Happy Father’s Day!

Hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. I don’t normally post on weekends but being that today is special, and my dad reads the blog, I wanted to write a little something.

Happy Father’s Day to the man who:

  • Never misses a Red Sox game (or the chance to yell at the TV)
  • Instilled a strong work ethic and taught me if I want something, to go get it
  • Took me to my first baseball game
  • Is always in my corner
  • Was on the sideline at every soccer game, softball game and swim meet for 15+ years
  • Cheered his face off for me at the finish line of my first marathon
  • Sends me daily news articles about work/life/running/restaurants/etc
  • Will do anything for his family
  • Can rattle off any stat about any baseball game played in any year
  • Gives me daily advice
  • Reminds me constantly that “a clean car is a happy car”
  • Visited multiple colleges in multiple states with me
  • Is always up for an adventure
  • Flew with me to London when I studied abroad to make sure everything went smoothly (and found the best Italian restaurant in Knightsbridge)
  • Believes in everything I do
  • Loves his family to the end of the earth and back

Happy Father’s Day Dad! (And to all of the other fathers out there!) Can’t wait to celebrate you today!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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