Dirty Thirty

HAPPY FRIDAY! After a surprisingly busy week, I’m excited to relax, get some sun, do some baking, run (I can’t quit you), sleep in, and relax.

Oh and also go visit this little beauty… who is now 60 POUNDS.

Oh yes, it’s happening for us soon. I literally get giddy when I see this little guy. I also may or may not have put him as my phone’s wallpaper. “Your dog is so cute!” “Thanks, it’s not my dog. I just like him” “…oh…”

Moving on.

I started out this glorious Friday with a 7am Pilates class… and then I ran 10 miles. To bring this week’s current total to 30 miles (I have a 5 mile easy run planned for Sunday). Before you go all “Kristine that sh!t CRAY” on me, allow me to explain.

My lovely friend Megan and I are both running the Nike Marathon. We also had a ton to catch up on, and planned to run long this morning. Then at approximately 7:58pm I realized my “early cancel” (no fee) window had slammed in my face for this morning’s 7am reformer class.

My Pilates studio’s classes fill up extremely fast. Like register a week in advance kind of fast or you’re plank-loving self is SOL. So like any type-A person would, I register for all the classes a week in advance to make sure I have a spot with my favorite instructors.

Then, without a doubt, I always 100% of the time forget to early cancel. I find myself 11 hours before the class in a “You will NOT be out $20 because you can’t keep track of your life” internal monologue with myself.

So even though it was my 4th class of the week, and I had grand plans to hit 30 miles running by 10am today… I went. It was a great class, I love Pilates far too much (clearly as I just spent 5 solid months getting certified) and I always leave feeling strong, toned and endorphin-ed out.

I walked home, changed into my Flows (I refuse to wear them for anything but running I love them that much) and immediately met Megan, and we began a great 10-miler. We had plans to keep the pace easy – Megan was coming off already having run 20 miles as well this week and several Bikram classes. We both had our Garmins on, but I’m pretty sure we looked at them less than 5 times the entire run.

We started on Marina Boulevard, and ran along the water, Crissy Field, up to the Golden Gate Bridge, and back to Marina Boulevard. One of my all time favorite long-run routes.

The weather was perfect – it was sunny, my arms are now tanned (legs still pale, don’t worry I still fit in in San Francisco), our pace was surprisingly solid for it being our first long run of the season, and we chatted the entire run, keeping our pace conversational. I don’t think a long run has ever gone by so fast for me.

For a long run? Not bad, not bad at all. I’ll take an 8:58 average pace on my long runs any day. I’m finding that when I let myself naturally settle into a pace (without obsessively checking my watch), it’s more or less 8:30-8:58… something I will gladly take with the marathon still 6.5 months away!

The only downside? The freaking hills of San Francisco. I loathe hills. I don’t care how good they are for me, or how good you feel at the top. I detest them.

Which is probably why I love racing CIM so darn much.

I’m not sure if I was clear enough as to exactly how I feel about hills. Let me know if you need further explanation. 😉

Today’s run brings my grand total to 30 miles so far this week! Base building, I own you.

Hope you have a great Friday and weekend!


6 thoughts on “Dirty Thirty

  1. ahhh what a beautiful run!!

    i want a puppy so baddddd especially a golden or lab..uhh i love them so much

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