The Almost Perfect Run

Ahh Monday. Tell me I’m not the only one that could have hit snooze about a dozen more times this morning? It was one of those Mondays (okay, what Monday isn’t?) that I wished the weekend could have been just one more day.

Since Monday’s are my busiest day with work all day and then Pilates Teacher Training all night (literally – from 6-9:30pm), I have to get my workout in where I can. And on Monday… it’s at lunchtime.

Fueled by the Green Smoothie du jour (unsweetened vanilla almond milk, kale, frozen mangoes, strawberries, Sunwarrior, chia seeds – with a little agave and cinnamon on top), I was ready to go.

Around 11, I headed to the gym armed with the newest Us Weekly (I knew Reese was pregnant, and I’m just waiting for Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel to announce theirs – you heard it here first) and a slight stomach-ache. It felt like it was twisted up in a knot to be blunt. I typically get that feeling if I wait too long to eat, and since I waited until around 9ish to drink my smoothie (I leisurely sipped my coffee instead) I figured it was just that, and would go away shortly as it always does.

So on to the treadmill I went… and pounded out 4 so-great-but-at-the-same-time-so-crappy miles.

At an 8:57 pace the entire time.


The good: I held on to a sub-9 pace for all 4 miles… and honestly my legs, and my mind wanted to go for at least 6 miles. The pace felt perfectly comfortable.

The bad: The stomachache. It didn’t go away. It got progressively worse until mile 4 when I was hunched over and finally had to be smart and listen to it, rather than trying to push it another 2 miles… even though my legs were vehemently arguing to keep going.

The result: I’ve never run with any type of stomach issue – ever. Including through 18 weeks of marathon training, and a marathon. Minus the Great Hungover 18-Miler of Marathon Training 2011, I’ve never felt sub-par when running. I have an extremely competitive mindset with myself – if I set out to do something, I want to complete it, and I want to do it well. I’ll be real – knowing my legs were ready to continue on at my current pace for at least 2 more miles but that my stomach was going to twist into an even tighter ball if I kept going left me feeling a little frustrated and defeated. But in the end, I backed off. A solid 4 miles back at my almost-normal pace is better than feeling awful for the rest of the day because I pushed my body too far.

I cooled down for 10 minutes, and then the dreaded time had come – the gym shower.

I detest gym showers and locker rooms in general. It’s always hot and humid thanks to 35 other people taking steaming hot showers and blow-drying hair before going back to the office. Also big ups to the lady who left her razor in the shower. That was a pleasant surprise that I had to navigate around without so much as coming within an inch of it in a tiny shower stall. (Germophobe? Me? You betcha.)  I also somehow always get the locker next to the “I’m so comfortable being naked in front of a few dozen strangers that I’m going to do my make-up in the buff” lady.

Thankfully I’ve finally figured it out – if you go to the gym at 11, you’re out of there by noon when the rush (and the potential nudists) arrive…the empty locker room today was so welcomed.

I can now shower, change, and be out of there in 11 minutes flat. A new PR in fact. While everyone else was getting PRs in their races this past weekend, I was PR-ing the crap out of the gym locker room.

I also try to use as much of the supplied Kiehls products as I possibly can. Which ensures I leave with baby-soft skin, coconut smelling hair, and the impossibly fresh scent of fruity body wash. It’s the little things. Suffer through the locker room, use the free Kiehls stuff. Give a little, take a little.

I may or may not have bought the largest Creme de Corps moisturizer they sell because of this. (Sidebar: the stuff is amaaaaazing.)

A homemade salad (read: small fortune at Whole Foods yesterday = not buying any meals this week!) made up or arugula, white figs, pomegranate seeds, mushrooms, the last of the rotisserie chicken and an Amy’s California Veggie Burger was just what the stomach needed to feel right again.

That and one of my mom’s homemade granola bars. (Recipe coming soon!)

Off to finish up the day! Have a great Monday! (or as great as the first day back post-weekend can be!) 😉


7 thoughts on “The Almost Perfect Run

  1. Running with a stomachache is the WORST! That happens to me sometimes when I have too much dairy 😦

    The razor in the shower sounds so gross… I seriously don’t understand when people just leave stuff places. I always get annoyed in the DG house when girls leave paper towels, bandaids, empty paper cups, etc. just sitting around. Just throw it away!!!

    At least you got the miles in and they were sub-9s 🙂

  2. I swear to you, I think I’m the only person at my gym who puts on clothing — ANY clothing — to do makeup/dry hair/run an errand to the other side of the locker room/etc. I used to be opposed to gym showers and now I at least see them as a necessary evil, but man, they can be so gross.

  3. WOW good for you for pushing through! Running with any sort of stomach problem is absolutely awful. All I want to do when I have a stomach ache or cramp during a workout is stop and rest. Those granola bars look crazy good! Looking forward to that recipe 🙂

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