An Assortment

Happy Wednesday! (You will never, ever see me refer to it as “hump day”, ever.) Hope your week has been going well. Mine has calmed down considerably compared to yesterday. I work in sales and it was the end of our fiscal year so February 1 is always a welcome change in my book! The year ended extremely well, and I am so, so excited for all this year has in store. (But more on that later!)

This post is a bit random, but bear with me – I’m restructuring the blog a bit, and I’m also looking into web designers to make it a bit more attractive, customizable, and easier to navigate (aka off of the free word-press themes). If you have any recommendations, I’m open to hearing all of them!

I recently (as in more or less tonight) decided to run the Kaiser Half Marathon on Sunday, simply because, why not? I doubt I’ll break my personal best because the furthest I’ve run in the past 8 weeks has been two 10-milers, but it’s a flat course, a fast course, several friends are running it, and what better way to work up an appetite before Superbowl Sunday feasts? That’s what I thought. Anyone else running?

Workout wise, I’m starting to get into more of a schedule. Since I’m really just signing up for races on the fly and not following a set training plan (my plan is really to just stay in half-marathon-ish shape at all times), I’ve been able to develop more of a routine.

Here’s what it’s looking like:

Monday – Run 4-7 Miles (Pilates Teacher Training)

Tuesday- Pilates Reformer Class

Wednesday – HIIT (3 miles) + 2 easy miles

Thursday – Pilates Reformer Class

Friday – Pilates Reformer Class

Saturday – REST (Pilates Teacher Training)

Sunday – Long, Slow Run (or fast, fast race!)

I’m really, really trying to work on speed, and so far, so good!

Speaking of Pilates Teacher Training, I had my first class (!!!!!) on Monday and it was exactly like I remembered the first day of college to be. Going over the textbooks we’ll need (Trailguide to the Body and Pilates Anatomy), signing forms, going over the syllabus, and setting expectations. This training is going to be intense, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I want to leave this program as the best instructor I can possibly be, and continue to learn from there. (The nerd in me is also really, really excited to have a textbook to read again!) Saturday we start to get our hands dirty so I’ll have a couple of posts a week pertaining to that, how it’s going and any useful information that seems fun to share.

I officially have less than 7 full days left in Detox 2012 (I’m planning on a separate post when it’s over), and I’m very excited to not be the social pariah at events and celebrations. A glass or two of wine is really all I ask. I’m also very excited for a weekend getaway with boyfriend and some friends of ours on the day said detox ends. Coincidence? I think not. That being said, it was actually a great experience, and I’ve never felt so clear-headed, and energetic before. (Even on very little sleep after going out over the weekends and waking up early to race!)

I attended a fantastic Luna Bar event tonight with Emily and Danielle, and I’ll do a full recap on it tomorrow – but suffice it to say I’m even more obsessed with learning absolutely everything I can about nutrition than I was before.

And best of all, my mom found me a BOX of the newest flavor, Peanut Honey Pretzel! I’ve been obsessed with tracking it down, and after unsuccessful attempts at Sports Basement, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes, my mom found it at TARGET. (They just officially launched the flavor this week so it should be appearing soon! They also gave us a bar in our goody bags. It’s like they read my thoughts and know I’m trying to stockpile as many as physically possible.)

I’m off to bed, but I’ll leave you with this little gem. I was laughing so hard while watching it this morning I nearly choked on my latte. It’s that good.

You’re welcome.




6 thoughts on “An Assortment

  1. Christine!! you are doing pilates teacher training?! where? Im SO excited for you and cant wait to take your classes. Need any reformer practice students? Im ALL yours! my body could use some pilates love 🙂

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