A Little of This, A Little of That

It’s officially Wednesday – halfway there my friends, halfway there. 🙂

Today started out extremely early, and kept on going from there. Meeting, running, bussing, teaching, driving, meeting. I didn’t get a chance to breathe until around 2pm. Then I relaxed. Ohhh did I relax. (In my defense this was during load 3 of 4 laundry wise.)


To start, I wanted to thank all of you for all of your words, tweets, messages, emails, comments and hugs of encouragement and congratulations on my career change. It truly means so much to have that much support (even if I’ve never met you!). I haven’t looked back once and honestly don’t think I ever will. I get giddy excited when I think about teaching my classes.

Last night’s class went SO GREAT! I was admittedly a little nervous but the class flowed just right, and everyone left sweaty, red-faced and smiling. Success!

This morning I was up bright and early for a meeting at 7:30am in the Financial District. I figured afterwards I would just hit the treadmill at the gym and bust out a few miles (I even got ambitious on my three cups of French Press coffee and contemplated double-digits.) I just downloaded a new book on the Kindle that I’m dying to get into, so I settled into an 8:34 pace and started to run.

About 3 miles in, I got a call from the Pilates studio in the Marina letting me know that the instructor for the 10am class was sick, and could I sub? Um, duh. I LOVE Cardio Sculpt Pilates (the 10am class). I checked the clock – 9:16am. Oh boy.

Refusing to take a cab, and being really cheap, I hopped on the 12 which dropped me on top of a hill in Pacific Heights. Time? 9:48am. I booked it down the very steep hill, flew by some very startled/alarmed tourists, and flew through the doors of the studio. 9:56am.

The class was AWESOME. Everyone worked their booties off – cardio-ing, pilates-ing, planking, crunching, and lunging to their heart’s content. (Or probably discontent.) They left sweaty, red-faced, and smiling… I will just start to consider that The 3, and take it as a successful class. Until someone lets me know otherwise. (But really, please don’t.) 😉

I also found out I’ll be teaching the 11am and 12pm Sunday Marina class! Let me know if you feel like getting your Pilates on – perfect for post-brunch/pre-lunch! 🙂

(In completely unrelated news I also found out I can actually French Braid my own hair. Without a mirror. I used to beg/plead/cry for my mom to braid my hair for soccer games when I was younger. And in high school. Mom you’re officially off the hook. You’re welcome.)


Yesterday as I arrived home from the gym, famished and ready for lunch, a package with my name on it in the lobby caught my eye. I knew exactly what it was and I tore into it excitedly.

I found out that I had won a giveaway on Erin’s blog, and was more excited than most rational people would be because I love Two Moms in the Raw products. You’ve probably seen them at Starbucks, and probably passed them over in favor of the Spinach Feta Wrap (am I right?) but seriously, next time – get the granola bar. They are delicious, healthy, vegan, gluten-free and deceptively filling.

The first time I tried one was a few months back on the way to Pilates one Sunday morning. I typically get famished about half-way through the class but his bar filled me right up without giving me that full feeling that we all love so much when wearing tight fitting spandex.

Along with the delicious assortment (Tomato Basil Sea Crackers, Cranberry Granola, and what I am already deeming my personal favorite- the Blueberry Granola bar), Erin sent me the most adorable card.

It’s like we’re best friends already. I go nuts for dog cards. If you haven’t already, check out Erin’s blog – I love that she balances real life with healthy recipes (um homemade Luna Bars? Yes please) and awesome workouts.

I Can Cook?

So having some added free time this month has added up to some amazing things happening in the kitchen. It’s like Giada and Ina invaded my brain and I’m suddenly not setting the smoke alarm off every time I turn on the stove. (Although truth me told I still lack most basic kitchen skills I’m sure.)

For example last Thursday? I made Ina’s Roasted Tomato Basil Soup with open-face grilled cheese sandwiches for boyfriend and I. Full disclosure? Tomatoes scare me. I hate them. I won’t get near them. They are too dainty and they have weird not-quite-liquid juices and seeds everywhere and make me anxious. But this girl sliced 2 lbs of tomatoes (with her bare hands), roasted them, and made them into a delectable soup. (Along with quite a few other ingredients, I promise the soup was amazing). Try this – you will not be disappointed. I liken it to drinking a semi-spicy pasta sauce. Is that ever a bad thing?

I also decided that I was going to make veggie burgers. Gluten-free veggie burgers at that.

I followed this recipe from Skinny Taste exactly. And the end result was amazing. Just a hint of spicy, delicious flavor, and perfect texture. I toasted a gluten-free hamburger bun, added some goat cheese and dug right in after today’s run. The ingredients are simple enough that you probably already have them all on hand.

Make these. They probably take about 7 minutes start to finish. Then you freeze them and throw on a skillet once you’re ready to eat. $6 for a box of Gardenburgers? Never again my friends, never again.


Running wise this week has started out really strong. I almost feel like I’ve been (for lack of a better word) scared to push myself to run this fast before. I guess it could be that I didn’t think I could do it, or simply thought of myself as a runner that maxed out at a certain pace but I was definitely wrong. Call it gaining mental confidence, or finally realizing that every run shouldn’t always be a walk in the park and might be – GASP! – a little bit taxing physically, but that’s how you get faster I guess. To run faster… run faster. Noted.

Monday – 7 miles

Tuesday – 8 miles, Pilates reformer class

Wednesday – 3 miles

With that (I apologize for how darn long this post ended up being, thanks for sticking around. Oh you bounced about 500 words ago? I don’t even blame you), it’s time to relax and watch the rest of the Giants game. It was 7-0 Giants when I started writing this post, and it’s now 10-0 GIANTS! Go Cain go! 

Have a lovely night 🙂


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