Whole Foods Finds – Part 1

Is it just me, or do you always find something “ohmygod so cool, I need this, I don’t care if it costs me a whole paycheck” whenever you walk into Whole Foods?

This happens to me about 7-8 times per shopping trip. It honestly seems like they are always stocking something new, healthy, and ridiculously delicious for me to spend $17 on.

And I do. Eagerly.

I know Whole Foods across the country stock different items (depending on where you live) but I thought it would be fun to start a “Whole Foods Finds” series, of the “ohmygod so cool, I need this, I don’t care if it costs me a whole paycheck” items that I’ve come across.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find something new to try!

Hope Hummus Sweet Potato Hummus

Just try this – it’s ridiculous. I’ve been on a slight sweet potato obsession/addiction and this just adds to fuel to my Sweet Potato fire. I’m also dying to try the spicy avocado. I picture it as a spicy guac of sorts. More flavors here.

Lara Bar Cappucino

I realize this is a common find but I kid you not I haven’t been able to find the new flavor anywhere. FYI – SOMA Whole Foods carries it – buy in bulk. You’ll regret it if you don’t. I felt like I was eating an espresso.

Inka Corn Peruvian Corn Nuts

Without a doubt the most addicting snack in the world. Boyfriend discovered these recently, and brought home a bag last night for me to try. Between the two of us, the bag was emptied in about 31 minutes. Do not skimp on the Salt & Vinegar and buy original. You want the Salt and the Vinegar… trust me on this one.

What are you favorite Whole Foods find recently?

It’s OK if they’re local to your area, I’ll just be jealous of your delicious finds, and then repeatedly and obsessively ask you to mail me some 🙂


8 thoughts on “Whole Foods Finds – Part 1

  1. Might have to escort the Wifey on her Whole Food foray’s next time…Sweet Potato….
    I’m usually out running or riding while she’s having fun.

  2. Does your whole foods have specialty salt? We don’t have a whole foods in Utah, but every time I go to Seattle to see Ashley (hall), I buy roughly $20 worth of the lavender salt. It makes ANYTHING tasty!!

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