The Weekend, Briefly

And just like that, it’s Monday again.

The past couple of weeks have been crazy – between teaching, running back-and-forth between studios, traveling, running and life itself. After a blast of a weekend in Tahoe and rafting last weekend, and then an awesome 4th of July at Fort Mason Park and then at a friends restaurant for dinner/drinks/fireworks, we were absolutely wiped out come Friday evening.

Also, the weather was awesome.

The right (yesterday) and left (4th of July) photos are the difference about 96 hours makes. Happy Summer?

So it was decided this weekend would be dedicated to relaxing, sleeping, relaxing, eating, drinking wine, watching movies, and relaxing.

Mission freaking accomplished.

We watched 21 Jump Street (hysterical) and Safe House (awesome twist at the end). We tried a delicious Coppola 2009 Zinfandel (for like $7.99 at Safeway – steal!) We ate homemade, delicious meals. We relaxed the ish out of this entire weekend.

Gluten-free toast, goat cheese, smoked salmon and sunny-side-up eggs are my new favorite weekend breakfast. GF pizza would be my new favorite dinner. It’s probably a good thing I run fairly often.

In addition to stuffing my face this weekend, there was running. (There’s a big surprise.)

Monday – 11 miles treadmill

Tuesday – 7.5 miles trail

Wednesday – REST

Thursday – 8 miles treadmill

Friday – 5 miles treadmill

Saturday – 3 miles outside

Sunday – 6 miles treadmill

Grand Total For the Week: 40.5

I know I mentioned (or screamed it from the metaphorical-rooftops since we are no longer allowed onto ours) that I wanted to start increasing my base to about 50 miles a week… but it just wasn’t happening this week. Way too much happening. I’m more than OK with 40. Especially coupled with teaching 10 pilates classes a week. Last year at this time, I’m pretty sure I was probably running…. 7 mile weeks. And that would be considered a peak week for me.

Actually last year at this time my stance on running a marathon was “no effing way in hell”.

I’ve officially got 3 weeks left before CIM/PLEASEGODLETMESUB3:35 training begins.

Feeling about 10 trillion times better than I was at this point last year.

The weekend ended with a sashimi FEAST with boyfriend and his mom. I decided about 2 weeks ago that I’m in love/obsessed with sashimi. I used to be a strictly nigiri/roll kinds girl. Now I get on board with the sashimi and feel instantly more cultured/cool.

I jumped on board with the hamachi last night.

There is a FANTASTIC fish market in Japantown for all you SF-ers (I think there’s one in San Jose as well)… sashimi grade fish for about a fraction of the price you’d get it for in a restaurant. This spread I’d estimate cost about $50. A sashimi sampler at any sushi place I’ve been to yields you about 6 pieces of fish for roughly $27. So. Much. Better. At. Home.

Clearly I was still hungry for dessert so this happened.

Not sorry.

Just so good.

Off to tackle Monday! I have 7.5 miles already under my belt thanks to an early AM run date with the lovely Lauren and I’m ready to get to the to-do list!

Have a lovely day!

Best part (food or otherwise) of your weekend?


4 thoughts on “The Weekend, Briefly

  1. Looks like a fantastic weekend! I relaxed so much as well it was awesome. I actually started researching pilates studios. Where do you teach? Email me!

  2. yum! i used to always go to japantown and get salmon sashimi-that is seriously my favorite thing ever. after the baby comes, im stuffing my face with sashimi!

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