Run This Town


That is my current wake-up-at-5:50am-to-go-sweat-and-get-all-kinds-of-endorphins streak… and I’m loving it.

Also I listen to a lot of Jay Z and Rihanna when I run if that isn’t evident by today’s title.

This morning, I was up bright and early ready to run. I bounced (that is a slightly exaggerated term, as it was really more of a slow-roll) out of bed, suited up, fired up Garmin, and set out.

I did my favorite 5-mile loop, and considering that my legs felt like lead, my arms felt like lead, and both my chest and head were completely congested (making breathing really fun), I was pretty proud of the splits I pulled out.

What I was not proud of? I stopped to spit…. no fewer than 4 times. One a scale of ogre to ladylike (1-10), I was about a -750 this morning.

I have the beginnings of a head/chest cold – a lovely result of sleeping outside for two nights this past weekend, so I didn’t have very high hopes for this run. I ran 5 miles yesterday and went to a tough Pilates class, so my only hope was to have an easy jog, enjoy the weather and the city as it woke up.

Not sure about the new paint job on Hopper’s Hands… the Halloween motif isn’t really doing anything for me.

I started out faster than I would have liked and just knew a positive split was inevitable. I’m also not sure why I cared as I’m building up base mileage, not running for time, but it is what it is. I’m competitive, I guess. (Ya think?)

Every time I would try to “settle into a comfortable pace”, imagine my surprise when I’d glance at my watch and see 8:20-8:35 pop up. I’d freak out a little bit/get a little bit really giddy because come on – not used to seeing these types of paces. I also feel like I’m totally out of running shape (ie: marathon shape), so seeing these types of splits as I build up my base is extremely reassuring/confidence boosting.

Garmy took his sweet time waking up and locating the necessary satellites this morning, so the first mile is a bit jumbled and the 11:36 actually encompasses about 1.5 miles. The timing had no problem getting a head start, the GPS/distance just didn’t really follow.

What can we gather from this beautiful Garmin Connect data? Not very much.

  • I ran 5 miles
  • They were all done in the 8:30 range (which I am ECSTATIC about)
  • Garmin needs to step it up and locate the satellites faster because when it’s 6am, the last thing I want to do is stand on the sidewalk for 5 minutes while he decides to wake up
  • Also I hit the “lap” button when I was trying to connect Garmy to my computer – hence the random 5th lap. I should really read up on how to operate Garmy better.

Seriously, if anyone wants to run at 6am, you know who to ask. I’ll be there.

I’ll also insist on Americanos/lattes at the end of the run so consider yourself warned.

I’ll leave you with the most fitting quote that I saw posted on One Hope Wine’s Facebook page (check them out if you haven’t yet – proceeds from their delicious wines go to charities).

I love it.

Have a lovely Tuesday!


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