Here We Go Again…

Yesterday I ran 4 miles along the Embarcadero after work. It felt so good to get a solid workout in, and the weather was perfect – dreary and overcast. I was going to hit the treadmill but I wanted some fresh air.

Garmin-less, I turned to MapMyRun to give me a solid 4 mile distance. Then I realized I was running towards AT&T Park just as the Giants day game let out. Terrible, terrible decision. I was dodging throngs of people the entire time. But I finished the run in what felt like a pretty speedy time, and that’s all that matters!

And then my muscles went rogue and committed mutiny and yelled at me for not properly fueling them the last 3 days. You win some, you lose some.

I fueled up with clean foods all day, lots of whole proteins and healthy fats (eggs, greek yogurt, almonds, peanut butter) and I was pumped up and ready to move once it was time to run.


So remember how I signed up for the Nike Women’s Marathon, got in, and then stated I had zero desire to “race it”, but rather I just wanted to run it for fun? Or perhaps as a long, slow training run for a future marathon?

That part was true.

What I didn’t mention is that the future marathon I was gunning for is once again, the California International Marathon, or CIM.

What I also didn’t mention, but I will now, is that I’m running for Boston.

Will I be able to achieve it? I don’t know, it means cutting off just about a minute from the majority of my miles compared to last year’s CIM time.

But I’m sure as hell going to try.

I’m much, much faster than I was at the beginning of last year’s training cycle. In a year I’ve cut 40 minutes off of my half-marathon time. I’m stronger. I’m healthier. I know how to eat. I know how to train. I know how to recover. I’m mentally the toughest I’ve ever been.

Most importantly –  I want Boston. And I’m going to keep running until I get there.

To get there (or as close as I can this year) I’ve come up with a pretty ambitious training plan that I’ll get more into detail on as the time gets closer. The training includes hill work, tempo runs, regular runs, intervals, pilates, and long runs. It incorporates 2-3 half-marathons, and a marathon as training runs to see where I’m at. (I plan to take Nike as I would any other long run – slowly so as not to injure myself.)



My entire extended family is from Boston. When you bring up running to them, their immediate thought is the Boston Marathon. They remember all of the Patriot’s Days that they camped out along the streets cheering for the runners, BBQing, celebrating, and watching everyone fly by them. I want to be there.

Training will officially start the end of July, but for now I’m working on getting my running base up to ~30-35 miles a week. I want this so badly I can taste it.

I’m going to give it everything I have, and I’m so excited to track my training on the blog yet again.

CIM, I’m comin’ for ya.



3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again…

  1. YAYAYAY you can totally do it!!! we could potentially be running it together then-ill be there!! that would be sooo awesome!!

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