A Very Boston Morning

Hello from Boston! The land of lobstah, chowdah, and, as far as my Boston-native family is concerned…. the Red Sox. Sadly the Red Sox are out-of-town this week, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t load up on the other goods at Union Oyster House last night! (Yes I know it’s a tourist trap, and yes technically I am a tourist, and what can I say? I’m a sucker for a little bit of history, and this being the oldest restaurant in the US fits the bill.)

I’m of the mindset that the best way to explore a new city is on foot or by bike. So naturally I Google-d a Pilates Studio, found it was about 1.5 miles from our hotel, signed up for an 8am class, and set the alarm for 7:15am (a lovely 4:15am California time).

This morning wasn’t quite as easy to wake up as yesterday was (hello time change) but the excitement of being in a new city, and the whole pre-pay for Pilates thing forced me up and at ’em. I set out of our hotel to tackle the 1.5 miles to the Pilates studio, and had one of the most fun runs I’ve had in a long time.

It was absolutely beautiful out as I ran through downtown Boston, cut through Boston Common and the Boston Public Garden, and finally ended up on Newbury Street in front of Boston Body Pilates.

The class was excellent. It was classical Pilates, and focused on a lot of foot work, glute work, legs, and abs. There were about 10 reformers and a Cadillac in the studio, but only 4 of us in the class, making it an almost semi-private, and allowing the instructor to really be in tune to our form, and able to make necessary adjustments. I thought she was fantastic – she was very in tune to posture and alignment, and every single adjustment she made to my exercises was spot on.

I left feeling strong, and totally rejuvenated. A+ Boston Body Pilates. If you’re ever in town I would definitely recommend this studio.

After Pilates I set off back toward Boston Common, made a quick pit stop at Starbucks (for my new favorite Grande Americano – seriously where have I been on this drink?) and a latte for my mom, and met back up at the hotel.

Total miles? Around 3-ish

Time? About 30 minutes (picture stops, stoplights, and city running included)

A friend of mine had recommended The Paramount for breakfast and it did not disappoint. My mom and I walked up to Beacon Hill, admiring all the gorgeous houses, apartments, and flowers! The lilacs, the dogwood… oh the dogwood. Beautiful.

Breakfast was excellent. Apparently on weekends the line is out the door, but we were able to sneak right in on this lovely Wednesday morning. I ordered an egg white omelet with spinach, feta and mushrooms and a latte. On the side came home fries and wheat toast (respectfully declined, sorry Gluten). Thanks for a great recommendation Frankie!

Our day was spent visiting relatives, and spending a lot of time with my Grandmother, who hasn’t been feeling very well as of late. We had a wonderfully full day of family visits, and re-visiting old spots (like the first place I ever lived after being brought home from the hospital).

My dad flew in this evening so we all met at the hotel to get situated and then headed to the North End for dinner. Frankie once again came through with a delicious recommendation with Lucca – great food, great wine, and even gluten-free pasta. Win. Win. Win.

Our night ended with two very simple words: MIKE’S PASTRY.

This place is a must-see. My very Italian great-grandmother used to pick up goodies here. And just like that the chocolate chip cannoli has replaced any and all desserts as #1 on my list. Gluten has never been so worth it. My parents and I split one of the massive cannolis and ohmygod. I’m seriously debating a recurring monthly order. Think they’d ship to San Francisco?

Please don’t judge me for bringing a to-go box on the plane with me on my flight home.


12 thoughts on “A Very Boston Morning

  1. Mike’s! So tourist cliche!! Until about 3 months ago I worked on Newbury…. But if you’re looking for the Sox, come to the New England Quilt Museum – we have Red Sox Centennial Quilts. When are we hanging out, by the way??? Text me! 978-697-3453.

  2. I was in Boston in February with my boyfriend and we went to the Thinking Cup for breakfast both mornings, you simply must go it is soo cute and they have great coffee! We went to Mike’s Pastry and got a few canoli’s they were heavenly!!

  3. Boston is on my must-visit list and these pictures are convincing me even more! I’m sorry to hear about your Grandma but I hope that you are having a nice time together as a family. Hope she feels better soon! And those cannolis look AMAZING.

  4. I am loving your Boston posts! Thank you for the shout out! I am up at the crack of down because I am so excited for my sisters wedding and I have been catching up on your blog. 🙂

    Enjoy your family time xo

    • You gave us the best recs! Thank you SO MUCH! Next time either you guys are here or we’re there we must meet up! I saw the picture of your sister you posted on FB – she looked so gorgeous!

  5. Boston Common is so beautiful! When my pal Katie lived in Boston, she was a freelance writer. One of her assignments was to write a bit on brunch spots, one of which was Paramount! I love cannolis and totally took a box on the plane with me after I visited her!

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