Le Vegas Part 1

Well hello and Happy Tuesday! (or as happy as being closer to this past weekend than this upcoming weekend can make a person…)

After contemplating moving into the Palazzo Hotel in Vegas, we reluctantly headed to the airport Sunday and flew home to SF. Let’s just say that waking up the past two mornings to go to work (andΒ not brunch at Canyon Ranch) was a struggle.

Sidebar: Bonus points if you can name the show Le Vegas originated in. πŸ™‚

Vegas was awesome.

Thursday started with the most ridiculously hard Mat Pilates class (for me), a trip to the gym (for boyfriend), and a mad dash to the airport. (Where, thanks to ParkSFO coupons, our entire 4 days of parking were free of charge. Use the coupons you get in the mail!)

My first drink in 30 days happened on the plane. We split half-a-bottle of Wente 2009 Cab with some snacks from the Virgin America stash.

And it was just as delicious as I remembered!

From the time we landed to the time we took off again on Sunday, we had a blast. We ate, drank, gambled, shopped, won money, lost money, danced, ate, drank, shopped some more, saw a show, and had a fantastic time.

The gambling highlight of the trip? Around 4am on Friday night (Saturday morning?), after a late night (early morning?) meal at the Grand Lux cafe post-Tao, boyfriend stuck a $5 bill into a slot machine. The last ones standing at that point were boyfriend and I and one of the couples we headed to Vegas with. One pull of the slot machine and $5 turned into $404. Split 4 ways, it was a lovely way to make $100… in 5 seconds.

Also Jeremy Lin and the Knicks made boyfriend quite the happy guy at the SportsBook! Why couldn’t he have been such a star when he played for our team?

Onto the goods!


We stayed at The Palazzo after finding a great deal on Jetsetter. I’d never stayed at this hotel before, but we loved it. The room was a massive suite, the hotel was a lot less chaotic, less smoky and less crowded than other hotels we’ve stayed in on the strip, and aside from it being a bit far from center strip (it’s part of the Venetian, so next to the Wynn/Encore), it was a great location. We would absolutely stay here again.

The Shoppes at the Palazzo are top-notch – Tory Burch, Christian Louboutin, Diane Von Furstenberg (obviously my priorities are in check), the restaurants are delicious (2 from Emeril, Sushi Samba, 2 from Mario Batali, etc), and the drinks are a-flowing (Double Helix Wine Bar).

I blame this purchase on the effect of two deliciously smooth and bubbly glasses of a 2007 Argyle Brut Cuvee at said wine bar. But really, who are we kidding? I would have done it anyway, the champagne was just an added bonus. πŸ˜‰

Stay tuned for some Sushi Samba and Canyon Ranch Grill deliciousness!



12 thoughts on “Le Vegas Part 1

  1. I love the Palazzo, such a great hotel! It sounds like you had such a fantastic trip full of all the things a trip to Vegas should include! And how AMAZING that you all won so much money from one $5 bill! That’s so cool! Oohh and please share what you got from TB!!!

  2. Ok, this just sounds like the most amazing trip! What did you wear lady? You know I need to know πŸ˜‰

    Jealous of your free parking. We are leaving our car at a nearby parking lot that’s a little cheaper than SFO. I need to get on that mailing coupon list though.

    I think your comment a while back about wearing white jeans encouraged my white denim purchase. Just envisioned how perfect they’d be with all my stripes lol.

    • Aren’t they just the best? I’m envisioning them with button ups and ballet flats too! I’ll post pictures with outfits ASAP. Didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked but oh well! DVF and Rory Beca were def involved!

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