Favorites As of Late…

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend in store. This post was supposed to go up this morning post-7.5 mile trail run, but due to a “service outage” in the area (thanks Comcast, I bet that doesn’t happen to DirecTV customers), I was without cable/internet for the better part of the day.

Luckily that just meant a Whole Foods hot bar lunch date with boyfriend, torturing myself at the SPCA (was it black labrador day there or something? SERIOUSLY), and scoring some new finds at Sports Basement for me. We have some friends in town tonight, the Giant’s game tomorrow, and some Escape from Alcatraz spectating/celebrating with friends participating on Sunday. Should be a great weekend!

I thought I’d bring back the old Friday Favorites… revamped.

What are some of your favorites of late?

Some favorites as of late:

Fresh cocktails.

Ever since eating at Starlite in San Diego and trying my first mule, I’ve been completely and utterly in love. This is the most refreshing and delicious cocktail I’ve ever had. The copper mug is essential. It keeps the drink freezing cold. And makes it a lot more fun to drink.

Fresh flowers.

Last week’s blooms were a hydrangea and lilac bouquet and sun beams from Trader Joes. This week? Gorgeous hot pink Peonies (my FAVORITE!) from Costco of all places. Borderline addiction to fresh flowers.

Homemade Gluten-Free Pizza.

Just because the gluten was halted, doesn’t mean my love for homemade pizza had to be! I’ve been buying the Bob’s Red Mill brand and I love it. It’s so good, and if you didn’t tell me it was gluten-free I probably wouldn’t know. But I also have an unnatural love for pizza so take what you will out of that.

Brooks Pure Flows

Now there’s a big surprise.

Other People’s Pets

Again, big shock. Boyfriend and I puppy-sat our friend Ali’s adorable Corgi Puddles yesterday. And suffice it to say we are completely in love and need our own. ASAP.

The golden? I have no idea who owns him but we bonded on the street. Then I hugged him. The bulldog? Again, no idea but his name was Walker and he was sitting outside a sign that said 2-drink minimum. It’s a requirement to take a picture of that.

Running Gear/Fuel

Surprise, surprise. Shopping + running all rolled into one.

After trying Nuun after  particularly trying 7.5 mile trail run this morning with Jaime, I was sold. Also this Raw Crunch bar Jaime had on hand. Amazing. 150 calories. Real food. SO tasty.

I immediately picked up 3 tubes of Nuun. I clearly don’t fuel correctly on my training runs (1 Gu on a long run, regardless of distance, water only at water fountains so I’m changing it up this year – Nuun Water Bottles, honey packets, ShotBloks). Sports Basement in SOMA was also carrying Lauren Fleishman’s Picky Bars (Gluten-Free! Woo Hoo!), which I’ve been wanting to try. Lastly, my trusty black, Nike DriFit hat that faithfully served me every run of the way through last year’s marathon training bit the dust (the velcro stopped velcro-ing), so it was time for version 2.0. Serve me well my friend. (The Builders Bars are boyfriends – Vanilla Almond is not an easy flavor to find anywhere.)

And the Two Degrees bars are not a new find, but they are a favorite. Think of them as the Tom’s of all-natural bars – they feed a child with every bar purchased. They’re Vegan, Gluten-Free, and based in SF too.

Friday Afternoon Happy Hour

Give me some Gruyère, fresh parmesan, fruit, chips, hummus and fresh cocktails (the agave, lime juice, tequila margaritas mentioned in this post are being made as we speak – thanks boyfriend!) and I’m a very happy girl.

Have a great weekend! If you’re racing – good luck! If you’re doing Escape – GREAT luck! That sand ladder killed me today and I hadn’t just swam in from Alcatraz and biked around the city.


3 thoughts on “Favorites As of Late…

  1. i was just in seattle and i swear ive never seen so many peonies!! they were gorgeous! if we were staying long enough, i would have bought some for our hotel haha so pretty!

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