HAPPY THURSDAY! 🙂 I’m not sure why I felt that necessitated all caps, but we’re one day away from the weekend, SF is still experiencing this freak heat wave that I wish would stay forever, Matt Cain pitched a PERFECT GAME for the Giants last night, and I’m riding quite the endorphin high right now so let’s just go with it.

Today started out early. And just kept on going. Allow me to explain.

5:15 am – Alarm #1 goes off. Luckily I’ve been up since about 4:27am having nightmares about opening up the Pilates studio by myself. (They ranged from – I forgot where I parked my car, the studio getting raided by police, me teaching the class outdoors because I forgot my keys, and so on and so forth.) Snooze gets hit.

5:18 am – Boyfriend: Didn’t your alarm just go off? Me: Mmmm Hmmm, I’ll get up in a minute. Boyfriend: You don’t want to be late… (AKA the nicest way possible to say “I got into bed around midnight, it’s now 5 hours later, let me sleep woman.”)

5:21 am – Second alarm goes off. OK I get it, I’m up. Stumble blindly into kitchen, heat up water for coffee.

5:27 am – Pour scalding hot water into French Press. Refuse to think about anything aside from getting coffee into my system as quickly as possible. Proceed to burn the ish out of my tongue.

5:43 am – Dressed, teeth brushed, face washed, coffee in to-go tumbler. Quadruple check for keys.

5:57 am – Get in car. Take note that it’s deceptively light outside these days. Praise the gods of summertime.

6:10 am – Arrive at Pilates Studio. Find parking right out front (duh it’s 6am). March empty coffee tumbler across the street to Peets. Demand refill. (Nicely). Pay for refill.

6:14 am – Sigh with great relief when keys work and actually open the doors. Stomp foot on ground when you realize the iPad is dead. Plug in iPad and give a self-five for remembering to make an awesome playlist for occasions like this.

6:20 am – Teach first Pilates class of day. Make them sweat.

7:06 am – Inhale banana (that I paid $1.25 for at Peets – really?) and Two Degrees bar for breakfast.

7:10 am – Teach second Pilates class of day. Make them sweatier.

8:36 am – Head to gym. Start new Kindle book. Tell myself I’ll run until I feel tired. 3 miles turns into 7, which turns into 11 beautiful, sweaty miles. At an 8:34 pace the entire time. Self-five x2.

10:36am – Leave gym. Receive text asking for a sub for 6pm class tonight. Um, duh.

11:07 am – Head home. Get cut off by three Muni buses. Rage inside my car. Running endorphins take over. Happy happy happy Kristine.

12 pm – Take Pilates Community Class. Get ideas for tonight’s class.

1:45 – 5:23 pm – Inhale Green Smoothie and TJ’s Black Bean and Corn Enchiladas. (Surprisingly delicious together, but also I was too hungry to really notice anything.) Shower. Clean apartment. Sit on couch zoning out to television for an hour. Eat again. Choreograph tonight’s class. Goal – make them cry. (Kidding. Just their muscles.)

5:30 pm – Arrive to Pilates obnoxiously early. Over-analyze the class I spent an hour creating. Internal dialogue – “was it 1 red spring or 1 blue?” THE HORROR.

6pm – 7pm – Teach the most fun class I’ve taught yet. Make them sweat. A lot. Play “Call Me Maybe.” Make them smile. A lot. Catch myself humming under my breath. Stop this behavior before anyone notices.

8pm – bedtime – Pick boyfriend up from gym. Eat dinner (prosciutto, sliced Dubliner chedder, berries, apples, hummus, chips, steamed edamame). Watch TV and relax. For once do the dishes before my “nap” on the couch. Sleep is coming next.

Quite the busy day but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I’m so darn happy teaching and being around all of these awesome people all day long, I probably have this giddy and obnoxious smile on my face 24/7… and I’m probably starting to creep some people out. (Sorry, I’m not sorry.)

With that – it’s time for bed. My legs are snug in their compression sleeves, and it’s time for me to catch some Z’s.

Hope you have a wonderful night! When we wake up (which for me, will not be in the 5am hour)- it’s FRIDAY! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Hour-By-Hour

  1. what a busy day you had but sounds like so much fun, doing something that you love so much as a profession must be a wonderful feeling!! One day I will come to SF and take one of your classes. You have inspired me to try to get into pilates, I hope to take a class on Sunday!

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