Back To Life, Back To Reality

Oh, Aloha 🙂 Well the past 7 days went by faster than I actually thought was possible. I’m pretty sure I’m still in denial that I’m sitting in my office building, and not on the beach in Kauai watching for whales (WHICH WE SAW!) After a fantastic, relaxing, and luxurious week in Kauai, boyfriend and I touched down into the Bay Area last night… to fog, rain and cold.

Welcome back indeed.

I also suspiciously developed a sore throat and a cough about 10 hours before our flight was due to leave the island… a strategic move that I’m convinced is my body’s way of revolting against our vacation ending. Well played body, well played.

But I digress.

I’ll have a full Kauai re-cap later on tonight, but in the meantime I wanted to share some things that helped me transition between our 11pm arrival at our apartment to my 6am wake-up (in pitch darkness no less – Hawaii is really on to something with not recognizing daylight savings).

  • Unpack the minute you get home.Call me neurotic, but I have to get everything put away and organized the minute we get home or I can’t relax. In the span of about 23 minutes I had 2 carry-ons, 2 suitcases, and a basket of laundry unpacked, and put away. It was like we’d never left. Boyfriend had dinner prepped and cooked. We make a great team.

  • Leave the house the way you’d want to return to it. My mom instilled in me from a young age that when you leave for a vacation, you leave your house clean and organized. The last thing you want when you come home from a vacation is to deal with week-old dirty dishes, trip over this, that or whatever in the hallway, or crawl into an un-made bed. Returning to a clean house makes things a lot easier. And by a lot easier, its less time you have to spend cleaning/picking up when you’re already in a sour mood based off of the fact that you’re not on a beach in Hawaii.
  • Come back with clean laundry. As SF residents, laundry is an expensive (and annoying!) commodity, with one load (wash + dry) running is $5 IN QUARTERS. Our hotel miraculously had free guest laundry down the hall from our room. It took us about an hour or so to do 2 loads. Thankfully a lot of other guests had the same idea, and purchases large things of detergent, which they left in the laundry room for others to use. They may see it as good karma, I see it as free laundry. Not having a full hamper of dirty clothes upon return is probably the best thing ever, and has eliminated 3 hours (and $15) of laundry from tonight’s plan.
  • Workouts.The worst feeling (to me at least!) is coming back from vacation feeling bloated and exhausted and lethargic. It makes getting up for work the next day even tougher. When on vacation, we seek out the hotel gym, and make a point to head there first thing in the morning for 30-60 minutes to get a solid workout in. You keep in shape, you feel energized all day long, and you make room for those tasty mai tai’s 🙂 In Kauai, our resort had an amazing gym, complete with individual TVs on the cardio machines, chilled towels, and headphones.Definitely makes getting a run in a bit easier, that’s for sure.


Doing all that made accepting the fact that we had to resume our real lives a whole lot easier this morning (if that’s possible – I’ve been having flashbacks of being on a beach all day).

Any other tips that can help make going from vacation to real life a little easier? (Seriously, anything?)


8 thoughts on “Back To Life, Back To Reality

  1. Returning from a vacation is the worst…which is why I book another vacation as soon as I arrive home! (Okay, I WISH that were true….)

    I totally agree with the idea of leaving the house in order–arriving home to a disaster just makes matters worse!

  2. Welcome back!! So sorry that you had to come back from a marvelous vacation to this yucky weather! These are all great tips! You are so smart about the laundry and unpacking! I’ve never done either of those- in fact my stuff usually stays in my suitcase for a week before I get around to it! One tip my parents taught me is to always plan your next vacation on your way home from the last one. Or since I can’t usually afford that, I do start thinking of fun things to plan on doing that way I have something to look forward to. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

  3. Lol too funny — We, too, totally did a load of (free!) laundry while in Hawaii and unpacked the minute we hit home. Glad to see you got some sun in Kauai. We had mostly rain on Oahu, but managed to get a tan the last day there! The sun FINALLY making an appearance really made us want to go back all the more.

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