…and today makes THREE. Three days in a row that I have been done with my workout by 7am. There really is something to this morning exercising after all.

I promise to stop talking about morning workouts after today’s post. I just can’t get over how fantastic it makes me feel all day long.

Yes I may have been in a coma by about 10pm, skipped dessert (the horror), and couldn’t even finish last week’s episode of Whale Wars: Viking Quest, but I absolutely love getting up early and starting my day with a solid run or a challenging Pilates class. How did I not see the light sooner?

Although not entirely a cakewalk, it hasn’t been that hard, once I sucked it up, and made the decision to start getting up earlier to workout. The obstacles I’ve faced in getting up pre-6am (also known as the middle of the night) include:

  • Not hitting snooze 8 times on my iPhone. Setting alarms in intervals of 5 minutes rather than the iPhone’s 9 or 10 minute intervals work wonders in this regard. My brain thinksI’m snoozing but really it’s only 5 minutes

Yes this picture is from yesterday, but I swear it does work.

  • The act of physically getting out of the warm, cozy bed to get ready for the run/pilates class. I would deem this the hardest of all. With pilates the whole “if you don’t show up they’re going to charge you $25, which is half of a Cool Racerback, or 1 piece of fruit at Whole Foods money” thought is enough to get me up, but with the run it’s more of a “the longer you keep this up, the shorter your run will be, and the less accomplished/satisfied you’ll feel at the end”. I clearly need to stop having such involved internal monologues with myself at 5:44am.

  • Setting out my clothes the night before. This does not work, because inevitably I will wake up and be in the mood to wear something else. Also it makes it easier for me to hit snooze and stay in bed 5 minutes longer because I don’t have to find clothes that coordinate. (Yes I do this and no I am not ashamed or embarrassed about it.)
  • No coffee. This is probably the biggest obstacle. Going from bed to reformer or bed to run in the span of 15 minutes un-caffeinated is not entirely enjoyable. The thought of “GOOD GOD I cannot wait for that steaming hot cup o’joe after this class/run”is on the other hand, a solid reward system.

Yes we did have Panamanian French Press coffee while camping. And today I shuddered at my Starbucks brand k-cup. Must. Go. To. Panama.

Really though when it comes down to it – as much as getting up early is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing at first… I actually really like it. I like making the most of my days, and I like being able to start my day with something that is good for me, and that will continue to benefit me all day long.

Another thing I like? Free evenings! Catching up on TV, getting a mani/pedi, cooking, baking, relaxing, not starting laundry at 9pm, perhaps a Giants game… whatever my little heart desires.

I think this morning workout thing is here to stay.

What are some obstacles you face in morning workouts?

Have a lovely Wednesday! (Half-way to the weekend!)


4 thoughts on “Obstacles.

  1. good for u for getting up so early!! i do love when i workout in the morning…it just makes the day so much better. that being said i never do it bc im lazy haha

  2. That’s awesome that you’re getting into the morning workout routine! I just got an internship and have to decide whether I want to work out in the early EARLY morning or after work. My problem is that I am always tired all day after a morning work out… so I think nights will be better. Do you find that you are tired during the day more so than when you work out at lunch/after work?

  3. I would really like to get into the habit of running/exercising in the morning before work. Especially where summer is coming and it will be cooler in the morning aka better for running. Since I have been running/exercising more my cooking has been slacking and I love cooking! Getting up early would help with that….thanks for the tips!

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