Peanut Butter Without the Fat. Um, What?

Happy Tuesday! Hope you’re having a great week so far.

My day started off with a piping hot mug of black coffee, and a date with the treadmill. After yesterday’s 11 miles, I didn’t really go into today’s run with a plan – I told myself to run at least 5 miles, and I could stop anytime after that.

7 miles – the first 5 at an 8:34 pace, the last 2 at 8:20. 

I felt pretty great about it… and extremely sweaty afterwards. I’m reading a new Kindle book (Gone Girl – and it’s right on par with The Expats), and so far it’s really good, keeps my attention, and has just the right amount of suspense.

Post-gym I quickly hit Trader Joe’s for some essentials for the week, and sped home (kidding, I drove the speed limit) to put the groceries away, and put the fresh flowers (peonies and hydrangeas!) in water before booking it up to Pilates for the noon class.


A fellow new instructor was teaching today’s class and I was so excited to take her class. Natalie did an amazing job! I’m already sore. Scratch that, I was sore the moment I walked out of the studio. I judge a class (and teach my own this way!) on whether my legs feel like jello at the end as I walk out – this one definitely did the trick.

After class, I had plans to meet one of my good friends Kathleen for lunch on Union Street so I headed over to La Boulange and got there just in time. Yes it was past 1PM, and yes we both ordered coffee (I’ve been as into iced coffee with soy milk as Miley Cyrus is into teenage marriage lately), and omelettes. La Boulange has the best coffee. Starbucks if you’re going to pay $100M to buy them, do yourself a favor and just start serving La Boulange coffee exclusively. The world will thank you.


I’ve been seeing this PB2 pop up on blogs since… forever, and I’d always written it off as some weird diet food. I don’t do diet foods. If you’re going to eat something, just eat the real thing. Only eat less of it. I prefer to only eat foods that I can pronounce all of the ingredients, and food that is made out of real food. No chemicals.

I was at Lunardi’s the other day and randomly walked by a giant PB2 display. Once I saw the ingredients, I was officially intrigued. Roasted Peanuts, Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Salt

Once I saw the Chocolate variety? I was sold.

But still suspicious.

According to the genius’ behind PB2, they first slow roast the peanuts, then press them to remove the fat and oil (who knew this was even possible?). They then blend cocoa beans for a natural roasted peanut butter and chocolate flavor.

Sounds reasonable enough, right?

Still a little skeptical (we all know I love my peanut and almond butters like Lindsay Lohan loves breaking the law), I tried it out. 2 spoonfuls of the good stuff, 1 spoonful of water.

Stir for 5 seconds. Peanut Butter.

I toasted a piece of Banana Bread and eagerly spread the entire serving’s worth onto it.


And 45 calories. With 1g of fat.


I’m still trying to figure out how they make this stuff so damn delicious. I really don’t understand.

I’ve since had it on apple slices, toast, and mixed into my Greek Yogurt bowl and I’m totally sold. (Let’s be clear – this will not and could not replace my beloved homemade almond butter. Ever. But it will be added into the rotation.) I will now eat my words (preferably with PB2 spread on top).

Have you ever tried PB2? (You can get it on Amazon, at Whole Foods, Lunardis, etc)


3 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Without the Fat. Um, What?

  1. They changed their labels. I used to buy this all the time and it was only sold at a nutritionists office in NYC (that was 2 years ago) and eventually they told me I couldn’t buy any from them unless I was a patient because I was buying too many at once! haha. What can I say…I love PB!

  2. I 100% agree with you about the coffee at La Boulange! Plus, coffee served out of a bowl is a win in my book any day! I have been wanting to try PB2 too but never wanted to order it! Now I’m going to look for it in stores! It sounds delicious and I love that it’s preservative free (Unlike that fake Better n’Peanut butter that I used to eat back in the day!)

  3. Do you know if they sell PB2 at Whole Foods? I’m going to look for PB2 on my upcoming trip to San Diego and Park City, UT! Thanks for sharing! Sounds yummy!!!!

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