The Return of the Workout Round Up

So since I’m not currently slaving training for a marathon, half-marathon, or any other race (and have never been happier to not have to do a certain workout), my weekly workout round-up posts have been lacking a little bit. I actually really liked posting them – they held me accountable, and gave me new ideas for workouts – whether it was switching something up, adding in something new, or reverting to something that worked. Never fear (not that you even remotely were), but they’re back!

Monday – “Accidental” 10 Mile Run. I really had no business running ten-miles, but the weather was perfect, it was a day off from work, and I felt fantastic. So why not? I ran Garmin-less (another way to keep your love affair with running from hitting any rocky points), and judging by the 10:30 apartment departure and the 12pm apartment arrival, ran it in about an hour and a half. I’ll take it! 🙂 Running without knowing your pace makes running seriously relaxing… and dare I say more enjoyable?

Tuesday – 5 mile run + Pilates Reformer class. I’m not really sure why I felt the need to both run and go to Pilates. Actually I take that back – I felt the need to go to Pilates because if you don’t cancel well in advance, they charge you. And trust me, I’ve tried every excuse in the book… they don’t care. I ran because well… I felt like it. It was a fast 8:17/mile pace that I ran at lunch on the treadmill while reading the latest Us Weekly. HIIT runs have fallen by the wayside a bit, and (full disclosure) I really just want to run… not worry about dealing with the damn treadmill every 20/40 seconds. Luckily I have no upcoming races for a while.

Wednesday – Pilates Reformer Class. This was Sara’s class, and she completely kicked my ass and I loved every, single, sweaty, heart-pounding minute of it. With an hour-long cardio/pilates circuit like that, there is no other form of exercise needed. One and done.

Thursday- Exact same workout/thoughts as Wednesday. Sweaty, red-faced, thirsty, starving mess by the end of it. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Friday – Slooooow 5-mile treadmill run (9:30/pace). I actually find it sick that I know think of 9:30’s as my “slow” pace. Sick and twisted. There was a time that 10:00/mile was my “fast” pace. Just goes to show what some serious dedication and hard work can produce.

Saturday- REST. I had 4 hours of Pilates Teacher Training, and while I purposely volunteered to be the guinea pig for the ab series on the reformer to get a little ab work in (we’re on our reformer module), it lasted about 3 minutes. I’ll take what I can get before the bikini in Hawaii next week!

Sunday – Pilates Reformer Class. I never go to Pilates on the weekends (mainly because they fill up before I can even think to register – you can register for classes 7 days in advance online) but I managed to get in off the waitlist earlier in the week, so I went for it. I’d never taken this particular teacher’s class before, and I absolutely loved her. My lower abs apparently loved her too because I can’t breathe in or out without feeling that hurts-so-good lower ab soreness. Weekend Pilates are and will always be rewarded with an Acai bowl at brunch with Kendall afterwards. 🙂

This was not the Acai Bowl I had at Plant, this was the greatest Acai Bowl known to man that I ate (two days in a row) at Chronic Smoothies in Pacific Beach.

What was your favorite workout last week?


8 thoughts on “The Return of the Workout Round Up

  1. Happy to hear someone else had a ‘fast’ pace around 10 min/mile and did a great job of speeding up. I’m there right now! But I’ve come a long way even so far, when I started I was lucky to do a mile in 11:30 minutes. Having my current half PR a pace of 9:58 was a real accomplishment.

  2. i love when i feel so good and the weather’s right so i accidentally run for a really long time. that’s such a great feeling! i didnt really have a favorite workout from last week..i had a least favorite though haha (im a downer) i ran 16 miles and it was SOOO windy it sucked. the temp was perfect…such a shame the wind ruined it!! anyway, great workout week!! ur acai bowl looks awesome..those are the kind of things that make me miss SF!

  3. AHH I wish I could “accidentally” have a 10 mile run! Maybe one day…

    You are going to be lookin’ awesome after all the pilates work. I love Acai Bowls- they used to serve them at Univ. of San Diego (where I went last year), but they don’t have them at USC. Have you ever tried the “perfect meal” things from Jamba Juice? I heard they are very similar to acai bowls.

    My favorite workout… that’s an easy one. Hiking to the Hollywood Sign!

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