A lovely weekend.

Happy Easter! Hope your weekend has been all things fun/relaxing/insert-what-you-want-here.

San Francisco has had amazing weather all weekend – sunny, warm, clear, and yes…. a bit windy (just to, you know, remind us all that we don’t live a city that has an actual summer).

Oh weird, a Hawaii picture. Take note SF, this is how you do warm weather.

Friday ended on a relaxing note – boyfriend and I hit the gym together after work, ran a couple of errands (Trader Joes and Aaron Brothers), and did a little interior decorating.

I knew going into the gym that I was most definitely in no mood to run on the treadmill. Armed with the newest Us Weekly, and clearly dying to know about Michelle Williams new love interest (spoiler alert: not that exciting), I beelined towards the ellipticals. And as fantastic karma would have it someone had left yet another gossip magazine for me to get my grubby little paws on. 45 minutes on that bad-boy has never passed so quickly.

Then we demolished the rest of our open wall space in the apartment with some unique pieces we’ve been wanting to hang for a while.

From the top: signed Huey Lewis record cover, an amazing San Francisco drawing with tons of hidden words/symbols/landmarks pertaining to the city, an etching completely done on TISSUE PAPER that boyfriend brought back from a business trip to Singapore, and a great shot of the Blue Angels flying over San Francisco.

The San Francisco drawing was actually done by VizArt. Definitely check out his other works of art and to see more detailed pieces. I was at a craft fair with my mom last summer, and stumbled upon his booth. I mentioned how cool the art was and what a great piece it would be to have… and then realized the man behind VizArt was someone I’d grown up going to school with. Having a great piece of art, done by someone you know? Even better!

Saturday I was up bright and early for Pilates teacher training for 4 hours, then raced home to head to the park to celebrate boyfriend’s birthday all day! We had beautiful weather, great friends, delicious snacks, a view of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, and plenty of beer and wine. From there we went to one of our favorite restaurants, Capurros, for… wait for it… Homemade Gnocchi with Pesto and Fresh Crab. I literally licked my plate clean. I wish I was joking.

And yes this dish is indeed not Gluten Free (clearly). I made sure to consume no additional gluten all day long in anticipation of this little dream on a dish, including drinking wine over beer at the park and apple slices with the hummus rather than pita chips. I’m willing to make an exception for this dish… and this dish only. It’s worth any “issues” that arise with my stomach later on (and believe you me, like clockwork, they did. It’s official, gluten intolerance party of 1.) It’s that damn delicious. The night continued with a couple more drinks (of the adult variety for the boys, of coconut water for me… I’m pretty sure I put away an entire bottle of white wine throughout the course of the day.) An amazing day indeed. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYFRIEND!

The night ended around 1am, and I woke up this morning around 9am feeling surprisingly fine for having drank a bottle of wine to the face the day before. Go figure. I cleaned the apartment while boyfriend slept, then decided that since I had bailed on the U.S. Half Marathon this morning I should do something active today. I set off for a 4.5 mile run in the beautiful weather, and aside from not having had my coffee the run went off without a hitch.

Coincidentally this run did not make me want to die, but I can appreciate the irony Little J and the Pretty Reckless.

Which is a plus for both myself and the people around me because I was really starting to dread running outside after last weekends series of unfortunate runs and noticed I had a bitchface on during said runs. Not a good look Kristine, not a good look at all.

Post run I hit Safeway (horrible idea on Easter Sunday morning) for some essentials for the week, and came home to make the world’s best green smoothie. After putting my stomach through self-induced hell with the gluten last night, I needed greens and fruits. (Although I personally think that drinking a bottle of white wine should constitute at least 2-3 servings of fruit. At least.)

My new thing would be pouring gluten-free granola on top so I can pretend I’m in San Diego eating an Acai Bowl from Chronic Smoothies. It’s a form of denial that works surprisingly well, please try it.

It’s pretty amazing.

With that it’s time to relax and enjoy our Easter Sunday! Hope you have a lovely day, whatever you’re celebrating! 🙂


4 thoughts on “A lovely weekend.

    • I use Udi’s GF Granola – honestly you can’t even tell. I love the Cranberry and Vanilla Almond! I’m planning to follow the 90% approach too… somethings are just too good to never eat again. Pesto Crab Gnocchi included.

  1. Sorry about your new GF news!! My mom is GF though so I’ve been helping her find all the best products and consequently eat GF a lot of the time too. Some of my faves– KIND granola (absolute best GF granola!) and Xtreme Pizza has great GF crust options! Love your new decorating too- the pictures look great! And oh, I’m not feeling Jason Segel and Michelle Williams together!

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