Treadmill Half-Marathon

I really got after it last week. (Promise I’ll have a training recap up tomorrow!)

After being wounded on Monday’s run, and several applications of Neosporin, I woke up Tuesday morning at 5:45am feeling about 90%.

Naturally I deemed 90% damn good enough to hit 6am Pilates- and with the exception of some knee twisting, I was on-the-ball for the entire class. True I got hit with a few shots, but I was not longer walking with a limp (See what I did there 50 Cent?) and therefore the next appropriate thought was towards my long run of the week.

Last week’s long run jumped up to 13 miles, and I was planning to do it Saturday morning. Then boyfriend’s mom invited us to the Giants game Saturday afternoon. I know myself well enough to know that after a long run I’m pretty much deemed useless for the following 12 hours and prefer to lay in a stationary position on the couch while stuffing my face with whatever available gluten-free carb is within reach.

Then my company announced a celebration party on Friday evening (a certain acquisition just went through and it’s nice to celebrate!)

It was becoming increasingly clear to me that getting up at 7am to run 13 miles and then afterwards having to able to function in public on Saturday just wasn’t going to happen.

It’s also becoming increasingly clear to me that after driving home for an hour, no exercise will ever happen so I force myself to workout at the gym at work instead.

I did what any sane person would do.

I took to iTunes, rented The Hunger Games on our iPad, trekked to the gym at 5pm on Tuesday, and hopped onto the treadmill.

I set the speed to 6.8 mph (8:49/pace) and pressed play.

And 1 hour and 50 minutes later, after completing 13 miles, I (in so many words) hopped off the treadmill. I will also add that I was ready to eat my arm off I was so hungry.

But none-the-less I had completed my long run. And after a day of 6am pilates, a commute, and a full day at work. I won’t say that it was the best long run I’ve ever done, or even that it was particularly enjoyable (it wasn’t, even while watching Katniss kick some ass), but I did it, and I feel stronger for it. Plus, I did it in just about the exact same time as my fastest half-marathon, which I was pretty darn happy about after just 3 weeks of marathon training (and several nights of, *ahem* beverage consumption at weddings).

My point here is that yes running on the treadmill is (generally) less-than-ideal for most runners. I’m probably of the 1% that actually like it because I can zone out on my Kindle and be a freak of nature while reading a novel. But it is useful for building up mental stamina and powering through boredom. And compared to running on a hamster wheel, no matter what race you’re training for will be a lot more exciting.

Besides that mental strength really comes in hand right around mile 22 in the marathon. Trust me on this one. I started talking to myself at that point telling myself that “You have 30 minutes of running left. Modern Family is 30 minutes. You always whine and complain about how fast that goes by. JUST KEEP GOING.”

Hope your week is off to a great start!


CIM Weeks 1-3


*Sidebar – I promise I will actually get my act together, purchase the storage upgrade and have pictures on tomorrow’s post. Promise, promise, promise.*

Oh hi friends. I promise this post will be no where near as ranty as yesterday’s post. (And in case you were wondering my knee is much better today- I was able to go to Pilates this morning and do almost everything (the twisting of the knee was a no-no), and… wait for it… I ran 13 miles on the treadmill after work in 1:50 while watching The Hunger Games on our iPad. That would be what I call a productive Tuesday.)

So my life in the past 4 weeks? BUSY.

Because I realized I haven’t recapped the first 3 weeks of CIM training yet, I’ll breeze through weeks 1-2, and detail week 3 so we can start fresh on week 4 this Sunday.

Let’s recap shall we?

Week of 8/30 – Work, work work. Run, run, run. Pilates. Relax Friday night. Run 10 miles Saturday morning. Drive to Wine Country. Wedding Saturday. Run 5 miles of hills Sunday.

Week 1 of CIM training? Low mileage. Uneventful. All runs completed.

Week of 8/6 – Work, work work. Run, run, run. Pilates. Spend the weekend in Marin. Wedding festivities Friday. Run 11 miles Saturday morning. Pamper oneself with a mani/pedi and a blow-out. Wedding Saturday. Buy a new TV amidst feeling like I turned 21 all over again Sunday. Skip Sunday’s tempo run due to extreme “dehydration” (to put it loosely.)

Week 2 of CIM training? Fairly uneventful. Skipped a run on Sunday, added it back the next day for a double day because I’m OCD and can’t live with myself if there is a run on my training plan I haven’t completed.

Week of 8/13 – Work, work, work, Run, run, run. Pilates.

Monday – Although this was my first cutback week, I added in Sunday’s missed 30 minute tempo run to the day’s 3 miler. I went to the gym at lunch to do the tempo (from 7.2mph to 7.5mph) and then went back after work for an easy 3 miles (8:20/pace).

Tuesday – 6 miles @ an 8:10-8:20 pace at lunchtime

Wednesday – 6am Pilates, 3 miles after work (8:20/pace)

Thursday – My first every Yasso 800’s! Hal’s plan called for 4×800, and after Googling what the hell that actually meant, I figured I should probably run them at 3:35. Instead I apparently did them completely wrong. I all-out sprinted the first, slowed it down for the next couple, and then picked it back up again for the last one. Hopefully it actually is indicitive of how fast I’m able to run a marathon… we’ll see.

Friday – 6am Pilates, 6 miles after work (8:10-8:20 pace).

Saturday – REST! After 5 weekends of bacheloretting, weddings, drinking my weight in champagne and eating my face off in cupcakes, it was time to sleep in, and wake up with zero alarm. Boyfriend went off on a 3 mile run (I’m secretly hoping to convince him to run a 5K with me this fall) while I hit Starbucks (grande coffee, splash of soy and cinnamon) and strolled along Marina Green until he was finished.

Sunday – 8 miles with my favorite running buddy Jaime! We did our favorite beach/trail route, and then ran up the street to Pilates where I taught two classes.

Overall, the first 3 weeks of CIM training have gone fantastically well. I’m somehow running faster than ever, and 8:20/mile is feeling suspiciously comfortable for all of my runs. I find myself pushing the pace to the high 7:xx’s a mile at the end of my runs, leading me to believe I do have something left in the tank, and that after 3 more mos of this, a crazy 22 minute PR may actually happen.

Or not. But who really knows at this point.

Stay tuned!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


**I have Weeks 1-3 CIM training recap ready to post, I just need to post this rant first.**

So this morning started out pretty solid.

I got a ton of sleep this weekend. Relaxed for a solid 48 hours straight. Took an actual rest day on Saturday. Got a ton done around the house with boyfriend. Ate some delicious food and watched some fantastic movies together (Silent House and Friends with Kids), had 2 solid runs (6 miles @ goal pace on Friday, 8 mile long run on Sunday), taught 2 high-energy Pilates classes, and generally enjoyed the crap out of the weekend.

I set my alarm for 5:45 this morning, figuring I’d get my run out of the way early so I could come home and yet again… relax.

I snoozed once, then hopped out of bed to get ready and head out for 5 miles. My training plan called for 3, but quite frankly, running 3 miles does nothing for me. I’ve been running 40 mile weeks for the past few months and I wanted a bit more mileage this morning.

This will be a cruel, sick coincidence later, but I specifically chose my Wunder Under’s that are a size too big on me so I could save my Run Inspire crops for my longer/pace runs this week (when laundry is $5 a load you would prioritize your running clothes too), and set out.

The run started off great. Even after running 8 hilly miles yesterday and teaching two Pilates classes, my legs felt strong. I was maybe .75 miles in (halfway through the second song on my playlist, ironically Florence + The Machine’s “Shake It Off”) when I heard yelling coming from BEHIND ME. A mere split second later a biker who thought he was the second coming of Lance Armstrong whizzed by me so fast, I felt his bike.

At that exact moment, I whipped my head around to see what the hell had just happened (Biker Man YOU came from behind ME, and since I don’t have eyes in the back of my  head, I can’t see you) and at the very moment I did, my shoe caught the ONLY lip in the asphalt and I went flying.

Like literally flying.

My phone flew out of my hand a solid 10 feet, and my right knee, right elbow and left hand broke my fall.

Resulting in them getting the sh!t scraped out of them and looking extremely attractive. Good-bye any and all hopes of wearing the perfectly work appropriate Shoshanna dresses Gilt had just delivered. (I’ve been having quite the Gilt moment ever since reading By Invitation Only and so far it shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.)

After initially bursting into tears (it was SCARY), my mind quickly went to my $70 Wunder Unders. Yes, you read right. Once I had established my face was spared the asphalt, I thought about my clothing. And I silently thanked the Lululemon Gods for making me choose the one pair that I cared the very least about. They weren’t ripped, but I’m sure the fabric is a bit thinner at this point. And you’d be nuts to think that I don’t care about the well-being of a pair of work-out pants that cost more than half of our monthly cable bill. There, I said it.

At the time, I didn’t think my phone fared so well, but luckily boyfriend saved the day by… plugging it in after I wailed that it was “done. broken. completely done!”


Being that I was less than a mile into my run at 6am, I told myself there was no way in hell I woke myself up in the 5am hour to run a single mile. So I kept going. And kept up a pretty solid pace if I do say so myself. (And I do because I just typed it.)

Downer being there was no music because I was under the impression my phone was beyond repair. (Brought the phone because my Shuffle hadn’t yet been updated with my new playlist.)

My knee hurt like hell, but it wasn’t unbearable. It looked pretty horrendous, so I applied about half a box of band-aids to my wounds and set off for work.

Where I’ve been limping around all damn day.

I swear it hurts more when I’m sitting down. When I walk around it feels much, much better. My plan is to advil and then to ice the crap out of it tonight…. and then run on it tomorrow.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

The moral of this story is Marina Bikers – this is not the French Alps, you are not Lance Armstrong, and I don’t care how cool you think you look in your matching jersey/bike-shorts/gloves/sunglasses at 6am… you’re still not Lance. So chill the eff out.

(Sidebar- I don’t hate bikers. I really don’t. I bike. I have many friends that bike. Boyfriend bikes. I simply hate the bikers that think Marina Boulevard is their personal training ground for the Olympics and feel the need to ride at extremely unreasonable and unsafe speeds. I won’t even get into the children that are out there on weekends, or the parents with baby strollers.)

End rant.

Anyone else have a similar start (or finish) to their Monday?

Hope it turned around and you had a great day!