iPad + Running = Greatness

Happy Wednesday! We’re all officially that much closer to what is promising to be a sunny and “warm” SF weekend! I for one can’t wait. (Shocking, I know.)

Workout wise, it’s been pretty standard this week. After my horrific 4.5 mile run on Sunday, I did the same 4.5 mile loop on Monday, and had pretty much the same results. Just sub out wind and add humidity and beating sun. I’m in no way complaining about Mr. Golden Sun finally coming to hang out, I just prefer not to run under him. I’d rather be laying horizontally on a beach towel reading a book when he’s around. I didn’t run with a Garmin on Sunday or Monday so I have no idea what my pace was, but I’m just going to pretend that I was running 7-minute miles which is why I felt like I was a moving piece of lead the entire time.

Yesterday I took my beloved Pilates Reformer class, and this morning I was so sore I could barely move. The ironic part of all of this was that during the class I remember saying to myself multiple times “This just feels too easy, I feel like we’re not even working. Maybe I should take the springs off completely on the ab series to challenge myself. My GOD Kristine you are just way too strong for a normal Pilates class.”

Not showing off. Not at all. Just on the machine he invented. Standard.

So yeah, this mornings extreme muscle soreness was equal parts karma, reality check and the ghost of Joseph Pilates telling me to shut my mouth. Message received.

The good news is that soreness and all, I was able to complete 5 beautiful miles on the treadmill at lunch today, while watching Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl. On the iPad. In complete and total bliss. (Dad have I mentioned how thankful we are for your hand-me-downs? We LOVE IT.)

Miles 0-3 8:57 pace

Mile 4-5 8:20 pace

Needless to say my best friends on the Upper East Side apparently gave me the kick I needed to hold my pace. XOXO Gossip Girl. I mean it.

I may or may not be signed up to run the US Half Marathon on Sunday (I am) and I may or may not be either deferring my registration to November’s race (I’m about 85% sure this is going to happen).

I haven’t run more than 8 miles at a time in the last month, and in the past 5 months I have run 3 half-marathons, a full-marathon, a 10-mile race, and a 5K race. I’m a little beat from the whole racing thing, and as-of-late prefer to just run for my sanity, and for fun. (The fact that I already knocked 5 minutes off of my 1/2-marathon time and hit my 2012 goal has nothing to do with this decision I swear.) 😉

With that I’m off to enjoy a Wednesday night date night with boyfriend. Hope you have a great night!



4 thoughts on “iPad + Running = Greatness

  1. i want an ipad!! do you think i could register for one for a baby shower? hahah the baby needs it…

    btw congrats on all the races…you’ve been on fire lately!

  2. Ok I officially need to get an ipad– the idea of watching tv shows on the treadmill/elliptical actually makes me want to work out!!! And watch tv… through clearly I don’t have a problem with that 😉 Hope you had a great date night with the BF!

  3. Catching up on tv shows is great on the ipad… but i’m always afraid that after a few shows i’ll blow through my data plan! i stick to tv shows on my iphone because thats unlimited muahahha… but really, ipad + treadmill = sooo helpful

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