Viva Las Vegas!

Today, February 9, 2012, marks the END of my 30-day alcohol detox. (Today actually marks Day 31, and this nonsense must be stopped immediately.) I’ll have a full post up about it next week to detail everything.

So if you need me, I’ll be here – gambling (at the $5 blackjack tables), shopping, eating, spa-ing, dancing, and probably getting tipsy off just one of my beloved Grey Goose Sodas or Moscow Mules with boyfriend and a few of our friends.

Think good gambling thoughts for me, and have a lovely weekend! Catch you on Sunday!


8 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas!

  1. what perfect timing!!! going to vegas right after an alcohol detox haha that is awesome. you’re gonna have SO much fun! i havent been to vegas in forever. i feel like we used to go there all the time being in az…have a GREAT time!! and a few martinis for me 🙂

    • No Tibi but plenty of other faves! Wait until you see this neon coral Nanette Lepore that just arrived! With nude sandals and a turquoise necklace… I neeed a tropical destination asap!

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