day by… plugging it in after I wailed that it was “done. broken. completely done!”


Being that I was less than a mile into my run at 6am, I told myself there was no way in hell I woke myself up in the 5am hour to run a single mile. So I kept going. And kept up a pretty solid pace if I do say so myself. (And I do because I just typed it.)

Downer being there was no music because I was under the impression my phone was beyond repair. (Brought the phone because my Shuffle hadn’t yet been updated with my new playlist.)

My knee hurt like hell, but it wasn’t unbearable. It looked pretty horrendous, so I applied about half a box of band-aids to my wounds and set off for work.

Where I’ve been limping around all damn day.

I swear it hurts more when I’m sitting down. When I walk around it feels much, much better. My plan is to advil and then to ice the crap out of it tonight…. and then run on it tomorrow.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

The moral of this story is Marina Bikers – this is not the French Alps, you are not Lance Armstrong, and I don’t care how cool you think you look in your matching jersey/bike-shorts/gloves/sunglasses at 6am… you’re still not Lance. So chill the eff out.

(Sidebar- I don’t hate bikers. I really don’t. I bike. I have many friends that bike. Boyfriend bikes. I simply hate the bikers that think Marina Boulevard is their personal training ground for the Olympics and feel the need to ride at extremely unreasonable and unsafe speeds. I won’t even get into the children that are out there on weekends, or the parents with baby strollers.)

End rant.

Anyone else have a similar start (or finish) to their Monday?

Hope it turned around and you had a great day!



12 thoughts on “Ouch.

  1. When I started running in January as an experiment to see if I could actually run a Marathon in 6 months of training. (Did it! SF Marathon 4:10 baby!). I came from a plus 35 year background of pretty serious cycling, racing ultra etc. Part of my experience and observation about Running vs. Cycling were eye opening, sometimes embarrassing. I always considered Runners as “up their own a**!” and rude. I was somewhat impatient but, not to the degree I see a lot of today’s riders (there are a lot more of them now), and there is a huge “Lance-A-tude” out there now. I Cringe as I run down along the water in my zone, with my mix in my phones at peace and suddenly hear “outta my way ya F****n Moron”! from a peloton of Lances coming up behind me. It’s really changed the way I ride now and now I find myself giving a lot of thumbs up to runners as I go by which probably confuses the Hell out of them.
    I think the best bet for running with bikes is just to make sure, either far right or far left (still don’t get that one yet, on which side to run). Run like you’re on a bike and always a quick check before any kind of move. I hope eventually it all evens out and cyclists just chill the hell out. I’m preaching that to my fellow riders any chance I get. Between tourists, Blazing Saddles bike, runners, and Lances it will probably get worse before it get’s better but, I’m trying to do my part. Just be careful out there and expect the worst, be alert and be courteous. BTW…I love running!!!!

  2. omg… I’m sorry about your fall. I had a similar experience last year, except no bikers were involved. One of my feet actually caught itself in the loop of the opposite foot’s shoelace. I was wearing a pair of Inspire Crops, my fave ever! My right knee took the brunt of my fall and I skidded a ways because I was flying. Like you, I was quick to inspect how my crops fared. Unfortunately the thin luxtreme did tear, and the rocks scraped up my knee so much that I had to get 5 stitches 😦 Despite all the pain and the remaining scar, I was most disappointed by the hole in my crops. However, I got Lulu to send me some patches, and I finally got around to patching the hole. I haven’t worn them yet to see how they do. Anyways, at least these wunder unders were a size too big for you… because I you perhaps had to constantly hike them up your waist… so it’s better these took a hit than your Inspires. Heal quickly.

  3. Glad to hear that not much damage was done! When I studied abroad in Spain I brought no cheap jeans with me on the trip and went for a hike as part of one of my classes and fell hard. I didn’t care about the blood gushing down my leg, all I care about was that I ripped a huge hole in my Citizens jeans! Priorities huh?

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