Richer, Skinnier, More Successful?

Goood morning! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend/Cinco de Mayo/Kentucky Derby! Did you know May 5 is also Pilates Day? Neither did I. Now we both do.

Hard core. Get it? Get it? Pilates works your core? Ooooh snap.

Moving on…

We got back late afternoon yesterday from 48 fantastic, perfect, wonderful hours in beautiful Big Sur. We had a group of 10 people, 2 dogs, the world’s most perfect campsite, situated on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and pristine 75 degree weather all weekend long.

We BBQed, we s’mored, we drank, we hiked, we relaxed, we cooked, we had a friggin ball. Pictures will follow at some point tonight, I promise you that.

This would be the view from our lunch at Nepenthe.

I already can’t wait for the 3rd Annual Big Sur weekend.

After getting back around 5ish yesterday afternoon (after an amazing lunch-time pit stop at Nepenthe – if you’re in the area go, but go early, you’ll love it!), boyfriend and I were itching to hit the gym.

After my big announcement on Friday, I knew I wanted to start building my base this week. I didn’t want to start doing it after 2 nights of iffy sleep in a tent, listening to raccoons ravage our cooler of bagels that we possibly forgot to put in the car. I hopped on the Elliptical, cranked up the resistance to 9, the incline to 20, and ellipticalled my little heart out for an hour.

Operation 30 mile base weeks starts today. My goal is to go into what I will refer to as my “official” CIM training at the end of July with a solid base of 30-35 miles a week for a couple of months, with a long run around 10-12 miles each week. I feel like that will prevent me from getting too over zealous and going out too hard too fast, and will also allow my legs a gradual build up.

Enter lunchtime:

Speaking of overzealous, guess who was at Pilates at 5:57am this morning ready to sweat? THIS GIRL.

I really think I’m becoming a morning exerciser. And I like it.

Yes I find missing out on an extra 53 minutes of sleep extremely unappealing, but when you’re sweating and toning, and planking, it’s just too damn enjoyable not to start your day with. Did I mention you are DONE by 7am?

Which really works well when you have things like studying for your written and practical pilates exam all week long so you can FINALLY become a CERTIFIED PILATES INSTRUCTOR by the end of the week. Yes I said it – this is do-or-die-week!

I’ve got some exciting things in the works teaching wise and will announce more as I know more! 🙂

Speaking of morning exercising, aside from being DONE by 7am (which to me is worth it in and of itself), some other morning sweat perks are below. This list is from Fit Sugar, I added my own thoughts in the not obnoxious hot pink font.

  1. It’s usually a peaceful, quiet time of day, so it can be a great opportunity to think and get some time alone. (or run without 1 billion tourists, bikers, children, strollers, and cars surrounding you at all times.)
  2. Exercising in the morning wakes up your brain, clears your mind, and helps you organize your thoughts or your mental to-do list, preparing you for the day ahead.      (This is true, I only needed one cup of coffee this morning too. Also I finally solved the age-old, tough question of black or chocolate Labrador? Black it is.)
  3. If you get it done first thing, then you won’t have to worry about trying to squeeze it in to your busy schedule, especially if you have kids. Plus, studies have shown morning exercisers are more consistent. (I do not have kids, but I do have television shows that are so needy that they may as well be kids. Also I have my last teacher training this evening, and a serious need to have my gait assessed for new running shoes! Also our instructor told us this morning at the end of class that 6am exercisers are skinnier, richer, and more successful than our evening friends. Consider me a convert. For real.)
  4. Exercising helps get things moving, “digestively” speaking, so working out early can prevent getting backed up later on in the day. (As a lady I refuse to discuss this. As a runner I will say it is true. Do with it what you will.)
  5. Since working out on an empty stomach can cause you to lose muscle, morning workouts will encourage you to eat breakfast, which has been proven to boost your metabolism, which helps to burn calories. (You will never have to twist my arm to eat breakfast foods – they are my favorite. But jump-starting my metabolism, sweating, and being encourage to eat? Jackpot.)

Hope you have a great Monday!



7 thoughts on “Richer, Skinnier, More Successful?

  1. You are so adorable! First of all, I love love love Big Sur and am so envious that you live close to it. Second, if you find the trick to becoming a morning exerciser you will be my hero. I have basically spent a lifetime trying to be a 6am runner … with no luck. I mean maybe thats a secret to a BQ?!?! Did FitSugar mention that?

    • It has to be! There’s some secret I’m missing! We’ll get them this year! I’m so bummed the headlands race was rained out for you… It’s beautiful up there! Big sur was amazing!

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. Ok you are persuading me to switch to mornings! I do love being awake when the whole world seems to be still asleep I just have the problem / luxury of having free days so I tend to push it back and push it back and end up working out late. That will all change when I get back to London though so mornings it will be!! 🙂

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