Cleanse – Day 3


I’m so looking forward to eating real food tomorrow. Last night boyfriend cooked up what I will deem to be the very best smelling teriakyi-soy grilled chicken with rosemary and olive oil baby potatoes and I was beyond jealous. I’m pretty sure my mouth actually watered.

I will admit I feel great – light, my stomach has never been happier, mentally clear and focused. But I’m also the type of person who LOVES to sweat and exercise, so reigning it in hasn’t been the easiest. I want to run 7 miles. I don’t want to feel weak, or not be able to re-fuel my body properly.

6:50am: After last night’s exhaustion/frost bite experience, I woke up this morning feeling incredibly rested. I still cannot believe I’m not craving caffeine in the least, nor do I have any withdrawal symptoms. To specify my body isn’t physically craving it… but I sure as hell am. When I walk into my office and see literally every single person holding a beautiful cup from Starbucks or Peets, I consider “accidentally” knocking it out of their hands.

I’m hungry this morning, and still cold, so I bundle for work – boots, skinny jeans, and a sweater to keep myself warmer.

9:06am – Elixir #1 – Blue Green Algae Shot. Down the hatch in about 5 seconds. Will not miss this.

My co-worker is eating what smells like the single greatest breakfast burrito ever. Inhaling the heavenly scent and trying not to be jealous.

9:28am – Juice #1 – Alpha Green. Hits the spot. I needed some sustenance and my blood sugar was definitely low this morning.

10:00am – Cup of Lemon Chamomile Tea – I needed some warmth! This is getting ridiculous. I’d so much rather much on a Luna Bar for my morning snack than a cup of tea.

11:05am – Cup of Lemon Chamomile Tea – Still freezing. Still dreaming about a Chipotle Chicken Burrito Bowl, or Plant Fish Tacos for lunch.

11:58am – Juice #2 – Lemon Aid – Oh my sweet, sweet Lemon-Aid. I love you. And for the minute and 35 seconds I drank you all was right in the world of cleansing.

Co-workers going to Barbacco for lunch. The world is so unfair sometimes.

2:11pm – Juice #3 – Beta Green – Had this one a bit later because the rest of my juices seemed to start a bit later today. I think it’s my sub-conscious way of making them all last longer. Gulped it down as fast as possible – something about the lingering carrot taste I’m just not a fan of. Still freezing. I had a moment of “maybe I should just eat something already” but I’ve come this far, I have to finish it off. My mom however fully supported me eating a real lunch. I reallllly wanted to, but I have to see it through. I’m just going to make boyfriend promise he won’t cook anything tonight that smells especially delicious!

Have successfully planned out all of the delicious meals I will be partaking in tomorrow already. Also planning on a glorious run.

4:15pm – Juice #4 – Coconut Water. Sweet, sweet salvation I’ve been waiting for you all day! I really don’t think I will ever be able to drink normal coconut water again. I’ve been spoiled with the fresh pressed stuff people, spoiled big time.

5:45pm – Juice #5 – Deep Green. Chugged on my way to Pilates. I ran a couple errands when I got home from work and just as I was about to run out the door realized I was starving.

Pilates. Now that was a humbling experience. I warned my most favorite instructor I was juicing so if I was weak/horrible/crying like a baby/sleeping on the reformer I at least had an excuse. I actually found it really interesting the shape my muscles were in after 3 days of no whole proteins. I always make sure to re-fuel after a workout with a chocolate milk, or some form of protein (apples and maple almond butter are another favorite). Not being able to do that, or incorporate any other whole proteins into my diet are certainly making a mark on my muscles.

Oh Justin’s I miss you so.

It’s not so much that I feel weak, it’s that my muscles are sore and they don’t feel recovered from the previous day’s workout in the least. This has never happened to me before, and it really goes to show how much diet and fuel can affect how our bodies perform. Especially when said body likes to run and pilates all freaking day long.

When I was marathon training I fueled with smart foods like crazy – lean proteins (fish! chicken!), complex carbs (quinoa! brown rice! whole wheat pasta!), leafy greens, sweet potatoes, fruits, greek yogurts, protein smoothies. It’s just now occurring to me what happens when you don’t fuel your body properly.

7:24pm – Juice #6 – Almond Drink. You bet I enjoyed this little milkshake of joy while catching up on my beloved television shows – Glee and New Girl. Revenge, Modern Family, Gossip Girl and Greys are comin up over the weekend. I have impeccable television taste, I already know this.

9:00pm – Shot of Aloe. Obviously taken out of a shot glass to celebrate the LAST juice of the cleanse! HOORAY! 10 hours until I create the best breakfast burrito of my life.

I’ve even pre-planned it – GF brown rice tortilla, 2 scrambled eggs, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, parmesan cheese, and Papalote salsa. Get in my belly.


7 thoughts on “Cleanse – Day 3

  1. We’re definately on the opposite ends of the liquid diet. I can’t exactly survive without Moscow mules and Sam summers….

    Also, next time you’re in MA I’m gonna need some notice so that we can make a date!

    Your cousin who hasn’t seen your face in about 8 years….

    • I loooove moscow mules! I saw your mom and dad a couple times but i’m bummed we couldn’t meet up! Next time! Dane and I want to come back for a Red Sox game maybe late summer/fall?

  2. CONGRATS on finishing your cleanse!! I hope the breakfast burrito was amazing and you are currently enjoying a Luna bar! Interesting to hear how your muscles were effected with the lack of protein! Did you experience any other unpleasant side effects? Headaches or anything? Would you recommend the cleanse?

  3. yay great job!!! i agree with you on feeling weak..i hate that. i also like to get my sweat on and feel sure its tough with little food. but 3 days isnt awful (i say that but ive never done it hah) congrats again!! just in time for the weekend 🙂

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