Protein Packed

Today’s post may or may not be all about food. You know how they say don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach? Well don’t blog on one either.

Lately I’ve been switching up work-meals a bit, and saving my protein smoothie for an afternoon snack once the munchies hit, and enjoying a different (but equally protein-packed) breakfast.

0% Plain Greek Yogurt, Berries, Cereal

The staying power of these babies combined is ridiculous. Dare I say it even keeps me full longer than the smoothie does?

Speaking of protein-packed, on our flight home from Vegas, boyfriend was reading Men’s Health and pointed out the easiest (and most protein packed) snack/small meal known to man. So naturally I’ve made it twice this week.

Here’s a hint: It takes exactly 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and you can do it at the office.

Coffee Mug Eggs!

image via

To make?

Spray mug with olive oil spray

Combine 2 eggs (or liquid egg whites – I prefer Eggology) in a mug, whisk as you would when preparing to scramble them on a stove top

Add in preferred mix-ins (Parmesan cheese, lemon pepper, leftover chopped steak, bacon, faux bacon, etc)

Cover with wax paper

Microwave 2-2:30 (or until you hear the “pop!”)

Top with a pinch of cheese or salsa


I love this because you’re getting a ton of straight protein from the eggs, meat (should you add it) and cheese, and it’s easy and mess free enough to make at work (using liquid egg whites. I don’t recommend transporting whole eggs and dealing with them in your office kitchen if you’re trying to make friends).

The calorie count is kept low (even lower if you omit the cheese), but you’ll be satisfied for a couple of hours. Perfect for getting you to lunchtime, or to power through an early evening workout.

Mine may have looked a little less-pretty, but I assure you, tasted amazing. (I used a cereal bowl because I was too lazy to wash out my coffee mug. The things I will avoid when tired may astound you.)

In other food news, yesterday I discovered the ultimate.

Sweet Potato Pop Chips.

They are just as delicious as I envisioned (possibly more), and will be replacing both BBQ and Cheddar Potato in my daily Popchip consumption.

At lunch today I headed over to Heaven, otherwise known as the Ferry Building to pick up some supplies for what is going to be the tastiest dinner ever that boyfriend dreamed up last night.

Among my stops?

OK so mayyyybe the last one was just a treat for me. I mean how often does one pass by Blue Bottle and there are ZERO people in line? Too good to pass up a delicious latte.


9 thoughts on “Protein Packed

  1. Mmmm doesn’t the breakfast combo keep you full for such a long time? It’s the only thing that really lasts for me! And ok I MUST try this new popchip flavor! They sound awesome! And was that a little trip to the Ferry building?? I’m actually going on a tour and tasting of Cowgirl in a few weeks πŸ™‚

  2. Totally jealous of your mug egg. Any time I try to microwave eggs (various containers), they always kind of stick. It’s nearly impossible (and sometimes really is impossible) to get it all off, even when I used oil spray. Perhaps it’s all in the technique… Okay… rant over. Enjoy your Friday! πŸ™‚

  3. Nice! Definitely going to give those eggs a try next week! I, too, love starting my morning with greek yogurt and berries then move on to something a little more hearty (usually an Aidells sausage cooked in the microwave + toaster oven) mid-morning.

    Have you tried Garlic Parmesan Pop Chips? Those are my fave! I actually put them on my salads in lieu of croutons πŸ˜›

  4. sooo good!!! my uncle sent me a 12 pack for valentine’s day!!!! glad you like them!!! he said they started developing the flavor back in jan of last year and they are just coming out!!!! awesome egg trick too I will have to try it!!!

  5. I just gasped at the picture of the bread roll lol! ohhh I’m going to try those sweet potato pop chips! I am now starving muahahaha

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