Luna Fiber Bars!

It’s not really a big secret that I’m absolutely addicted/obsessed with Luna Bars.

I get anxiety if I have less than 20 bars on hand at all times. (Also while not technically Luna Bars, Z Bars are still made by Clif and are really good too.)

Back in high school, I started eating Luna Bars as an after-school, before-soccer practice snack – they are the perfect amount of sustenance to fuel my workouts and they taste ridiculously good. I remember when the only flavors I could get were Chocolate Pecan Pie (phased out), Nutz Over Chocolate, and S’mores (still one of my favorites).

Obviously nothing comes close to Peanut Honey Pretzel though. (Vanilla Almond comes in at a close second and the fact that it is impossible to find makes me want it even more.(

I try to eat Gluten-Free for the most part, but Luna Bars are the one thing I will go all gluten-happy for. I love them.

So naturally when I had the opportunity to try out the new Luna Fiber Bars… I jumped at the chance. Um yes please. Even better? 1% of all product revenue goes to organizations that support and improve environmental, social and cultural needs, including the Breast Cancer Fund.

Tastes good, does good.

So What Is Luna Fiber?

Well for one, delicious. It’s a high-fiber snack bar with 7 grams of fiber and the Core-4 vitamins and minerals essential to women’s health: calcium, iron, folic acid and vitamin D. There are no trans fats, hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. Something important to note too is that they are free of any GMO (genetically modified) ingredients.

Why Fiber?

Great news – fiber helps keep us fuller, longer (unless you’re training for a marathon in which nothing keeps you full for more than 7 minutes). That way we’re not snacking all day long, taking in excess calories that we don’t really need. Most fiber bars taste like… well… cardboard. They’re not good. THESE ARE.

What Flavors Does Luna Fiber Come In?

Peanut Butter Strawberry, Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla Blueberry. I mean seriously, they hit the nail on the head with all of my favorite flavor combinations. Especially the Vanilla Blueberry… I’m a sucker for all things vanilla with fruit.

Gimme The Stats

Calorie Count: 110-120

Fiber: 7g

Protein: 1-2 g (it’s a fiber bar, if you want a higher protein count go for Luna Protein which also happens to be Gluten-Free!)

Fat: 3-4 g (not bad at all – remember fat is not the enemy – saturated fat is)

Sugar: 11 g

They also taste really good. Soft, chewy, flavorful and extremely satisfying. I wish I had about 10 more of the Blueberry Vanilla.

But I’m Vegan/Gluten Free

HOORAY! Chocolate Raspberry and Vanilla Blueberry are vegan! Peanut Butter Strawberry may contain some traces of dairy. Unfortunately the bars are not Gluten-Free. I stay away from Gluten for the most part (irritates the stomach) but I didn’t have any issues eating these (or regular Luna bars). That being said – you know your body best so do what’s best for you.

Luna Protein Bars are gluten-free however! Check them out here.

Once again Luna… A+.

***Disclaimer- I was provided the Luna Fiber Bars from the company, but all opinions are strictly my own. I would not endorse a product I don’t actually eat (on a daily basis) or enjoy.***


9 thoughts on “Luna Fiber Bars!

  1. When they first came out I used to eat them all the time and then my cycling buddies berated me that they were “Chick Bars”…I never connected “Luna” = Female…DOH!
    My response to them…then if you can’t beat me on my bike, you can’t beat a chick! Touche!
    Got to try the fiber ones.

  2. Have you tried the Luna Protein? My favorite one Chocolate PeanutButter is gluten free!! The other flavors are probably gluten free as well..

  3. Ohh I’ve yet to see these fiber bars in stores but they look awesome! I especially like the flavor selection and how it’s different than your standard strawberry, apple. And for the record I still can’t find the Pretzel luna bars!!

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