Happy Wednesday! (I’ve probably said this before but you will never, ever hear me call it “Hump Day”). Aside from when I just called it that in the previous sentence. The sun is shining in San Francisco and we have a very warm weekend (fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx this for the entire city) ahead. Cannot wait.

After recovering for a full 24 hours from the wedding festivities (not kidding, Sunday looked like this: brunch, nap, workout, dinner, nap, bed), I was back in the game and ready to start the week. The workout was the best way I could think of to get the remaining Market Gimlets (thank you Palace Hotel bar) out of my system. Mass sweat exodus. Try it sometime.

Speaking of the wedding – it was stunning. And so much fun. A little peek into the reception:

Back to the sweat. This week has been full of activities of the sweaty variety. A lot of them. I don’t know what it is, but I just want to move.

Monday – 6 Mile Run (9:22 pace)

Tuesday – 5 Mile Run (9:22 pace), Pilates Reformer Class (West Coast), Pilates Reformer Class (Classical)

Wednesday – 5 Mile Run (9:22 pace), Pilates Reformer Class

If you actually read that part of this post and didn’t just skim over it, you’re probably furrowing your brow and being like,”Uhhhh. Who does that? And on a Tuesday no less”. Well it was part need-to-move and part double-booking-stupidity.

I’ve mentioned before the love-hate relationship I have with my studio’s 12-hour cancellation policy. Well genius, did her usual frantic 7-days-in-advance-mass-class-sign-up (if you don’t, the reformers fill up and you’re SOL). All fine and dandy. A run and a reformer class is my idea of a great day of exercise – a little cardio, a little toning. Then said brilliant soul found another studio to try out with a Tuesday evening class taught by a runner-turned-Pilates instructor. Obviously not going to pass that up, so I signed up for it as well.

Cue Tuesday morning at 9am checking my calendar (I write down everything) to see I have a 5pm and a 6:30pm Pilates class on the sched for the evening… and no hope of an early cancel at either. Rather than eat the $18 cancellation fee (that is like 1/3 of a Cool Racerback at Lululemon people), I rolled with it. And also ran during lunch because I’m addicted to running endorphins.

Since I’m typing this post, I survived. You can let go of the breath you were holding now.

It was actually really enjoyable. My run was one of those perfect runs- 5 miles at a 9:22 pace (loving this “slower” pace, enjoy the run thing I’ve been doing lately), and I was ready to go for a few more miles if it wasn’t for the whole get-back-to-work thing. I also read Sophie Kinsella’s newest book and loved it. If you are female and love imagining the characters speaking in their British accents (am I the only one that does this when stories are based in London?) download “I’ve Got Your Number” immediately. It’s fantastic.

Pilates Class #1 was challenging and intense. It was circuit based, fast-paced, and tough. I left sore and a little nervous for the next hour of my life. Pilates Class #2 was wonderful. It was classical Pilates, so there were no cardio intervals, or heavier weights, or heart-pumping action but it was a lot of pelvic stability, core work, foot work, and everything I love so much about Pilates. A+. The class felt like it flew by. I came home feeling strong… and ready for bed/a 5-course feast.

First ever 3-a-day workout – Complete. Also last ever 3-a-day workout. My shoulders are sore.

And to end on a completely random tangent – Quakes have become my newest obsession and I’m taking it upon myself to try every single flavor.

My flavor rankings are as follows:

  1. Vanilla Creme Brulee (crack in a ricecake people – that bag lasted no more than 27 hours)
  2. Apple Cinnamon
  3. Caramel Crunch

To Be Tried: Kettle Corn. I predict that bag will be opened tonight, demolished by tomorrow.

Ever done a double (or triple) workout in a day? Thoughts?

I like the one-two punch of cardio (running) and toning (Pilates), but I’ll draw the line at one class next time!



3 thoughts on “3-A-Days

  1. You might be a bit insane with that triple workout thing, but…. I read the Kindle sample of I’ve Got Your Number and I was super into it. That being said, I could read a book like that in one sitting, so I’m a library girl all the way (I just don’t have $100 a week to spend on the Kindle!!). I recently read Remember Me? which kept me up until 4am on a weeknight (pretty proud that I read the whole thing in 5 hours, laughed and cried). Also love Can You Keep a Secret? The poor heroine is adorable, yet gullible. Are you on Goodreads?? I love that you can scan ISBNs with your phone on their app.

  2. 3 workouts in one day?! My goodness! I would have probably collapsed from exhaustion! A wedding at the Palace? What a beautiful venue! How fun that you got to go šŸ™‚ And ohh I too am addicted to British chick lit- takes me back to time in London and just makes me happier than reading books set in the US. Plus I love the different words. I just finished The Single Girl’s To-Do list and it was really good- lots of pop culture references that made me laugh out loud… I think you’d like it!

  3. ok i have some catching up to do…. 3-a-day sounds gnarly. i wish studios had a transfer option. like, for $5 you can switch a $18 cancellation fee for a 1-week extension. but you only get 1 week or you lose out on the $5 and $18. studios would probably make more $$ if they did that?

    i LOVE the apple cinnamon quakes! i should find the creme brulee ones šŸ™‚

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