The Last Boston Run

As I write this it’s Saturday morning and after a very long 6.5 hour flight yesterday, I’m back in my city by the bay. Boston, I love you, but you just can’t beat San Francisco. It’s so good to be home.

Boyfriend and I have a relaxing weekend planned, and since the temperatures are in the 70’s, a lot of outdoor time! We went for a quick 2 mile run to get the heart pumping (2 miles in 16:18 – HOORAY!) and did some quick ab exercises outside before the crowds, and heat got to be enough and we deemed it brunch time.

My flight out of Boston yesterday was in the late afternoon, and since I apparently don’t adjust well to the time change, I shot out of bed around 7:30am yesterday ready to explore more on foot. (I will add that I do adjust to time changes once I return to California – I was up at 7am, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning. Thanks jet lag, you’re the best.)

I decided to run along the waterfront to start, passing the North End, and running until I was at an intersection leading me either into the South End (to represent my Irish roots), or to continue into what my parents and uncle later told me used to be referred to “The Combat Zone” to get over to the Boylston/Newbury Street areas and Back Bay.

Clearly I chose the Combat Zone.

There were a few blocks I would deem pretty sketchy, but then I was back on my beloved Boylston, running past the Four Seasons, and swinging a hard left onto Dartmouth Street to run by Copley Square, the Fairmont, another Equinox (two in one city? You Bostonians have it so good), checked out all the shops, ran by the Prudential Center, the Boston Public Library, and then down my new favorite street in the country (earmuffs Marina Boulevard) – Marlborough Street.

I thought about hitting another state, but my parents would probably disown me if I ran into Yankee territory. 😉

Yes I did find the first church in Boston.

My favorite street – Marlborough.

Fairmont Copley Place

Boston Public Library

Frog Pong in Boston Common

The brownstones, the brick sidewalks, the dogwood, the lilacs, the tulips. I was in a runner’s-high-fueled-heaven. I even picked a favorite after going back and forth between about 7.

Feast your eyes on this beauty.

After getting slightly lost, and wondering why the eff I was at a bus station, I completed just over 5 miles (look at those sub-9 beautiful splits!).

I ended my run with a very large climb up Beacon street (my San Francisco hills are so much harder than this thought was quickly silenced) and found the original Cheers location.

I swear this hill was much bigger than it appears. My hill-elitist self was totally shamed.

I ended up back at Quincy Market where I had planned to meet up with my mom and Uncle (my dad hit the gym) for Starbucks so we could walk over to the aquarium to see the seals. Best possible Boston tour guides? Parents and relatives who lived there for 30 years. Even though it was around 9am, I was like a deer-in-headlights watching the massive fresh cookies be displayed.

We strolled over to the aquarium to see the seals being fed, and I made a new friend.

I’m planning to construct a salt-water pool in my future back-yard so we can be reunited again.

Then wandered into the Bill Rodgers Running Center to gawk at all the Boston Marathon paraphernalia. The man won 4 Boston Marathons and 4 New York Marathons. I’ve won… exactly nothing. One day my friends, one day. (By that I mean run Boston, not win anything.) The signed gloves below are from past marathon winners.

My only Boston running regret is that I didn’t get to the Charles Rivers to run along there, or over to Cambridge to see Harvard and MIT. We went to Cambridge last year but I just have a feeling it’s even better on foot. Next time!

After the run and the stroll we refueled at North 26 in the Millennium Hotel with delicious espresso and egg white omelette. Mine had spinach, onions, mushrooms and cheddar. The food was so good and the service was absolutely wonderful. Definitely recommend North 26 – the food is fresh, it’s not heavy, and they will make any substitution your little heart desires.

With that it’s time to enjoy the weekend! Hope you have a great one!


12 thoughts on “The Last Boston Run

  1. I LOVE running through new cities while on vacation to explore the sights!!
    are you doing any Bay area races soon?! I’m looking around at a bunch of different ones, trying to get my summer-schedule ready 🙂
    I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your trip, Kris! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Poor UJ — he did a different kind of “running” and will be glad to be back home!

    • It was nice to see Grandma doing better too 🙂 I enjoyed getting up early and having an hour or so to myself to explore the city! Had fun seeing UJ too… we need to ALL get together soon!

  3. Enjoyed hearing about your trip and seeing all the photos! Brought back memories from when I recently was in Boston. My favorite street was the one Lululemon was on, ha ha… but we don’t have a lulu in my home town. I suspect you probably have one in SF 🙂

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