Weekend Round Up

Ahhh, is it Sunday already? Ugh. This weekend has been just what I needed – relaxing.

With on exception: the power going out not once, not twice, but at least five times last night. Normally I sleep like a log, but when the power goes out, the fan in our bedroom turns off. When the fan in our bedroom turns off, it makes a beeping noise. The beeping noise wakes me up. Then the fire alarm down in the lobby incessantly beeps because it too is turned off. Which turns into me putting on my headphones and letting Matt Nathanson’s latest album lull me back to sleep. Which results in me just about falling asleep and then my personal favorite “Mercy” comes on and then I just want to rock out.

Last night I set my alarm for 7:30am this morning – I had a 9am Pilates class that I was pretty pumped about… and then I woke up at 9:12am. iPhone alarm was really winning on that one. The worst part isn’t even that I missed the class, it’s that if you late cancel (12 hours or less before your class time) they charge you $18. If you’re a no-show, it’s $25. A policy I have a love-hate relationship with. Goodbye $25. San Francisco rainstorm, I officially hate you.

Nonetheless as soon as I got up I threw on a pair of Tempos, a tank, a long sleeve, and my running shoes, and bolted out the door. I was determined to get some kind of workout in today. And so I ran a lovely 4 miles. There’s something just so gorgeous about San Francisco after a rainstorm. The Golden Gate Bridge has never looked so International Orange (the official color), the bay looks beautiful, Alcatraz looks picturesque, and the air is cool and crisp. Perfect running weather in my opinion.

Today’s 4 miles, makes my total for this week 24 miles. Not bad considering last week my running mileage equaled roughly… zero.

The rest of this week’s workouts?

Monday – Rest (sick)

Tuesday – Pilates Reformer

Wednesday – 8 mile run

Thursday – 4 mile run + Pilates Reformer Class

Friday – 8.25 mile run (holding 9:2x’s… I’m comin’ back!)

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 4 mile run

The rest of the weekend included lots of relaxing and playing with a new toy (starts with an i, ends with a Pad… thanks dad SO SO MUCH for your hand-me-down…enjoy the new one!), running some errands, a girls dinner and drinks, and today started off with a ridiculously good homemade breakfast courtesy of boyfriend and then was full of wedding fun! I’m a bridesmaid in one of my best friend from high school’s wedding, and today’s mission was brunch and bridesmaid dress fittings at J.Crew. She picked the color, and the fabric, then let us choose our individual styles… something I definitely appreciated because I look like a linebacker in strapless dresses. Thanks Pilates for the shoulder definition, really appreciate it.

You bet that avocado, applewood smoked bacon (baked on a wire rack over a cookie sheet at 400* for 20 minutes – perfection), WW english muffin and lemon hummus was quickly turned into the best breakfast sandwich of my life.

Girls dinner at Perry’s

newest toy (and greatest surprise ever… thanks dad!)

the blushing (laughing?) bride

so many pretty J.Crew choices

Friends since high school

Now after spending a small fortune at Whole Foods for this week’s groceries, and prepping a cilantro/tabasco/lime roast chicken/potatoes/garbanzos to slow cook for tonight’s dinner, it’s time to relax with boyfriend, and enjoy what’s left of this lovely weekend.

Hope you had a great one!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up

  1. Looks like a great weekend… minus the power going out multiple times 😦 I hate when you lose money for pretty much no reason. I always stress that any cash in my back pocket is going to disappear. (Maybe this is the poor college student talking ha!)

    I also got my mom’s hand-me-down iPad when her now job gave her a free one. I am IN LOVE with it, even though it only has wi-fi capabilities. The best thing to do is watch Netflix on it and prop it next to a laptop. It’s basically the same as having a dual-screen monitor.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend but I’m sorry about the power outages! Ugh! I was out of town this weekend so I missed that! But that looks like an amazing breakfast creation! What a great way to start the day! And yay for choosing your own styles, I love when brides do that! Jcrew dresses always look cute too! And your slow cooker ingredients sound delish, can’t wait to hear how it turned out!

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