Barre Pro + Good Health Gone Viral

Last night I had an… interesting night of sleep. It was pretty warm out so I (very uncharacteristically) was not bundled up to my neck in layers of down comforter and duvet. I got hot, and stuck my arms out, circa midnight I would estimate.

Around 3am, I woke up with a start, my arms itching like crazy. Still half-asleep I thought to myself “I’ll kill that little bastard mosquito in the morning.”

Two minutes later I felt something on my face.

Four minutes after that I’d had enough and bolted up and into the bathroom.

“AHHHHHH that little shit bit me on the inside of my lip!

Boyfriend, in all of his 3:27am glory found this to be hysterically funny. I looked like I got punched in the face/was given a dose of Novocaine on one side of my face meant for an animal the size of an elephant.

Not the face, not the face, not the face.

After thoroughly checking the entire apartment for traces of the virus-carrying parasite (mosquito), I was pleasantly surprised to see it had met its (more-than) timely demise, as a result of me slapping myself in the face when I felt the little bastard on my freshly exfoliated face.

I popped a Benadryl (for the antihistamine benefits as well as the sleep-inducing ones), pulled the covers up to my ears, cursed the entire species of mosquitos, dropped a few f-bombs, and went back to sleep before waking up at 7:33am for an 8am surf inspired Barre Pro class.

I looked in the mirror and winced. The left side of my mouth drooped down, and was so puffy on the inside, I imagine it’s how one feels after getting sucker punched in the face.

I made it up to the studio, told everyone who would listen that yes I am aware my mouth looks like they OD-ed me on Novocaine, and no they didn’t, and yes it’s the result of a vicious mosquito attack.

I have a confession – I’ve never taken a Barre class before at my studio. Bar Method with all of its “tucking” scarred me for life. This class though… kicked my booty. I loved it.

Barre classes have always intimidates me because I a) have no coordination and b) have no rhythm. (You should have seen me in dance classes in high school.) Today, I felt really comfortable, and the always wonderful Tricia walked us through each exercise before we began, and then proceeded to do it with us (which in my opinion really helps to get the moves down correctly), and I had a great time. My legs felt like jello when I left, and I felt like my entire lack of coordination didn’t hinder me at all. It helped that she put together an entire surf-inspired playlist (think Beach Boys and Jimmy Buffet) and I was rocking out in my head the entire time.

I was dripping sweat (you’re welcome for the visual) and had such a fantastic workout. Luckily I’ve already convinced a great friend (coughALIcough) to join me next week. I promise you La Boulange coffee after 🙂

(photo by Tricia)

(Sidebar: Speaking of La Boulange, I popped in for an iced coffee this morning, and frantically asked the manager if they would be changing anything about their coffee now that Starbucks paid $100 million for quality coffee owns them. Answer: Yes, they are changing their coffee and it will be a La Boulange-Starbucks blend. My friends it’s time to stock up on La Boulange coffee beans now and freeze them. I hope boyfriend doesn’t mind missing out on the freezer space.) 😉

Good Health Gone Viral

I have this wonderful friend that I met through our previous company, and I am VERY excited for her and all of the new adventures she is taking – she’s started a blog, and is in the process of starting a business in the health and wellness space, called Blume. We ran the Kaiser Half-Marathon together, and she is an amazing resource into health topics and conversation, and writes really thought provoking-articles. I love it already.
A brief idea of what it’s all about:
Every single person on the planet has a health story. We all want to share and discover healthy tips easily and quickly with our friends. Where do we notoriously look first? The internet. But we don’t have a medical Google, or a Facebook, or a Pinterest, or an Amazon in a single integrated and trusted place. Blume is that destination. For U.

Today is a catalyst in getting Blume off the ground and I need YOUR help to get the buzz going. I’ve launched a landing page where my goal is to collect as many email addresses as possible. Not 50, not 100, not 500, but thousands. Yes, thousands! And I can’t do without you.

So, here’s how you can help:

  1. Enter your email address in the landing page here. You will then be prompted to share the landing page on Facebook and/or LinkedIn. This is what will make ALL the difference! 
  2. “Like” my Facebook page here and join the conversation as you see fit.
  3. Follow my blog here.

If you have a minute, she (and I – this will be such an amazing resource for everyone!) would so appreciate if you could enter your email address on her landing page and like her Facebook page.

Thanks everyone! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Barre Pro + Good Health Gone Viral

  1. I recently got bit by something in my sleep and woke up with my eye almost swollen shut. Hate those damn things!

    Also, I am totally with you on La Bou’s coffee. It’s the best! And I am so very sad that Starbucks bought them and will be changing their beans. I am totally stocking up, per your advice!!

  2. eeek I hate the thought of bugs near me or biting me while I’m in my comfy bed at night!!
    I want to come for coffee!!….I think I am too uncoordinated for Barre 🙂
    but I am definitely down to swoop the rest of La-Boulange’s coffee before Starbucks barges in!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

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