Thursday In a Nutshell

It’s FINALLY FRIDAY! Do I say that every week? Probably. I don’t even care, I love weekends that much.This weekend we have a whole lot of relaxing, delicious food, some beverages, and a day of brunching/bridesmaid dress shopping on Sunday.

To rewind to yesterday, I was clearly still riding my runner’s high from Wednesday’s glorious 8 miles of heaven. Even though I was scheduled to be in Sara’s Pilates Reformer Class O’Death, I still felt the need to sweat during my lunch break. Ergo I happily jumped on the treadmill yet again for a solid 4-mile run. I think I was actually smiling for the first 2 miles of said run.

Do you see that average pace? 9:00 people! And to toot my own horn for 14 seconds, for about 2.5 of those miles I was at an 8:49 pace. Hello muscle memory, it’s good to see you.

In case you care, I started a new book on my Kindle for treadmill runs in the foreseeable future : The Darlings. So far, so good. (My last treadmill read was Bond Girl – highly, highly, recommended. Miles flew by with that book. Which is how I now rate the books I read. Do the miles go by fast or slow?)

Running sweat (not to be confused with pilates “glistening”) I missed you so much the past 10 days. Let’s agree to never part ways for that long ever again. Runners sweat. Pilates people “glisten” while we wear our Lululemon and do fun muscle toning and lengthening things. People like Gwyneth don’t sweat. I pride myself in being of the minority – there is a time for sweat and a time for glistening. And on some days you just need both.

I mentioned that every now and again I’d share some of my recent eats – mainly to share ideas, and also get some ideas from you. I’ve upped the protein a bit lately, and I’m keeping things as clean as ever, and let me tell you – a difference is noted. My energy levels have been through the roof.


1 c unsweetened almond milk, frozen organic mangoes, frozen organic strawberries, heaping scoop Chocolate Sun Warrior, 1 T Chia Seeds, 2 very large handfuls of organic KALE 

When I was at Whole Foods earlier this week I noticed a container of pre-washed, organic baby kale (packaged like baby spinach) and picked it up. I added it to my smoothie this morning, and just like adding spinach, you can’t taste it at all. Win.

Mid-Morning Snack – 

0% Fage Greek yogurt, chopped organic pink lady apple, couple handfuls Banana Nut Cheerios, Cinnamon


Cup of Whole Foods Black Bean Soup, leftover Quinoa smorgasbowl (quinoa, rotisserie chicken, spinach, onion, mushroom, balsamic, parmesan)

If you aren’t familiar, Black Bean Soup looks like sludge. And that’s putting it nicely. There is no way around it. Therefore, since there is no way that I know of to make it look appetizing… just imagine it looks really pretty and appetizing.

Pre-Pilates Snack-

Banana with a packet of Artisana Walnut Butter (surprisingly good!)

Dinner –

Homemade Chicken Enchiladas with cilantro lime brown rice and homemade guacamole, ay papi!

Clearly with a little something, something on the side.

And if you haven’t yet discovered these at your local Trader Joes (thank you Mom for the englightening knowledge!) I highly suggest you pick up a bag (or 5). They dip into guacamole quite well too.

Hope you have a great Friday and an even better weekend!

Tell me – What was the best thing you ate yesterday? (or today?)


8 thoughts on “Thursday In a Nutshell

  1. ahhh trader joes has the best finds! those chips look awesome!! we need one here..i dont think there are any in anyway, ive decided to download hunger games to my kindle…it made me think of u bc i know u love and everyone else in the world apparently? haha im excited to read it!

  2. Those chips sound bomb… especially dipped into guacamole! So glad you are running a lot again, I agree that it does wonders for one’s mood 🙂

    Best thing I ate today was cereal. I had two bowls at breakfast, a bowl, with lunch, and another bowl as a snack. I’m ravenous today, but I’m not complaining!

    Have a great weekend!

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