Anatomy of A Sick Weekend

So that cute little sore throat I mentioned last week? You know “my body’s way of revolting against vacation ending”?

Apparently my body really, really, really wants to be back on the beach in Kauai because that cute little sore throat has turned into a raging beast. It also brought some friends: cough, lose your voice and sound like a man, fatigue, and headache. Just a regular party over here.

I even took it easy this weekend. (I swear.) I went to Pilates on Friday night, then headed straight home for a relaxing night of catching up on Modern Family and Up All Night. While drinking a green juice and eating a veggie burger. Healthy! Body why won’t you listen?

I should have known something was up on Saturday morning when I couldn’t get out of bed until 8:17am when I had to be out of the house at 8:30am to make it to Pilates Teacher Training on time. I made a green smoothie (again, healthy foods!) and suffered through 4 hours of lecture while feeling like I was swallowing razor blades the entire time.

Saturday afternoon I headed to my parents house – boyfriend was up in Tahoe for a bachelor party, and I had one of my best friend’s engagement parties the following day so I figured a little R&R and family time was just what the doctor ordered. I even took a nap. That evening I went with my parents to a St Paddy’s Day party where I consumed a glass of heart-healthy red wine.

I went to bed relatively early, and woke up Sunday morning to power walk 5miles with my mom to/from breakfast, have some “Healthful Oats” (their name for it, not mine) at La Boulange, and then headed to the engagement party (which was beautiful and awesome, and so much fun. I cannot wait for your wedding/festivities Stace!) I even limited it to one glass of champagne (mainly because I was driving back to SF later on).

Fast forward to Sunday night and UGH. The razor blades in my throat were back with a vengeance, the cough was a-raging, and my voice was about gone. I extremely hesitantly got up with my 6:15am alarm Monday morning, got the Keurig fired up and ready to brew, opened my mouth to speak… and squeaked. I felt terrible. I quickly climbed back into bed, and spent the day on the couch unconscious. My only excursion was to Whole Foods with boyfriend for some amazing Mushroom Barley soup for lunch. Pilates Teacher Training last night was pretty brutal (but on the upside I’m pretty pumped that I was able to complete Russian Splits and Climb a Tree as the class guinea pig in the state I was in. In your face Joseph Pilates.)

Thankfully after another solid night of sleep, my voice is about 77% back (ie: I still sound like an adolescent boy), and the razor blades in my throat seem to be shrinking to nothing. I’m drinking a ton of water, keeping my meals clean and healthy, and full of fruits and veggies and getting as much rest as physically possible. I also haven’t run in a week, and aside from a couple of stationary bike hill workouts and a power walk on Sunday, have done zero cardio. To say I’m dying to go for a long run would be an understatement. (I went to Pilates twice last week, and technically they helped to keep me mentally healthy – I can’t function without exercise-induced endorphins for too many days in a row.)

Here’s to the (quick and speedy) road back to health! 🙂

How was your weekend? Any fun St Paddy’s Day celebrations?


4 thoughts on “Anatomy of A Sick Weekend

  1. Razor blades in the throat reminds me of one time when I had strep throat. Hopefully you are feeling better soon so you can get some much-needed endorphins!

    I celebrated st. pat’s day back at USC. It was raining, so there wasn’t much going on. LA people don’t mess around with rain. It was a fun night though!

    Feel better!

  2. Oh no!! Sorry that you have been feeling so poorly! That’s miserable to come home from vacation (as if that weren’t depressing enough) and then be sick! 😦 But glad to hear that your voice is coming back and that you are on the mend! Just remember to rest! After that horrendous flu I had it took me 2 weeks to get my energy back!

  3. Hope you’re feeling better and that your run today does you good. You’re a fighter & I love that you don’t make excuses for yourself… you do what needs to be done and stick with your goals!

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