Post Cleanse Thoughts

The cleanse is officially O-V-E-R and I made it! 3 Days of a liquid juice diet successfully completed!

I swear I had trouble sleeping last night I was so darn excited to wake up and have breakfast. I realize I lead a sad little life, but it’s true. I jumped out of bed as soon as the alarm went off, and literally skipped to the kitchen to make my coffee.

Let me tell you, I’ve never appreciated real food so much.

So far today has been filled with delicious eats:

Tall Americano

Breakfast: GF brown rice tortilla, 2 scrambled eggs (microwaved in a coffee mug), fresh parmesan, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, tabasco sauce)

Lunch Part 1 – 0% Greek yogurt with agave, unsweetened coconut, raw sliced almonds, banana, scoop of PB, cinnamon

I’ve received a lot of questions regarding the cleanse, and I wanted to address them all and give you my post-cleanse thoughts. So here we go!

How Do I Feel?

100% Fantastic. I feel light, I’ve had ZERO stomach issues this week, I’m alert, focused and very clear-headed. I’m also now 4 full days Gluten Free and feel better than I have in weeks.

Only my muscles are incredibly sore and need more protein before I run like these guys.

Vanity wise – my skin is clear, I swear my hair is shinier, my stomach is flat as a pancake, everything is tight, and I have zero bloat (TMI? Perhaps, but I’m all about honesty over here).

Cleansing Side Effects?

I feel like I was extremely lucky to have zero side-effects. I didn’t have any headaches, any caffeine withdrawal symptoms, or any skin breakouts, dizziness, etc. I was fatigued and my muscles were really sore (again, don’t exercise while cleansing!) but that was the extent.

Would I Do It Again?

If you had asked me yesterday I would have given you a resounding HELL NO. But once all is said and done I would absolutely do it again – if I had an event (like my wedding, or an upcoming beach vacation) that I wanted to quickly detox for. This is a perfect detox cleanse for a post-holiday or other indulgent period in your life, pre-vacation or for brides-to-be. You’re still getting ample calories, you don’t feel like you’re starving and there is no dizziness/foggy head involved. After an especially indulgent time (holidays, gluten overload – oops), your body feels clean and refreshed.

I would also not exercise at all while cleansing. Your muscles just don’t have the fuel they need to perform at the level you’re probably used to. Hatha or Asana (read: easy/stretchy) yoga only.

Did I Lose Weight?

Yes. Although I’m fairly certain if you don’t eat solid food for 3 full days that’s a given. I don’t weigh myself, I just go by how my clothes feel. They’re loose, they fall perfectly, and I feel extremely tight in the abdominal area. But my stomach is the closest it will ever be to resembling Adriana Lima’s at the moment and I’m reveling in the next 24 hours until that goes away due to my plans to consume the most amazing homemade GF pizza tonight.

What Was The Hardest Part?

The insanely overpowering sensation to CHEW. Smelling other people’s food was pure torture. Also, do not watch hours of Food Network while you’re on a liquid juice cleanse. It only makes it worse.

Working out made the cleanse a lot harder – I was much hungrier than I would have been had I not worked out. On Day 1, when I took a rest day I felt the best, had the most energy, and had no sore muscles.

How Much Was It?

For the 3-Day cleanse it was $199. That includes 6 organic, raw, fresh-pressed juices and 2 organic, raw elixirs a day. It was $6 for pre-8am delivery on Day 1 of the Cleanse.

Each bottle comes with a $2 deposit, so after you rinse them out, and return them, they credit your account for the amount of bottles you return. (A great system and honestly the juice tastes much better out of a glass bottle than it does out of plastic. Plant I hope you’re taking note of this and up your game.)

How Did The Juices Taste?

Honestly they all tasted really good. My favorites were the Lemon-Aid (I cannot wait to buy this again), the Almond Drink (like a healthy milkshake!) and the Deep Green. The Coconut Water is far and away 100x better than anything you will buy in a grocery store too.

I’m used to buying fresh-pressed juices from The Plant and these blow them out of the water. Highly, highly recommend Juice to You – either for a one-off juice or a cleanse.

Overall Thoughts On Juice To You?

100% satisfied. The delivery was perfectly on-time, the juices were great, and their support was even better. The e-mails I received were detailed, and easy to follow. The website was informative and answered any questions I may have had. I loved that they listed the ingredients, the reason for drinking each juice, the benefits of cleansing, etc. I was never confused, or worried, I always felt confident.

I’m also a lot more in tune to what I’m putting into my body. After 3 days of nothing but raw, organic juice, I only want to put clean, whole foods into my body. I’m not craving sugar, or anything processed, and I want to ensure I’m only giving my body what it needs for fuel. I found that pretty interesting as well. Usually I’m craving some dark chocolate about 15 hours of any given day. (AKA the entire time I’m awake.)

If you have any other questions leave a comment or email me at

For more information on Juice To You (juices or cleanses) check out:


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