Friday Thoughts

Happy Weekend! You may have noticed this is called Friday Thoughts, because well, this post was supposed to go up yesterday. Then I got a manicure and was too paranoid to touch anything for a solid hour and a half, ergo typing wasn’t exactly an approved activity. I always smudge my nails, and after getting a picture-perfect manicure at Plumberry on Union Street (seriously go here – it’s adorable inside, and they have chocolate covered pomegranate seeds and blueberries to eat. And Butter nailpolish) I wasn’t about to take any chances. It’s been roughly 14 hours and so far, so good.

Did anyone else used to look forward to Fridays solely based on the TV line-up? Just me?  Boy Meet World, Family Matters, Step-by-Step and Hangin’ With Mr Cooper made my week. I still hold firm that Boy Meet World (specifcally Eric and Corey Matthews) is the funniest show to ever grace television. Yes Modern Family, I’m talking to you.

Any fun weekend plans? This weekend marks the beginning of Wedding Season! We have a rehearsal dinner tonight (aka last night) and the main event tomorrow (woo today!), and I’m so excited for it. It’s all in San Francisco, and with the weather (hopefully) being clear, it should be a beautiful weekend for it. If not, luckily, it’s all indoors. 🙂 I can’t wait to get all dressed up and have a great night with a bunch of close friends.

  • My new coffee of choice at Starbucks is their Blonde Roast with 1 pump of Sugar-Free Vanilla syrup. It’s a once-a-week treat I’m allowing myself. For all other days I have the Blonde Roast Keurig cups so really, no difference. I should just go buy some Sugar-Free Vanilla syrup and take out the middle man altogether.
  • Justin’s Maple Almond Butter (and all of their nut butters) are Gluten Free. To celebrate, I’ve started making my way through an entire jar of the good stuff. I’m making exceptional progress.
  • I’ve run 20 miles this week. And it’s Friday. For me, while not marathon training this is quite the feat. I’ve figured out my happy place – run at a slightly slower pace, run longer, get more runner’s high endorphins. I’ve been running my 5-6 mile runs this week at a 9:22 pace, and feeling like I could go on-and-on-and-on for 10 miles had it not been for this pesky thing called responsibility getting in the way. It’s also become apparent that I should probably never leave home without my Kindle should a treadmill run arise and I’m ill-prepared.
  • I’ve also been into Lululemon far too often this week. Everything I like is on sale. And in my size. Why are you doing this to me Lulu?
  • Since figuring out that by running a little bit slower I can run a lot further and longer all I want to do is run. And if it wasn’t required of me to look physically appropriate for the black-tie wedding today I would have run this morning. The bride is a 3:15 marathoner afterall. She’d probably understand. Seriously though, she is my running idol. And will demolish the Chicago Marathon in October.
  • Since it is wedding season which comes with many a adult beverage, I thought I’d let you in on a little secret to awake feeling fresh and hangover free the next morning… even if you’ve only gotten 6 hours of sleep like I did last night – COCONUT WATER. I swear to you drinking a pint glass of nature’s miracle before bed does it all. No Advil required. You’re welcome.
Now go enjoy your weekend while I go to 3 hours of teacher training then dance my face off at the wedding tonight. (Just don’t forget about the coconut water!)

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