Toasted Honey Cinnamon Almond Butter

So yesterday the unthinkable happened – I ran out of almond butter.

I keep at least 2 jars on hand at all times – a regular toasted almond butter and a Justin’s Maple Almond Butter. (I’ll give you exactly one guess as to which one gets eaten first). What are the odds they both empty out on the same day?! (My addiction has nothing to do with it I swear.)

I was at a crossroads. I need my daily fix of almond butter. But I did not want to drop $20 at one time on the little delicacies.

Then inspiration hit. I own a Vita-Mix. A pound of raw almonds are $4.99 at Trader Joes. Almond butter was a mere 15 minutes away.

I typically buy roasted/toasted almond butter – I think it tastes better. The nutty flavor really comes out, and that’s really what I’m after, so I went with it.

So to start, I did just that. I toasted a pound of almonds in the oven at 350* for 15 minutes.

After they came out smelling divine, I let them cool off for about 10 minutes, then dumped them all into the Vita-Mix.

Important: The key to making Almond Butter with the Vita-Mix is to quickly put it on the highest setting, and keep it there the entire 2-3 minutes it takes to turn the toasted almonds into butter. If you stop it for any reason during the process you’re left with almond flour. Which is fine, but not really what I was after.

Start at Variable 1, quickly crank it up to Variable 10, then set it to High.

Use the plastic stick-guy to press the almonds down into the blade until it starts to become almond butter. This would be what I’m referring to:

After 2-3 minutes… ALMOND BUTTER!

I chose to stir in a bunch of cinnamon and a little bit of honey, but honestly you don’t even need it. It smells so good, and tastes even better.

Store bought almond butter just doesn’t compare. And you’re only out $4.99, rather than about $20 for the fancy stuff.

A pound of raw almonds yielded enough almond butter to fill up a Mason Jar.

Naturally I had to try some immediately.

I’ve since tried it on a banana, on gluten-free toast, on banana bread, on homemade granola bars, and in my morning yogurt bowl (I can’t stop, it’s that good). Store bought just doesn’t compare anymore. (I’m sorry Justin’s Maple Almond Butter but we may be seeing much less of each other moving forward.)

And it’s just so fun.

Your wallet will also thank you – a lot.

(You can also make this in a food processor, but ours is the Cuisinart Mini, and I figured the amount of almond butter it would yield would last me precisely a day. Plus I wanted to see what the Vita Mix was really made of. I know he can whip up the world’s best smoothie, so I wanted to test the waters a bit. By far the most useful appliance we have.)

Time to go brainstorm what foods I haven’t tried this on and get cracking on it.

Have a great Thursday!


4 thoughts on “Toasted Honey Cinnamon Almond Butter

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  2. wow lady, look at you! haven’t gotten on the almond butter bandwagon yet… but I should try it again considering I think I’m allergic to peanuts lol.

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