Weekend Recap – Giants, Escape from Alcatraz, Jameson

Good morning! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Do anything fun?

Boyfriend and I had a jam-packed weekend full of sun, Giants baseball, fun, running, and cheering on friends at the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon, and by 9:36pm last night I was curled up in a blanket on the couch, snoozing (shocking) through Untamed America on Nat Geo. (I’ll catch up today – this is the best thing to happen to television since Planet Earth.)

Saturday morning we slept in before getting dressed in our orange and black for the Giants vs Rangers game. I had bought boyfriend the tickets for his birthday – the last time we saw the Rangers play the Giants was in Game 2 of the 2010 World Series (and we all know who won that year!) so I thought it would be a fun game to go to again. In an effort to avoid traffic, paying $30 for parking, and the general extreme annoyance of driving a vehicle in San Francisco, we decided to bike to the game.

5 miles later, the bikes were locked up, and we were sitting pretty (and directly in the 80 degree heat) in our seats ready to watch the Giants beat the Rangers. After the victory we headed to meet up with friends for Game 7 of the Celtics vs Heat, then out for some dinner and drinks. A fantastic Saturday indeed.

Yesterday morning we were up bright and early to head over to Jaime’s roof-deck to watch the swimmers jump from the boat for the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon! Jaime’s fiance and boyfriend’s good friend Matt were competing, and it was a perfect morning for both spectating and racing. The boat drops the swimmers in the middle of the Bay and they swim into the Crissy Field beach before running (BAREFOOT) to their transition area. I think I’ll stick to marathons. I need shoes.

I’ve never actually watched a triathlon, and it is INTENSE, and so much fun. There’s such great energy! We watched the swimmers run in to their first transition and then take off on their bikes, and it was really fun to watch. We missed the second transition, but made it just in time to see Jaime’s fiance and Matt cross the finish!

After the race, Jaime and Tim hosted everyone for her legendary pulled-pork, mai-tai’s, New York Times chocolate chip cookies, and PB&J bars – everything was amazing as usual, and it was a great afternoon with great friends. Tim beat his sub-3:00 goal, and Matt crushed his sub-3:30 goal… Congrats guys!

Oh, there was also this little guy (JAMESON!) at the party.


After a full day of celebrating boyfriend and I were feeling motivated to get a workout in. It’s hard not to feel inspired, and ready to race after watching a triathlon! 7 miles (5 at 8:39 and 2 at 8:13) later and it was mission accomplished.

This week’s base-building ended strong (40 miles!), and I felt surprisingly solid and fast during my run. I’ve been consistently running 8:30’s-8:40’s and then cranking it up to 8:13-8:20’s for the last couple of miles on my runs, and I’m feeling really confident going into my second month of building up my base mileage before CIM training officially starts in July.

Total – 40.5 miles 

I just walked in the door from this morning’s  7 mile treadmill run at an 8:39 pace (I’m in the middle of a really good Kindle book and I swear it makes the miles fly by!), and it’s time to inhale my green protein smoothie and start knocking out today’s to-do list.

Hope you have a great Monday!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – Giants, Escape from Alcatraz, Jameson

    • I think I’m a total freak of nature honestly. I can read gossip magazines (Us Weekly) and books on my kindle even when running on the faster side. I have no idea how or why! Last year I think I read 10 books while marathon training!

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  1. YAY to your entire weekend!! I love the pics you go of the Alcatraz racers…I was cheering so loudly/wildly that I forgot to pull out my camera 🙂
    and wahooooo for base-building, I am sooooo pumped for CIM, but it’s not on my radar until Chicago is over. We will meet up before CIM! I will be at a Giants game in 2-weekends, I went to school with Tim Lincecum.
    I hope you’re week is off to a great start!

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