Bit Again

Remember that time about 6 months ago when I said I never had any desire to run a full marathon ever again?

Well I guess the Marathon bug bit me again.

Sorry for BS-ing all of you, but apparently, I’m a huge, huge liar.


Truth is – as much as training was a huge pain in the butt, I liked it.

I liked all the running and Pilates.

I liked loved the feeling at the end of a long run.

I liked seeing myself improve with every single run.

I liked the community of runners that I was able to meet and run with.

I liked starting weekends off with a run that made me feel refreshed, strong and happy all day.

I liked geeking out over splits and paces.

And now I want to do it again.

See you in October Nike. 🙂

Disclaimer: I know the Nike course isn’t awesome. I know it’s not for PRs, is full of hills and a lot of walkers, but quite honestly I don’t really care. I’ll be training smart with speed work, hill work and long runs. I’m running it for fun, with a friend, for a great cause, and in the city I live in. Quite honestly I may run it as a last long training run for a November marathon (I can’t go a year without a PR now can I?) but that’s still to-be-decided. That being said any early November fast full recommendations are appreciated and welcomed! 


3 thoughts on “Bit Again

  1. YAYYYYY go you!! that’s so awesome!! even if the course is hard or whatever you’ll have a great time especially since it sounds like you’re running for fun-not trying to kill yourself over a certain time. that makes races so much more enjoyable! congrats-cant wait to read about your training! btw, i have serious respect for u SF runners…you guys are nuts…i remember being sore walking up those hills haha

    • YAY thank you! 🙂 I mayyyy be using it as a training run for another marathon a few weeks later…. I want to go to Boston! I have serious respect for you Colorado runners… the elevation seems absolutely killer! I need my sea level!

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